fdoError Constants

FDO Error Codes.

Constant Value Description
FDO_​E_​LOADING_​RESOURCE -2147220991 Failed to load a resource (string, icon, bitmap, etc).
FDO_​E_​INDEX_​OUT_​OF_​RANGE -2147220990 The index passed was not within the valid range.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147220989 The operation is not supported by this implementation.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​ENOUGH_​SPACE -2147220988 There is not enough storage space to complete the operation.
FDO_​E_​NO_​PERMISSION -2147220987 The user does not have permission to execute the operation.
FDO_​E_​IMPLEMENTATION -2147220986 Signals that an implementation specific error has occurred and that the client should inspect the error object for additional errors. For example, SDE API errors.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​SQL -2147220985 An invalid SQL statement was used.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK -2147220984 A networking error occurred.
FDO_​E_​DATE_​CONVERSION -2147220983 A date conversion error has occurred.
FDO_​E_​OBJECT_​IS_​DELETED -2147220982 The object has been deleted and is no longer valid.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​NOT_​COMPATIBLE -2147220981 The workspace is of the wrong type.
FDO_​E_​OBJECT_​IS_​READONLY -2147220980 Modifications to the object are not allowed.
FDO_​E_​OBJECT_​IN_​USE -2147220979 Object is busy.
FDO_​E_​OBJECT_​MAX_​REACHED -2147220978 Maximum number of objects reached.
FDO_​E_​OBJECT_​IS_​LOCKED -2147220977 Object is currently locked.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​ENVELOPE -2147220976 Invalid envelope encountered.
FDO_​E_​FILE_​IO -2147220975 File read/write error occurred.
FDO_​E_​LICENSE_​FAILURE -2147220974 A product licensing error occurred.
FDO_​E_​DBMS_​ERROR -2147220973 An underlying database error occurred.
FDO_​E_​COERCING -2147220972 An error occurred trying to coerce data from one type to another.
FDO_​E_​BINDING -2147220971 A general data binding error occurred.
FDO_​E_​SCHEMA_​LOCK_​CONFLICT -2147220970 Cannot acquire a schema lock because of an existing lock.
FDO_​E_​MUST_​BE_​OWNER -2147220969 Must be the owner to do this operation.
FDO_​E_​OBJECT_​NOT_​LOCKED -2147220968 Object has no schema locks.
FDO_​E_​ESRI_​PROVIDER_​CONNECT_​INVALID -2147220967 Connection to Esri OLE DB provider is invalid.
FDO_​E_​CONNECTION_​CANCELLED -2147220966 SDE Connection dialog is cancelled.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​RELEASE -2147220965 This release of the Geodatabase is not up to date.
FDO_​E_​NO_​SYSTEM_​TABLES -2147220964 Geodatabase System Tables not found.
FDO_​E_​CONNECT_​PARAMETERS_​CONFLICT -2147220963 Conflicting connection parameters.
FDO_​E_​FIELDINFO_​SYSTEM_​TABLE_​INCONSISTENCY -2147220962 Geodatabase FieldInfo system table inconsistent.
FDO_​E_​NO_​EDIT_​LICENSE -2147220961 The application is not licensed to edit this type of data .
FDO_​E_​NO_​SCHEMA_​LICENSE -2147220960 The application is not licensed to create or modify schema for this type of data.
FDO_​E_​NO_​OPERATION_​LICENSE -2147220959 The application does not have the required license for this operation.
FDO_​E_​OPERATION_​CANNOT_​BE_​UNDONE -2147220958 The current operation cannot be undone.
FDO_​E_​EDIT_​OPERATION_​REQUIRED -2147220957 The current operation requires an edit operation.
FDO_​E_​RECONCILE_​CANNOT_​BE_​UNDONE -2147220956 The reconcile operation cannot be undone.
FDO_​E_​OBJECT_​NOT_​INITIALIZED -2147220955 The object is not initialized.
FDO_​E_​INTEGER_​REQUIRES_​64BITS -2147220954 The integer requires a 64-bit representation.
FDO_​E_​SYNTAX_​ERROR -2147220953 Syntax error.
FDO_​E_​LICENSE_​NOT_​INITIALIZED -2147220952 License not intialized.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​SIZE_​EXCEEDED -2147220951 Maximum table size has been exceeded.
FDO_​E_​SECURED_​DATA_​NO_​ACCESS -2147220950 Cannot access secured data.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​SQLQUERY -2147220949 An SQL statement containing comment and/or semicolon was used.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NAME -2147220948 The name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​LOCK_​CONFLICT -2147220947 Cannot acquire a lock.
FDO_​E_​UPGRADE_​NEEDS_​WRITE_​ACCESS -2147220946 Upgrade will need write access to the geodatabase to successfully complete.
FDO_​E_​NEGATIVE_​FID -2147220945 FIDs in FIDSet must not be negative.
FDO_​E_​INCOMPATIBLE_​CLIENT_​VERSION -2147220944 This version of the Geodatabase client is incompatible with the dataset and cannot open it.
FDO_​E_​NEW_​SCHEMA_​REQUIRED -2147220943 This functionality is only supported on a Geodatabase release of ArcGIS 10.0 or greater.
FDO_​E_​NON_​FORWARD_​COMPATIBLE_​CONNECTION -2147220942 The connection format cannot be made forward compatible.
FDO_​E_​UNSUPPORTED_​SQL -2147220941 SQL not supported by DBMS.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​NOT_​CONNECTED -2147220911 The workspace is not connected.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​ALREADY_​CONNECTED -2147220910 The workspace is already connected.
FDO_​E_​SERVER_​NOT_​FOUND -2147220909 The server was not found.
FDO_​E_​SERVER_​NOT_​AVAILABLE -2147220908 The server was found, but is not available at this time.
FDO_​E_​SERVER_​MAX_​CONNECTIONS -2147220907 The server does not allow anymore connections at this time.
FDO_​E_​USER_​INVALID -2147220906 The user and/or password is invalid.
FDO_​E_​USER_​NOACCESS -2147220905 The user does not have access to the workspace.
FDO_​E_​DATABASE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147220904 The database was not found.
