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FeatureActionManager class

The FeatureActionManager class manages feature actions. A feature action is a piece of code that executes on one feature or a set of features. Since FeatureActionManager is extensible, you can create your own feature actions.

AMD Module Require

require(["jimu/FeatureActionManager"], function(FeatureActionManager) { /* code goes here */ });


FeatureActionManager has no constructor. Use FeatureActionManager.getInstance() to get the FeatureActionManager instance.


require(['jimu/dijit/ FeatureActionManager], function(FeatureActionManager){
          var featureActionManager = FeatureActionManager.getInstance();


getSupportedActions (featureSet)

Gets the feature actions that the feature set supports.

Return type: Deferred object that resolves a list of actions.

Parameters: <FeatureSet> featureSet—Required.

See Feature set for details.


Gets all the feature actions that are registered in the app.

Return type: Feature action array.

getActionsByWidgetId (widgetId)

Gets feature actions contained in a widget that are registered in the app.

Return type: Feature action array.

Parameters: <String> widgetId—Required. The widget ID.

getActionsByActionName (actionName)

Gets feature action instances created from the same feature action class.

Return type: Feature action array.

Parameters: <String>actionName—Required. The feature action name.