esriRasterCompressionType Constants

Different methods to perform raster compression.

Constant Value Description
esriRasterCompressionUnknown -1 Unknown compression.
esriRasterCompressionUncompressed 0 No compression.
esriRasterCompressionLZ77 1 The LZ77 encoding. It's the default compression can be mapped to Esri RLE for IMAGINE Image and GRID formats.
esriRasterCompressionJPEG 2 The JPEG encoding.
esriRasterCompressionJPEG2000 4 The JPEG 2000 encoding.
esriRasterCompressionPackBits 5 The Packbits encoding (TIFF).
esriRasterCompressionLZW 6 The LZW encoding (TIFF).
esriRasterCompressionRLE 7 The Esri Run-Length Encoding (GRID and IMAGINE Image).
esriRasterCompressionCCITTG3 8 The CCITT Group 3 (TIFF).
esriRasterCompressionCCITTG4 9 The CCITT Group 4 (TIFF).
esriRasterCompressionCCITTRLE 10 The CCITT RLE (TIFF).
esriRasterCompressionJPEGYCbCr 11 The JPEG YCbCr
esriRasterCompressionLERC 12 The LERC compression.
esriRasterCompressionDeflate 13 The DEFLATE compression.
esriRasterCompressionJPEGPNG 14 The JPEGPNG (CRF).
esriRasterCompressionBZ2 15 The BZ2 compression (NetCDF).
esriRasterCompressionLZF 16 The LZF compression (NetCDF).
esriRasterCompressionBLOSC 17 The BLOSC compression (NetCDF).
esriRasterCompressionLZ4 18 The LZ4 compression (NetCDF).
esriRasterCompressionBITSHUFFLE 19 The BITSHUFFLE compression (NetCDF).
esriRasterCompressionZSTD 20 The ZSTD compression (NetCDF).
esriRasterCompressionBITGROOM 21 The BITGROOM compression (NetCDF).
esriRasterCompressionMAFISC 22 The MAFISC compression (NetCDF).
esriRasterCompressionZFP 23 The ZFP compression (NetCDF).

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