FDO_​E_​DATABASE_​NOT_​AVAILABLE -2147220903 The database was found, but is not available at this time.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147220902 The workspace already exists.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​EXTENSION_​CREATE_​FAILED -2147220901 Unable to instantiate workspace extension component.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​EXTENSION_​INIT_​FAILED -2147220900 Unable to initialize workspace extension.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​EXTENSION_​DATASET_​CREATE_​FAILED -2147220899 Failed sending dataset created notification to workspace extension.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​EXTENSION_​DATASET_​RENAME_​FAILED -2147220898 Failed sending dataset renamed notification to workspace extension.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​EXTENSION_​DATASET_​DELETE_​FAILED -2147220897 Failed sending dataset deleted notification to workspace extension.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​EXTENSION_​DUP_​NAME -2147220896 Illegal duplicate workspace extension name.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​EXTENSION_​DUP_​GUID -2147220895 Illegal duplicate workspace extension guid.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​EXTENSION_​NO_​REG_​PRIV -2147220894 Altering workspace extension registration requires Geodatabase DBA priveleges.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​READONLY -2147220893 Workspace or data source is read only.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​AT_​WORKSPACE_​LEVEL -2147220892 The dataset is not supported at the workspace level.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​NO_​KEYSETTABLEMANAGER -2147220891 Workspace does not support Keyset Table.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​NO_​KEYSETTABLE -2147220890 Keyset table was not returned.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​INVALID_​KEYSETID -2147220889 Returned Keyset id is invalid.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACEFACTORY_​BAD_​CONNECTIONPROPERTY -2147220888 A missing or bad connection property was encountered.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​EXTENSION_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147220887 Workspace extensions are not supported.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​EXTENSION_​DATASET_​MODIFY_​FAILED -2147220886 Failed sending dataset modified notification to workspace extension.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​NO_​SPATIAL_​TYPE -2147220885 Workspace has no spatial type.
FDO_​E_​OLEDB_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​ON_​LINUX -2147220884 OLE DB connections are not supported with ArcGIS Server for Linux.
FDO_​E_​HISTORICAL_​MARKER_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147220883 The historical marker already exists.
FDO_​E_​APPLICATION_​SERVER_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147220882 Application server connections are not supported with ArcGIS Pro.
FDO_​E_​RESUME_​SERVICE_​SESSION -2147220881 Unable to resume service session.
FDO_​E_​READ_​MOMENT -2147220880 Unable to set read moment.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​OFFLINE_​GEODATABASE -2147220879 This operation is not supported in Offline Mobile Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​SETUP_​ENTGDB_​WRONG_​SCHEMA -2147220878 Geodatabase must be created under SDE schema. You cannot create a geodatabase in Oracle in any other schema starting with ArcGIS 10.7 and ArcGIS Pro 2.3.
FDO_​E_​GEODATABASE_​DOES_​NOT_​SUPPORT_​64BIT_​INTEGER -2147220877 The geodatabase is not configured to support 64-bit integer types.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​NOT_​FOUND -2147220735 The dataset was not found.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​INVALID_​NAME -2147220734 The dataset name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147220733 The dataset already exists.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​CANNOT_​RENAME -2147220732 Cannot rename the dataset with objects already open.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​INVALID_​TYPE -2147220731 Invalid dataset type.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​CANNOT_​DELETE -2147220730 Cannot delete the dataset.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​EXTENSION_​TYPE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147220729 Cannot find the specified feature dataset extension type.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​PASTE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147220728 The paste operation on the dataset is not supported in the target release of the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​CANNOT_​RENAME_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147220727 Cannot rename the dataset.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​EXTENSION_​CREATE_​FAILED -2147220726 Unable to instantiate dataset extension component.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​EXTENSION_​INIT_​FAILED -2147220725 Unable to initialize dataset extension.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​CREATE_​LOW_​PREC_​DATASET_​IN_​HIGH_​PREC_​DB -2147220724 Cannot create a low precision dataset in a high precision database.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​CREATE_​HIGH_​PREC_​DATASET_​IN_​LOW_​PREC_​DB -2147220723 Cannot create a high precision dataset in a low precision database.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​TYPE_​NOT_​PRESENT -2147220722 The dataset type is not present in the database.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​COPY_​CLASS_​WITHOUT_​ALL_​CONTROLLERS -2147220721 Cannot copy a feature class without all associated controllers.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​TYPE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147220720 The dataset type is not supported in this release of the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​INVALID_​DEFINITION -2147220719 The dataset has an invalid definition.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​INVALID_​ID -2147220718 The dataset has an invalid id.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​RENAME_​WHILE_​EDITING -2147220717 Cannot rename a dataset that is being edited.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​MODIFY_​SCHEMA_​WHILE_​EDITING -2147220716 Cannot update the schema of a dataset that is being edited.
FDO_​E_​INCOMPATIBLE_​CLIENT_​CANNOT_​OPEN_​DATASET -2147220715 The dataset is unknown to this version of the Geodatabase client and cannot be opened.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​MISSING_​DEFINITION -2147220714 The dataset is missing its definition.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​ON_​FILE_​GEODATABASES -2147220713 The dataset is not supported on File Geodatabases.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​IN_​BETA_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147220712 The operation is not supported on datasets that are created using a beta version.
FDO_​E_​FILEGDB_​RULES_​REQUIRE_​EDITOR_​TRACKING -2147220711 Batch calculation and validation rules are only supported when editor tracking is enabled.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147220655 The table was not found.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​INVALID_​NAME -2147220654 The table name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147220653 The table already exists.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​NO_​OID_​FIELD -2147220652 The table does not have an ObjectID field.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​INVALID_​KEYWORD -2147220651 The configuration keyword is invalid.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​NOT_​VERSIONED -2147220650 The table is not multiversioned.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​DUPLICATE_​COLUMN -2147220649 Cannot create a table with a duplicate column.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​COLUMN_​NOT_​FOUND -2147220648 A column was specified that does not exist.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​IN_​USE -2147220647 Cannot access this table because it is in use.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​RECORD_​LENGTH_​EXCEEDED -2147220646 The maximum record length has been exceeded.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​VERSIONED -2147220645 The table is multiversioned.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​MOVINGEDITSTOBASE -2147220644 The table is moving edits to base.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​ARCHIVING -2147220643 The table has archiving enabled.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​NOT_​ARCHIVING -2147220642 The table does not have archiving enabled.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​READONLY_​HISTORICAL -2147220641 The table is historical and is read-only.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​NO_​ATTACHMENTS -2147220640 The table does not have attachments.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​ATTACHMENTS_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147220639 Table attachments not supported in this release of the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​CANNOT_​ANALYZE_​TABLE_​VIEW -2147220638 This feature class is based upon a table view and thus cannot be analyzed.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​NO_​GLOBALID_​FIELD -2147220637 The table does not have a Global ID field.
