esriFieldType Constants

Field Types.

Constant Value Description
esriFieldTypeSmallInteger 0 16-bit Integer.
esriFieldTypeInteger 1 32-bit Integer.
esriFieldTypeSingle 2 Single-precision floating-point number.
esriFieldTypeDouble 3 Double-precision floating-point number.
esriFieldTypeString 4 Character string.
esriFieldTypeDate 5 Date.
esriFieldTypeOID 6 Integer representing an object identifier. 32-bit OID has a length of 4 bytes, and 64-bit OID has a length of 8 bytes.
esriFieldTypeGeometry 7 Geometry.
esriFieldTypeBlob 8 Binary Large Object.
esriFieldTypeRaster 9 Raster.
esriFieldTypeGUID 10 Globally Unique Identifier.
esriFieldTypeGlobalID 11 Esri Global ID.
esriFieldTypeXML 12 XML Document.
esriFieldTypeBigInteger 13 64-bit Integer.

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