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Report Feature

The Report Feature widget enables you to collect and manage data quality feedback from users of your web app. Users can report existing features from the map that are in error or require additional review. They can also identify missing features by sketching them on the map. Feedback is stored in your geodatabase as a reviewer result where it is assessed and managed through a defined life cycle workflow.

Configurable attributes

The following table describes the configurable attributes of the Report Feature widget.



Object[]. There is no default. The properties of the array item are as follows:

  • label—String. Name of the layer.
  • id—String. ID of the layer in the web map.
  • alias—String. Alias name of the layer.
  • show—Boolean. Indicates if the layer is visible in the widget.
  • layerType—String. Identifies whether the layer is a feature layer from a feature service or map service.
  • url—String. The layer URL.


String. The URL of the Data Reviewer service.


Number. The default is 1. The reviewer result is written to the session ID set here.


String. The default value is logon. Defines how the user reporting the feature is tracked. Available values are logon, default, and user. Logon means the current logged-in user name will be saved. Default means a default name can be set in the configuration. User means the end user will enter a name for the reported feature by field in the widget.


String. The default value is "". If the default value is used for the includeReportedBy attribute, the default name can be set here.


  "layers": [
      "label": "DataReviewer_AddressDataManagement - Facilities - Parks",
      "id": "DataReviewer_AddressDataManagement_3201",
      "alias": "DataReviewer_AddressDataManagement - Facilities - Parks",
      "show": true,
      "layerType": "ArcGISFeatureLayer",
      "url": ""
      "label": "DataReviewer_AddressDataManagement - Facilities - Points",
      "id": "DataReviewer_AddressDataManagement_8753",
      "alias": "Facilities - Points",
      "show": true,
      "layerType": "ArcGISFeatureLayer",
      "url": ""
  "drsUrl": "",
  "sessionID": 1,
  "includeReportedBy": "logon",
  "defaultUserName": ""