FDO_​E_​ATTACHMENTS_​ON_​ATTACHMENT_​TABLE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147220636 Attachments are not supported on attachment tables.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​NOT_​EMPTY -2147220635 Table is not empty.
FDO_​E_​ATTACHMENTS_​ONLY_​ON_​GEODATABASES -2147220634 Attachments only supported on geodatabases.
FDO_​E_​NON_​SIMPLE_​DATASET_​ARCHIVING -2147220633 Cannot enable archiving on non simple dataset.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​ON_​VIEW -2147220632 Not supported on views.
FDO_​E_​DATABASE_​JOIN_​IMPOSSIBLE -2147220631 Client requested database join, but the query did not meet the conditions to use database join.
FDO_​E_​VIEW_​NOT_​FOUND -2147220630 View not found.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​PRUNE_​MOMENT -2147220629 The prune moment is prior to the archive registration date.
FDO_​E_​CLASS_​NOT_​POLYLINE_​OR_​POLYGON -2147220628 The class is not a polyline or polygon feature class.
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​REQUIRES_​ROWS -2147220627 The trim date must be older than the date the map was taken offline.
FDO_​E_​NO_​ROWS_​TRIMMED -2147220626 No retired rows exist prior to the trim date on the following dataset(s):
FDO_​E_​ORDER_​BY_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​ON_​VIEW -2147220625 ORDER BY not supported on views.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​DOES_​NOT_​SUPPORT_​BIG_​OID -2147220624 The table does not support 64-bit Object ID.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​HAS_​NON_​COMPRESSIBLE_​FIELD_​TYPES -2147220623 Cannot compress tables with 64-bit object ID, 64-bit integer, date-only, time-only or timestamp-offset fields.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​NOT_​FOUND -2147220479 The feature class was not found.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​BAD_​EXTENT -2147220478 The feature class's extent could not be retrieved or is invalid.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​INVALID_​NAME -2147220477 Invalid feature class name.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147220476 The feature class already exists.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​LOAD_​MODE -2147220475 The feature class is currently in load-only mode.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​NETWORK_​CANNOT_​DELETE -2147220474 The feature class is in a geometric network and cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​BAD_​DEFAULT_​SUBTYPE_​CODE -2147220473 The feature class' default subtype code cannot be retrieved or is invalid.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​NO_​SUBTYPE_​FIELD -2147220472 The feature class does not have a specified subtype field.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​NETWORK_​CANNOT_​RENAME -2147220471 The orphan junction featureclass cannot be renamed.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​SUBTYPE_​EXISTS -2147220470 The feature class already has the specified subtype.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​FD_​NOT_​EDITABLE -2147220469 The feature dataset is not editable.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​SUBTYPE_​FIELD_​CANNOT_​RENAME -2147220468 The subtype field on a feature class cannot be renamed.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​CODE_​INVALID -2147220467 The specified subtype code is either too large or small to represent.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​CODE_​DOES_​NOT_​EXIST -2147220466 The specified subtype code does not exist.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​CODE_​IS_​NULL -2147220465 The value of the subtype code is NULL.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​CODE_​NOT_​INTEGER -2147220464 The value of the subtype code is not a long or short integer.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​NO_​SHAPE_​COLUMN -2147220463 The feature class does not have a shape column.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​TOPOLOGY_​CANNOT_​DELETE -2147220462 The feature class is in a topology and cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​CODE_​HAS_​ASSOCIATED_​TOPOLOGY_​RULE -2147220461 The subtype code is associated with a topology rule.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​IN_​USE_​CANNOT_​DELETE -2147220460 The subtype code is in use and cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​CANNOT_​ADD -2147220459 The subtype code cannot be added.
FDO_​E_​SPATIAL_​CACHE_​EMPTY_​EXTENT -2147220458 The spatial cache's extent is empty or has not been set.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​MEMBER_​OF_​CONTROLLER -2147220457 The feature class is already a member of the specified controller.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​CANT_​OPEN_​GEOMETRICNETWORK -2147220456 The feature class participates in a geometric network that could not be opened.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​CANT_​OPEN_​TOPOLOGY -2147220455 The feature class participates in a topology that could not be opened.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​NETWORK_​DATASET_​CANNOT_​DELETE -2147220454 The feature class is in a network dataset and cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​INSUFFICIENT_​PRIVILEGE -2147220453 Insufficient privileges to perform the operation.
FDO_​E_​FEATURECLASS_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​CANNOT_​DELETE -2147220452 The feature class is part of a Location Referencing dataset and cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​PART_​COUNT_​CHANGE_​NOT_​ALLOWED -2147220451 The cartographic realignment will result in a change in the centerline part count. Use the Split Centerline Into Singlepart Features tool on the centerline before performing the edit.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​UNCALIBRATED_​ROUTE_​NOT_​ALLOWED_​IN_​CARTOREALIGNMENT -2147220450 One or more timeslices of the associated route(s) are uncalibrated. Use the Generate Routes tool before performing the cartographic realignment.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​GCS_​TOO_​LONG_​POLYLINE_​IN_​CARTOREALIGNMENT -2147220449 There was an error during cartographic realignment. This can happen if your data is in GCS, the centerline is long and has sparse vertices. Consider densifying the centerline, running Generate Routes and retrying the edit.
FDO_​E_​PLANARGRAPH_​NOT_​FOUND -2147220399 The planargraph was not found.
FDO_​E_​SERVER_​ERROR_​INVALID_​URL -2147220223 Invalid URL.
FDO_​E_​SERVER_​ERROR_​NO_​CAPABILITY -2147220222 Requested operation is not supported by this service.
FDO_​E_​SERVER_​ERROR_​FORMAT_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147220221 Requested format is not supported.
FDO_​E_​SERVER_​ERROR_​OPERATION_​ROLLED_​BACK -2147220220 Operation rolled back.
