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Oblique Viewer

The Oblique Viewer widget displays images in a native coordinate system using an image coordinate system (ICS). Oblique images are displayed in a native ICS to avoid distortion caused by projecting them in a geographic coordinate system or projected coordinate system. The Oblique Viewer widget allows you to pan in the oblique mode, pan in a single viewing angle, or switch angles to view an area of interest from different angles.

Configurable attributes

The following table describes the configurable attributes of the Oblique Viewer widget.



Title of the image service layer containing oblique imagery data in the web map. There is no default.


The azimuth angle the widget should start in. The default value is zero.


The field in the image service that defines the sensor azimuth of an image. The azimuth field in this case is the viewing angle, clockwise from north. So, looking toward north is 0, east is 90, south is 180, and west is 270. There is no default.


The field in the image service that defines the sensor elevation of an image. This can vary from 0 (horizon) to 90 (completely nadir). There is no default.


An array of field names to be shown in the list of rasters in the chosen direction. OBJECTID and Azimuth are selected by default.


Boolean. Determines whether to show the thumbnail in the list. The default value is true.


Boolean. Determines whether to synchronize the main map when the oblique map is panned or zoomed. The default value is true.

Default state:

  "ObliqueViewer": {
    "layerTitle": "",
    "azimuthAngle" : 0,
    "azimuthField": "",
    "elevationField": "",
    "rasterInfoFields": [],
    "showThumbnail": true,
    "autoSync": true

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