What's new 1.11

Builder updates

ArcGIS Experience Builder 1.11 includes several new features and enhancements as listed below:

  • Data actions—Adds two new data actions: Set filter and Add to map. Additionally, you can now use the Zoom to, Pan to, and View in table actions to view all records or selected records with some widgets. View a complete table of data actions and their capabilities.
  • Date picker—You can now scroll through the year drop-down list. The Filter, Query, List, and Timeline widgets, data source settings, and the new Set filter data action all use the date picker.
  • Message actions—Adds three new message actions for creating interactions between widgets. You can use the Add to map action to make a Map widget automatically display any layers added at run time with the Add Data widget. You can use the Select line action to make the Elevation Profile widget generate a profile for a selected line feature. You can use the Select feature action to make the Business Analyst widget run an infographic for a selected record.
  • Sharing—Members of other organizations who have access to your content via distributed collaboration cannot make any edits to your experiences and templates. When an app or template is shared via distributed collaboration, it is available as view-only unless it is shared through other means.
  • Templates—Adds the Pamphlet full-screen page template and four new grid page templates: Collage, Leaflet, Mapflyer, and Avatarboard. You can find these new default templates by looking for the New badge on their thumbnails in the Templates gallery. All templates created by Esri have an official Esri badge.
  • Storybook—Adds a new AdvancedSelect component.


Other improvements include the following new and updated widgets:

  • Add Data widget (new)—Allows users to temporarily add data sources to an app at run time. Users can add data via ArcGIS content, URL, or local storage.
  • 3D Toolbox widget—Adds the slice tool, which you can use to reveal obstructed features with a moveable rectangular plane that can block out certain layers.
  • Business Analyst widget (Previously the Business Analyst Infographic widget)—Now out of beta. The widget's settings now offer two modes, Workflow and Preset. The former provides users with a workflow for configuring an infographic. The latter populates the widget with a preconfigured infographic. Additionally, you can now add message actions to have the Business Analyst widget interact with Map, List, Query, and Search widgets. The widget supports adding GeoEnrichment utility services, meaning you can share an app with users who have an ArcGIS account but don't have the privileges needed to use the Business Analyst widget. Also, you can now search for geographic boundaries, such as cities and United States congressional districts.
  • Coordinates widget—Adds two new options for display units: Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) and United States National Grid (USNG).
  • Chart widget—Supports histogram charts. Scatter plots are no longer limited by the maxRecordCount of input data. Instead, the limit is now 10,000 data points. After 10,000 data points, the scatter plot aggregates the data.
  • Elevation Profile widget—You can now display elevation profile lines for 3D mesh layers. You can use the new Select line message action to make the widget generate a profile for a selected line feature, such as a trail or road. Also, the widget now generates an output data source that other widgets can use. For example, you can make a Text widget display a profile's maximum elevation value and have the value dynamically change whenever a new profile is generated.
  • Grid widget—Adds the Split vertically and Split horizontally buttons to the grid item toolbar.
  • List widget—Now automatically scrolls to records selected from URL parameters.
  • Map Layers widget—You can use the new Customize layers setting to hide layers from the widget at run time.
  • Placeholder widget—The widget's settings now include all of the style settings common to all other widgets.
  • Query widget—When you choose Multipage for the Paging style, you can now define the number of records that display per page. This number can be no less that 10 and no greater than 1,000. At run time, users can choose how many results to display per page using a drop-down menu or by typing a number. The drop-down is populated with values equal to 100 percent, 50 percent, and 33 percent of the number you provide.
  • Search widget—Search suggestions are no longer filtered by search results, meaning if you type in the search box after already doing a search, you see all expected suggestions. Also, if you add an organization-shared utility service as a locator source, the widget can now automatically populate the locator source's Label and Hint text.
  • Utility Network Trace widget —Now out of beta.

Breaking changes


  • DataRecordSet
    • name and dataSource properties of the DataRecordSet are changed from optional to required.
  • DataRecordSetChangeMessage
    • Property dataRecordSetId is removed
    • Property dataRecordSet is changed to dataRecordSets
  • jimuHistory
    • replaceQueryObject is removed from jimuHistory, use changeQueryObject instead.
  • DataSourceFilterChangeMessage
    • DataSourceFilterChangeMessage property dataSourceId is changed from dataSourceId: string to dataSourceIds: string[]


  • MapDataSource
    • Method getDataSourceByLayer(layerOrSublayerId: string, layerIdOfTheSubLayer?: string) is changed to getDataSourceByLayer(layerOrSubLayer: __esri.Layer | __esri.Sublayer).


  • JimuLayerViewSelector
    • Component JimuLayerViewSelector is changed and is not backward compatible, the old one is renamed to JimuLayerViewSelectorDeprecated. You can still use the old component but you need to change the component from JimuLayerViewSelector to JimuLayerViewSelectorDeprecated. But we recommend using the new component JimuLayerViewSelector.


  • DatePicker
    • Prop showCheckbox is deprecated, use isMultiSelection instead
    • Prop treeType is deprecated, use treeAlignmentType instead
    • Method isItemFocused is deprecated, use prop itemStateChecked for each item's JSON.
    • Prop runtime is removed
    • Prop virtualDateListForRuntime is deprecated. (Set showQuickNavToToday=true for Today at runtime)
    • Prop virtualDateListForSetting is deprecated, use virtualDateList instead.

Previous releases

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