FDO_​E_​SERVER_​ERROR_​NO_​PRIVILEGE -2147220219 User does not have privileges to perform this operation.
FDO_​E_​SERVER_​ERROR_​JOB_​NOT_​FOUND -2147220218 Job not found on server.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​UNEDITABLE -2147220143 The dataset does not support editing.
FDO_​E_​START_​EDITING -2147220142 Error starting an edit session.
FDO_​E_​SAVE_​EDIT_​SESSION -2147220141 Error saving an edit session.
FDO_​E_​STOP_​EDITING_​WITH_​SAVE -2147220140 Error stopping an edit session with save edits.
FDO_​E_​STOP_​EDITING_​WITH_​DISCARD -2147220139 Error stopping an edit session with discard edits.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​ALLOWED_​WHILE_​EDITING -2147220138 This operation is not allowed while editing.
FDO_​E_​COULD_​NOT_​CLEAN_​COVERAGE -2147220137 Error in cleaning coverage during save.
FDO_​E_​NO_​INTEGRATEABLE_​LAYERS -2147220136 No valid InteGrateable Feature layers within Feature Dataset.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TOPOLOGY -2147220135 Invalid Topology.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​EDITING -2147220134 Operation only allowed while editing.
FDO_​E_​COULD_​NOT_​ENCODE_​INFO_​ITEM -2147220133 Error in encoding INFO item during save.
FDO_​E_​NODE_​NOT_​ON_​ARC -2147220132 Node must intersect an arc feature.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​REMOVE_​LAST_​LABEL -2147220131 Cannot remove last label from polygon.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​MOVE_​LABEL_​OUT_​OF_​POLYGON -2147220130 Cannot move label out of polygon.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​POLYGON_​LABEL_​DELETED -2147220129 Label no longer within valid polygon, deleting.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​BREAK_​TOPOLOGY -2147220128 Operations that break coverage topology are not supported.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​CREATE_​UNIVERSE_​LABEL -2147220127 Coverage labels cannot be created in the universe polygon.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​MOVE_​UNIVERSE_​LABELS -2147220126 Coverage labels in the universe polygon cannot be moved.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​GEOMETRY -2147220125 Invalid geometry.
FDO_​E_​CORUPTED_​COVERAGE -2147220124 Corupted Coverage.
FDO_​E_​DUPLICATE_​FIELD_​NAMES -2147220123 Duplicate Field Names within Table.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​EDIT_​ZS -2147220122 Cannot edit features with Z values.
FDO_​E_​NO_​POLYGONS_​CREATED -2147220121 No newly added features, after PolygonSplitLines.
FDO_​E_​ABORT_​EDITS_​FAILED -2147220120 Unable to save edits because an incorrect edit operation could not be completely rolled back.
FDO_​E_​FLUSH_​EDITS_​FAILED -2147220119 Unable to save edits because of failure in flushing edits to the database.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​EDIT_​TABLE_​WITH_​UNIQ_​USER_​INDEX -2147220118 Unable to edit the table or feature class because it has a unique index on a non OID field.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​EDIT_​DATASET_​WITH_​UNIQ_​USER_​INDEX -2147220117 Unable to edit the dataset because it contains a table or feature class with a unique index on a non OID field.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​REBUILD_​POLYGONS -2147220116 Cannot rebuild polygons from current topology elements.
FDO_​E_​USERTRANSACTION_​NOT_​ALLOWED -2147220115 User transaction not allowed at this time.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​EDITABLE_​EDITSESSIONMODE -2147220114 The object cannot be edited using the current edit session mode.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​EDIT_​COMPRESSED_​DATASET -2147220113 Cannot edit compressed data.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​UPDATE_​COMPRESSED_​DATASET -2147220112 Cannot update compressed data.
FDO_​E_​COMPRESSED_​DATASET_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147220111 Cannot use compressed data for this operation.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​OPERATION_​FOR_​EDITSESSIONMODE -2147220110 Invalid operation for edit session mode.
FDO_​E_​COMPRESSED_​DATASET_​NOT_​INSTALLED -2147220109 FileGDB compression is not installed.
FDO_​E_​MODIFIED_​GEOMETRY_​MUST_​BE_​COPY -2147220108 The modified geometry must be a copy.
FDO_​E_​PENDING_​BACKGROUND_​PROCESSES -2147220107 Cannot start editing while Geoprocessing is running in the background.
FDO_​E_​PENDING_​GEOPROCESSING_​INPUT -2147220106 Cannot Start/Stop editing while there is pending Feature/Record set input..
FDO_​E_​ADDING_​SERVER_​MOMENT_​FAILED -2147220105 Adding server edit moment failed. The moment would not be the same for the whole edit operation.
FDO_​E_​PROPERTY_​NO_​SUBTYPE -2147219967 This property does not have a SubType.
