The Geoprocessing widget configures and runs the geoprocessing task.

The following table describes the configurable attributes of the Geoprocessing widget.



String. There is no default—The URL to the geoprocessing (GP) task.


String. There is no default—The URL to the help for this GP task.


Boolean. There is no default—The GP task's execution type.


Number. There is no default—The time interval in milliseconds between each job status request sent to an asynchronous GP task.


Boolean. The default is false—Boolean value indicating whether to bypass a GP service’s resulting map service. If true, any configured rendering is ignored as the GP widget uses the resulting map service to display results.


Boolean. The default is false—If true, it adds the resulting output as an operational layer to the map.


Boolean. The default is false—If true, it allows users to export GP output results when the result type is GPFeatureRecordSetLayer or GPRecordSet.


Object[]. The default depends on the GP service—The input parameters for the GP task. Each parameter has the following properties:

  • name—String. There is no default. Name of the input parameters as defined on the server.
  • dataType—String. There is no default. Parameter type. Valid values are GPLong, GPDouble, GPString, GPBoolean, GPLinearUnit, GPDate, GPDataFile, GPRasterDataLayer, GPRecordSet, GPFeatureRecordSetLayer, and GPMultiValue. For the GPRecordSet type, table is the only supported input feature. Currently, GPDataFile is not supported.
  • label—String. There is no default. Parameter label to display in the widget instead of the parameter name. Optional.
  • defaultValue—String|Object. There is no default. The meaning is the same as the GP task parameter property. If dataType is GPRecordSet or GPFeatureRecordSetLayer, defaultValue is required.
  • featureSetMode—String. There is no default. The input mode for the featurerecordset input parameters. Only applicable for FeatureRecordSet type. Valid values are draw, layers, and url.
  • featureSetUrl—String. There is no default. Only valid when the featureSetMode value is url.
  • choiceList—String. There is no default. Provides options in a drop-down list. Only applies to input parameters of types string and linearunit.
  • tooltip—String. There is no default. The ToolTip for the input parameter.
  • visible—Boolean. There is no default. If false, this parameter is not visible.
  • editorName—String. There is no default. The input editor can be changed when the data type is GPString.
  • editorDependParamName—String. There is no default. One parameter may depend on another parameter’s value, such as the LayerFieldChooser editor depends on the layer parameter.


Object[]. There is no default—The GP task’s output parameters configuration.


String[]. There is no default—List of output feature type parameter names.

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