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The Splash widget defines the display content on the app's splash screen. The splash screen is the first thing you see when you start to interact with the app.

Configurable attributes

The following table describes the configurable attributes of the Splash widget.



Object. It has no default.

It has the following properties:

  • splashContent String. The content displayed in the Splash widget. It has no default.
  • requireConfirm Boolean. If true, it requires confirmation to continue. The default is false.
  • confirmText String. The label for the confirmation check box. The default is Do not show this splash screen again.
  • showOption Boolean. Allows you to configure the options shown on the splash screen. The default is true.
  • confirmEverytime Boolean. Requires confirmation to continue when requireConfirm is true. The default is true.
  • backgroundColor String. The color of the hex schema. The default is #485566.


  "splash": {
    "splashContent":"<div style=\"text-align: center;\"><a href=\"\" target=\"_self\">Hello world!</a><br /></div>",
				"requireConfirm": false,
    "confirmText": "",
    "showOption": true,
    "confirmEverytime": true,
    "backgroundColor": "#485566"