FDO_​E_​PROPERTY_​NOT_​FOUND -2147219966 The property was not found.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​INVALID -2147219887 A general error when something is wrong with a Field.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​INVALID_​NAME -2147219886 The name of the Field is unacceptable.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​NOT_​FOUND -2147219885 An expected Field was not found or could not be retrieved properly.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147219884 The Field already exists.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​INVALID_​TYPE -2147219883 The Field type is invalid or unsupported for the operation.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​UNSUPPORTED_​OPERATION -2147219882 The Field type does not support the current operation. For example, attempting to set OID field to NULL.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​INVALID_​GEOMETRY_​TYPE -2147219881 The GeometryType property of the Field is invalid or unsupported for this operation.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​NOT_​EDITABLE -2147219880 The Field is not editable.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​NOT_​NULLABLE -2147219879 The Field is not nullable.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​WEIGHT_​FIELD -2147219878 The Field corresponds to a weight and may not be deleted.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​REQUIRED_​FIELD -2147219877 The Field is required and may not be deleted.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​SUBTYPE_​FIELD -2147219876 The Field is a subtype field and may not be deleted.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​LAST_​FIELD -2147219875 The Field is the last remaining field and may not be deleted.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​IS_​KEYWORD -2147219874 The Field is the keyword the destination DBMS.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​RELKEY_​FIELD -2147219873 The field cannot be deleted because it is being used as a relationship key.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​MISSING_​GEOMETRY_​DEF -2147219872 The shape field is missing the geometry def.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​IS_​RELKEY_​FIELD -2147219871 The field is used as a relationship key.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​USED_​BY_​EDITOR_​TRACKING -2147219870 The field is used by Editor Tracking.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​IS_​SUBTYPE_​FIELD -2147219869 The field is used to define subtypes.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​IS_​NETWORK_​ANCILLARY_​FIELD -2147219868 The field is used to define a network ancillary role.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​IS_​WEIGHT_​FIELD -2147219867 The field corresponds to a weight.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​IS_​ENABLED_​FIELD -2147219866 The field is an enabled field associated with a network element.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​IS_​REQUIRED_​FIELD -2147219865 The field is required.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​ALIAS_​EXCEEDS_​MAX_​LENGTH -2147219864 Field alias exceeds maximum length.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​IS_​ASSOCIATED_​WITH_​DOMAIN -2147219863 The field is associated with a domain.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​HAS_​DEFAULT_​VALUE -2147219862 The field has a default value.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​IS_​ASSOCIATED_​WITH_​INDEX -2147219861 The field is associated with an index.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​EXCEEDS_​MAX_​LENGTH -2147219860 Field exceeds maximum length.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​USED_​BY_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE -2147219859 The field is used by attribute rule.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​REFERENCES_​UNKNOWN_​TABLE -2147219858 Attribute Rule references an unknown table.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​ALIAS_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147219857 Field alias names are only supported on registered tables and feature classes.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​NAME_​EXCEEDS_​MAX_​LENGTH -2147219856 Attribute rule name exceeds maximum length.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​DESCRIPTION_​EXCEEDS_​MAX_​LENGTH -2147219855 Attribute rule description exceeds maximum length.
FDO_​E_​FIELDS_​INVALID -2147219711 A general error when something is wrong with the Fields collection.
FDO_​E_​FIELDS_​NOT_​FOUND -2147219710 An expected Fields collection was not found or could not be retrieved properly.
FDO_​E_​FIELDS_​NO_​GEOMETRY -2147219709 The Fields collection did not contain an expected geometry field.
FDO_​E_​FIELDS_​NO_​OID -2147219708 The Fields collection did not contain an expected OID field.
FDO_​E_​FIELDS_​MULTIPLE_​OIDS -2147219707 The Fields collection contained multiple OID fields.
FDO_​E_​FIELDS_​MULTIPLE_​GEOMETRIES -2147219706 The Fields collection contained multiple geometry fields.
FDO_​E_​FIELDS_​MODEL_​NAME_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147219705 Another field within the class already has this model name.
FDO_​E_​FIELDS_​MULTIPLE_​RASTERS -2147219704 The Fields collection contained multiple raster fields.
FDO_​E_​FIELDS_​MULTIPLE_​GLOBALIDS -2147219703 The Fields collection contained multiple GlobalID fields.
FDO_​E_​FIELDS_​EMPTY -2147219702 The Fields collection is empty.
FDO_​E_​INDEX_​WRONG_​TYPE -2147219631 The operation requires a different index type.
FDO_​E_​INDEX_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147219630 The index already exists.
FDO_​E_​INDEX_​NOT_​FOUND -2147219629 The index was not found.
FDO_​E_​INDEX_​NOT_​ALLOWED -2147219628 This type of index is not allowed.
FDO_​E_​SPATIAL_​INDEX_​NOT_​FOUND -2147219627 The spatial index was not found.
FDO_​E_​CORRUPT_​INDEX -2147219626 File GeoDatabase index is corrupt.
FDO_​E_​METADATA_​TABLE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147219455 Unable to find a required metadata table.
FDO_​E_​METADATA_​FIELD_​NOT_​FOUND -2147219454 A required Field in a metadata table could not be located.
FDO_​E_​METADATA_​ADDING_​DATASET -2147219453 An error occurred adding an entry to the ESRI_​DATASETS table.
FDO_​E_​METADATA_​ADDING_​FEATURECLASS -2147219452 An error occurred while adding an entry to the FEATUREDATASET_​CLASSES or the FEATURECLASSES table.
FDO_​E_​METADATA_​BAD_​CLSID -2147219451 The CLSID read from the FEATURECLASSES table was bad (unable to convert using ::CLSIDFromString).
FDO_​E_​SPATIALREL_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147219375 The operation does not support this spatial relationship.
FDO_​E_​SPATIALREL_​UNKNOWN -2147219374 The spatial relationship is unknown or not defined.
FDO_​E_​FEATURETYPE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147219373 The operation does not support this feature type.
FDO_​E_​FEATURETYPE_​UNKNOWN -2147219372 The feature type is unknown or not defined.
FDO_​E_​DATASETTYPE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147219371 The operation does not support this dataset type.
FDO_​E_​DATASETTYPE_​UNKNOWN -2147219370 The dataset type is unknown or not defined.
FDO_​E_​DRAWSTYLE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147219369 The operation does not support this draw style.
FDO_​E_​DRAWSTYLE_​UNKNOWN -2147219368 The draw style is unknown or not defined.
FDO_​E_​DRAWPHASE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147219367 The operation does not support this draw phase.
FDO_​E_​DRAWPHASE_​UNKNOWN -2147219366 The draw phase is unknown or not defined.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRY_​TYPE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147219199 No support for this geometry type.
FDO_​E_​MULTIPART_​EDGE_​FEATURE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147219198 Multipart edge feature geometries not supported.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRY_​HAS_​NO_​M_​VALUES -2147219197 Geometry has no M values.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRY_​HAS_​NO_​Z_​VALUES -2147219196 Geometry has no Z values.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRY_​HAS_​NULL_​Z_​VALUES -2147219195 Geometry has null Z values.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRY_​NOT_​SIMPLE -2147219194 Geometry is not simple.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRY_​CANNOT_​HAVE_​Z_​VALUES -2147219193 Geometry cannot have Z values.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRY_​SPATIAL_​REFERENCE -2147219192 Spatial reference (projection) related error.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRY_​MISSING_​SPATIAL_​REFERENCE -2147219191 Geometry is missing required spatial reference.
FDO_​E_​CANT_​STORE_​VERTICAL_​SEGMENT -2147219190 Polylines with vertical segments cannot be stored in pre-10.0 geodatabase feature classes.
