esriDataStatType Constants

Type of statistic (for QueryDataStatistics requests).

Constant Value Description
esriDataStatTypeCount 0 Count of records.
esriDataStatTypeSum 1 Sum of numerical values of records.
esriDataStatTypeMin 2 Minimum numerical value of records.
esriDataStatTypeMax 3 Maximum numerical value of records.
esriDataStatTypeAverage 4 Average numerical value of records.
esriDataStatTypeStdDev 5 Standard deviation value of records.
esriDataStatTypeVariance 6 Variance value of records.
esriDataStatTypePercentileCont 7 PercentileCont value of records.
esriDataStatTypePercentileDisc 8 PercentileDisc value of records.
esriDataStatTypeExceedslimit 9 exceed value of records.
esriDataStatTypeFirstValue 10
esriDataStatTypeLastValue 11
esriDataStatTypeLag 12
esriDataStatTypeLead 13
esriDataStatTypePercentRank 14
esriDataStatTypeRank 15
esriDataStatTypeNTile 16
esriDataStatTypeCumulativeDistribution 17
esriDataStatTypeRowNumber 18
esriDataStatTypeDenseRank 19
esriDataStatTypeSlope 20
esriDataStatTypeIntercept 21
esriDataStatTypeR2 22
esriDataStatTypeMode 23

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