esriSelectionType Constants

Selection Type.

Constant Value Description
esriSelectionTypeIDSet 1 IDSet.
esriSelectionTypeSnapshot 2 Snapshot.
esriSelectionTypeHybrid 3 Snapshot if small, else an ID Set.
esriSelectionTypeGlobalIDSet 4 GlobalIdSet.


These enumerators are used to specify the type of SelectionSets returned by ITable::Select, IFeatureClass::Select, IFeatureLayer::Select.

Depending on the number of rows or features selected this option lets you define if the SelectionSet will store only IDs or a set of instantiated rows in memory.

esriSelectionTypeIDSetThe selection is always based on a persistent set of OIDs (e.g. logfiles for ArcSDE)

esriSelectionTypeSnapshotThe selection is always based on a set of in-memory rows (e.g. no logfile just in-memory IRow(s))

esriSelectionTypeHybridThe selection itself decides how to manage its representation (e.g. it may morph between IDSet and Snapshot)

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