FDO_​E_​ROW_​NO_​SETUPINTERFACE -2147219119 The row object does not support the IRowSetup interface.
FDO_​E_​ROW_​NOT_​FOUND -2147219118 A requested row object could not be located.
FDO_​E_​ROW_​NO_​OID -2147219117 The row does not have an OID.
FDO_​E_​ROW_​NO_​OBJCLASS -2147219116 Cannot determine the row's ObjectClass.
FDO_​E_​ROW_​BAD_​VALUE -2147219115 The row contains a bad value.
FDO_​E_​ROW_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147219114 A row with this OID already exists.
FDO_​E_​COMPARE_​TYPE_​MISMATCH -2147219113 Cannot compare incompatible types.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​STORE_​RECYCLED_​ROW_​IN_​EDIT_​SESSION -2147219112 Cannot call Store on a recycled row while editing.
FDO_​E_​ROW_​VALUE_​OVERFLOW -2147219111 The row value is a 64-bit integer that cannot be converted to 32-bit.
FDO_​E_​ROW_​OID_​OVERFLOW -2147219110 The row OID is too big for the table. (Greater than 31 bits for standard OID, or 53 bit for big OID.)
FDO_​E_​ROW_​BIG_​INTEGER_​OVERFLOW -2147219109 The big integer value is greater than 53 bits.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​NO_​ANNO -2147217407 The feature object does not have annotation.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​BAD_​SHAPE -2147217406 The feature object does not have a valid shape.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​OUTSIDE_​SPATIALREF -2147217405 The feature falls outside the defined spatial reference.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​SHAPE_​UPDATE_​BLOCKED -2147217404 The feature is mutually exclusive. Cannot update shape.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​AREA_​LENGTH_​UPDATE_​FAILED -2147217403 Failed to update feature's area/length field in response to shape update.
FDO_​E_​ON_​DELETE_​MESSAGE_​FAILED -2147217402 On Delete Message returned failure.
FDO_​E_​DELETE_​PART_​OBJECTS_​FAILED -2147217401 Failed to delete part objects for composite object.
FDO_​E_​DELETE_​RELATIONSHIPS_​FAILED -2147217400 Failed to delete relationships for object.
FDO_​E_​ON_​CHANGED_​MESSAGE_​FAILED -2147217399 On Changed message returned failure.
FDO_​E_​MOVE_​RELATED_​FEATURES_​FAILED -2147217398 Failed to move related features.
FDO_​E_​ROTATE_​RELATED_​FEATURES_​FAILED -2147217397 Failed to rotate related features.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​DELETED -2147217396 The feature has been deleted.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​VALUE_​TYPE_​MISMATCH -2147217395 The value type is incompatible.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147217393 A requested feature object could not be located.
FDO_​E_​SPLIT_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​ON_​GEOMETRY_​TYPE -2147217392 The split operation is not supported on the selected feature's geometry type.
FDO_​E_​SPLITTING_​POLYGONS_​REQUIRES_​POLYLINE -2147217391 Splitting a polygon requires a polyline splitter.
FDO_​E_​SPLITTING_​POLYLINES_​REQUIRES_​POINT -2147217390 Splitting a polyline requires a point splitter.
FDO_​E_​SPLIT_​POINT_​YIELDS_​ZERO_​LENGTH_​POLYLINE -2147217389 Split point results in a zero length polyline.
FDO_​E_​CUTTER_​YIELDS_​ZERO_​AREA_​POLYGON -2147217388 Cutting polyline results in zero area polygon.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​NO_​GEOMETRY -2147217387 The feature does not have any associated geometry.
FDO_​E_​REQUIRED_​INTERFACE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147217386 A required interface on the feature was not found.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CONNECTION_​POINT_​GEOMETRY -2147217384 The geometry for a junction connection point is invalid.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​EMPTY_​GEOMETRY -2147217383 The feature has empty geometry.
FDO_​E_​CURSOR_​WRONG_​TYPE -2147217327 This type of cursor does not support this operation. For example, calling UpdateRow on a read-only cursor.
FDO_​E_​CURSOR_​INVALID -2147217326 The cursor is in an invalid state.
FDO_​E_​CURSOR_​FINISHED -2147217325 The cursor has completed and is at the end.
FDO_​E_​CURSOR_​LOCKED -2147217324 The cursor cannot aquire a lock against the data.
FDO_​E_​CURSOR_​INVALIDATED -2147217323 The cursor has been invalidated by an edit operation.
FDO_​E_​CURSOR_​DIFF_​OPENED_​IN_​FRACTIONAL_​SECONDS -2147217322 Cannot execute difference cursor when historical version opened in fractional seconds.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​BAD_​NAME -2147217151 The ID of the version is bad.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​UNEDITABLE -2147217150 The current version does not support editing (base, consistent, or closed).
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​HAS_​CONFLICTS -2147217149 This operation is not allowed using conflicting versions.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147217148 The version already exists.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​REDEFINED -2147217147 The version has been redefined to reference a new database state.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​NOT_​FOUND -2147217146 The version could not be located.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​INVALID_​STATE -2147217145 The version's internal state ID is invalid.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​NOT_​OWNER -2147217144 Operation only allowed by the owner of the version.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​HAS_​CHILDREN -2147217143 Operation only allowed on versions without children.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​NOT_​RECONCILED -2147217142 The version has not been reconciled.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​IS_​PROTECTED -2147217141 Operation not allowed because the version is protected.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​IN_​USE -2147217140 Operation not allowed because the version is in use.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​BEING_​EDITED -2147217139 Operation not allowed while the version is being edited.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​BEING_​RECONCILED -2147217138 Operation not allowed while the version is being reconciled.
FDO_​E_​RECONCILE_​VERSION_​NOT_​AVAILABLE -2147217137 Unable to reconcile: the target version is currently being reconciled against.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​RECONCILE_​LOST -2147217136 Post not allowed after undoing a reconcile.
FDO_​E_​FAILED_​FILTERING_​CONFLICTS -2147217135 Unable to reconcile : Failed filtering conflicts.
FDO_​E_​RECONCILE_​VERSION_​NOT_​ANCESTOR -2147217134 Unable to reconcile : Reconcile version is not an ancestor.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​CANNOT_​BE_​RECONCILED -2147217133 Version cannot be reconciled.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​NOT_​HISTORICAL -2147217132 Version is not a historical version.
FDO_​E_​VERSION_​REQUIRES_​PARENT_​RECONCILE -2147217131 The version can only be reconciled with its parent.
FDO_​E_​VERSIONING_​MODEL_​INCOMPATIBLE -2147217130 The versioning model of the dataset is incompatible with that of this version.
FDO_​E_​WORKSPACE_​MUST_​BE_​BRANCH_​VERSION -2147217129 The input workspace type must be branch version.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​REGISTER_​IN_​THE_​WORKSPACE_​TYPE -2147217128 Cannot register as versioned in the workspace type.
FDO_​E_​INCONSISTENT_​CONFLICT_​SET -2147217127 The returned conflict set is inconsistent.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​VERSION_​NAME -2147217126 Invalid version name.
FDO_​E_​BRANCH_​REQUIRES_​GLOBALID -2147217125 Branch version classes must have a Global ID.
FDO_​E_​BRANCH_​REQUIRES_​EDITOR_​TRACKING_​IN_​UTC -2147217124 Branch version classes must have all editor tracking fields enabled, and record time in UTC.
FDO_​E_​BRANCH_​FORBIDS_​OID_​RELATIONSHIPS -2147217123 Branch version relationship classes must not use Object ID for the primary key.
FDO_​E_​BRANCH_​POST_​CONFLICT -2147217122 New conflicts discovered during Post, Reconcile is required to review the new conflicts in order to Post.
FDO_​E_​DATASET_​VERSIONING_​TYPE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147217121 The versioning type of the input dataset is not supported.
FDO_​E_​UNSUPPORTED_​ON_​AGGREGATE -2147217120 Not supported on aggregate enabled table.
FDO_​E_​BRANCH_​REFERENCED_​BY_​REPLICA -2147217119 Cannot delete a version that is referenced by a replica.
FDO_​E_​PARTIAL_​POST_​EXCLUDED_​CLASS -2147217118 Cannot post a class that is excluded from post.
FDO_​E_​PARTIAL_​POST_​RELATIONAL_​INTEGRITY -2147217117 Partial post violates relational integrity.
FDO_​E_​PARTIAL_​POST_​UNCHANGED_​ROW -2147217116 Cannot post rows that were not changed in the branch.
FDO_​E_​PARTIAL_​POST_​MUST_​BE_​BRANCH -2147217115 Can only partial post branch-versioned data.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​BRANCH_​MOMENT -2147217114 Invalid branch moment.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​AGAINST_​DEFAULT_​VERSION -2147217113 The operation is not supported against the default version.
FDO_​E_​STOP_​READING_​WHILE_​EDITING -2147217112 The stopReading operation is not allowed while the current session is editing.
FDO_​E_​DATASOURCE_​LOCK_​FAILED -2147217071 DataSource could not be locked.
FDO_​E_​DATASOURCE_​RELEASELOCK_​FAILED -2147217070 DataSource lock could not be released.
FDO_​E_​DATASOURCE_​INUSE_​ELSEWHERE -2147217069 DataSource is being used in another application.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​UNITS -2147216895 The xy units are invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​GRID_​SIZE -2147216894 The spatial index grid size is invalid.
FDO_​E_​SPATIALREF_​MISMATCH -2147216893 The spatial references do not match.
FDO_​E_​SPATIALREF_​INVALID -2147216892 Invalid spatial reference.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​M_​DOMAIN -2147216891 The M domain is invalid.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​ALTER_​SPATIALREF -2147216890 The spatial reference cannot be altered.
FDO_​E_​NO_​SPATIALREF -2147216889 No spatial reference exists.
FDO_​E_​HIGH_​PRECISION_​SR_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147216888 High precision spatial reference not supported.
FDO_​E_​LOW_​PRECISION_​SR_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147216887 Low precision spatial reference not supported.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​ALTER_​PRECISION -2147216886 The precision cannot be altered.
FDO_​E_​SPATIALREF_​PRECISION_​MISMATCH -2147216885 The spatial reference precision models do not match.
FDO_​E_​NEGATIVE_​RESOLUTION -2147216884 The resolution value must be larger than zero.
FDO_​E_​RESOLUTION_​DOES_​NOT_​MATCH_​PERMISSIBLE_​VALUE -2147216883 The resolution value does not match permissible values.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​XY_​DOMAIN -2147216882 The XY domain is invalid.
FDO_​E_​GRID_​SIZE_​TOO_​SMALL -2147216881 Every grid size must be at least three times larger than the preceding grid size.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​Z_​DOMAIN -2147216880 The Z domain is invalid.
FDO_​E_​SPATIALREF_​Z_​MISMATCH -2147216879 The spatial reference z values do not match.
FDO_​E_​SPATIALFILTER_​INVALID -2147216815 The spatial filter is invalid.
FDO_​E_​SPATIALFILTER_​INVALID_​GEOMETRY -2147216814 The geometry property of the spatial filter is invalid.
FDO_​E_​SPATIALFILTER_​INVALID_​SPATIAL_​RELATION -2147216813 The spatial relation property of the spatial filter is invalid.
FDO_​E_​SELECTION_​MISMATCH -2147216639 Selection sets do not match.
FDO_​E_​SELECTION_​INVALID_​TYPE -2147216638 Selection type is invalid.
FDO_​E_​SELECTION_​NO_​SELECTABLE_​LAYERS -2147216637 No selectable layers.
FDO_​E_​OBJECTCLASS_​COULD_​NOT_​CREATE_​CLASS_​INSTANCE -2147216559 Unable to instantiate object class instance COM component.
FDO_​E_​OBJECTCLASS_​COULD_​NOT_​CREATE_​CLASS_​EXTENSION -2147216558 Unable to instantiate object class extension COM component.
FDO_​E_​OBJECTCLASS_​COULD_​NOT_​INITIALIZE_​CLASS_​EXTENSION -2147216557 Unable to initialize object class extension COM component.
FDO_​E_​OBJECTCLASS_​REQUIRES_​AN_​EDIT_​SESSION -2147216556 Objects in this object class cannot be updated outside of an edit session.
FDO_​E_​OBJECTCLASS_​MODEL_​NAME_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147216555 An object class with this model name already exists.
FDO_​E_​CLASS_​FD_​NOT_​EDITABLE -2147216554 The feature dataset is not editable.
FDO_​E_​COULD_​NOT_​LOAD_​CLASS_​EXTENSION_​PROPERTIES -2147216553 The class extension property set could not be loaded.
FDO_​E_​OBJECTCLASS_​NOT_​REGISTERED -2147216552 The object class is not registered in the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​OBJECTCLASS_​IN_​CONTROLLER_​DATASET -2147216551 The class participates in a controller dataset.
FDO_​E_​SE_​FAILURE -2147216127 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​ANNOTATION -2147216125 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​FINISHED -2147216124 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SDE_​NOT_​STARTED -2147216123 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​UNCHANGED -2147216122 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LOGIN_​NOT_​ALLOWED -2147216119 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​USER -2147216118 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NET_​FAILURE -2147216117 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NET_​TIMEOUT -2147216116 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​OUT_​OF_​SVMEM -2147216115 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​OUT_​OF_​CLMEM -2147216114 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​OUT_​OF_​CONTEXT -2147216113 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​ACCESS -2147216112 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TOO_​MANY_​LAYERS -2147216111 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​LAYER_​SPECIFIED -2147216110 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LAYER_​LOCKED -2147216109 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LAYER_​EXISTS -2147216108 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LAYER_​NOEXIST -2147216107 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LAYER_​INUSE -2147216106 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​ROW_​NOEXIST -2147216104 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​ROW_​EXISTS -2147216102 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LAYER_​MISMATCH -2147216101 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​PERMISSIONS -2147216100 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​NOT_​NULL -2147216099 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​SHAPE -2147216098 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​LAYER_​NUMBER -2147216097 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​ENTITY_​TYPE -2147216096 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​SEARCH_​METHOD -2147216095 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​ETYPE_​MASK -2147216094 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​BIND_​CONFLICT -2147216093 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​GRIDSIZE -2147216092 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​LOCK_​MODE -2147216091 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​ETYPE_​NOT_​ALLOWED -2147216090 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​NUM_​OF_​PTS -2147216088 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TABLE_​NOEXIST -2147216087 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​ATTR_​NOEXIST -2147216086 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LICENSE_​FAILURE -2147216085 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​OUT_​OF_​LICENSES -2147216084 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​COLUMN_​VALUE -2147216083 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​SQL -2147216081 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LOG_​NOEXIST -2147216080 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LOG_​NOACCESS -2147216079 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LOG_​NOTOPEN -2147216078 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LOG_​IO_​ERROR -2147216077 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​SHAPES -2147216076 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​LOCKS -2147216075 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LOCK_​CONFLICT -2147216074 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​OUT_​OF_​LOCKS -2147216073 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​DB_​IO_​ERROR -2147216072 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​STREAM_​IN_​PROGRESS -2147216071 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​COLUMN_​TYPE -2147216070 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TOPO_​ERROR -2147216069 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​ATTR_​CONV_​ERROR -2147216068 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​COLUMN_​DEF -2147216067 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​SHAPE_​BUF_​SIZE -2147216066 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​ENVELOPE -2147216065 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TEMP_​IO_​ERROR -2147216064 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​GSIZE_​TOO_​SMALL -2147216063 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LICENSE_​EXPIRED -2147216062 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TABLE_​EXISTS -2147216061 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INDEX_​EXISTS -2147216060 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INDEX_​NOEXIST -2147216059 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​POINTER -2147216058 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​PARAM_​VALUE -2147216057 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​ALL_​SLIVERS -2147216056 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TRANS_​IN_​PROGRESS -2147216055 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​IOMGR_​NO_​DBMS_​CONNECT -2147216054 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​DUPLICATE_​ARC -2147216053 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​ANNO_​OBJECT -2147216052 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​PT_​NO_​EXIST -2147216051 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​PTS_​NOT_​ADJACENT -2147216050 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​MID_​PT -2147216049 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​END_​PT -2147216048 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​RADIUS -2147216047 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LOAD_​ONLY_​LAYER -2147216046 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LAYERS_​NOT_​FOUND -2147216045 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​FILE_​IO_​ERROR -2147216044 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​BLOB_​SIZE_​TOO_​LARGE -2147216043 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​CORRIDOR_​OUT_​OF_​BOUNDS -2147216042 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SHAPE_​INTEGRITY_​ERROR -2147216041 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NOT_​IMPLEMENTED_​YET -2147216040 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​CAD_​EXISTS -2147216039 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​TRANSID -2147216038 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​LAYER_​NAME -2147216037 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​LAYER_​KEYWORD -2147216036 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​RELEASE -2147216035 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​VERSION_​TBL_​EXISTS -2147216034 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​COLUMN_​NOT_​BOUND -2147216033 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​CONNECTION -2147216031 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​DBA_​PASSWORD -2147216030 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​PATH_​NOT_​FOUND -2147216029 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SDEHOME_​NOT_​SET -2147216028 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NOT_​TABLE_​OWNER -2147216027 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​PROCESS_​NOT_​FOUND -2147216026 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​DBMS_​LOGIN -2147216025 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​PASSWORD_​TIMEOUT -2147216024 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​SERVER -2147216023 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​IOMGR_​NOT_​AVAILABLE -2147216022 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SERVICE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147216021 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​STATS_​TYPE -2147216020 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​DISTINCT_​TYPE -2147216019 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​GRANT_​REVOKE -2147216018 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​SDEHOME -2147216017 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​STREAM -2147216016 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TOO_​MANY_​STREAMS -2147216015 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​OUT_​OF_​MUTEXES -2147216014 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​CONNECTION_​LOCKED -2147216013 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​CONNECTION_​IN_​USE -2147216012 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NOT_​A_​SELECT_​STATEMENT -2147216011 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​WRONG_​COLUMN_​TYPE -2147216009 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​PTABLE_​LOCKED -2147216008 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​PTABLE_​IN_​USE -2147216007 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​STABLE_​LOCKED -2147216006 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​STABLE_​IN_​USE -2147216005 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​FILTER_​TYPE -2147216004 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​CAD -2147216003 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INSTANCE_​TOO_​EARLY -2147216001 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​SYSTEM_​UNITS -2147216000 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​UNITS -2147215999 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​CAD_​OBJECT -2147215998 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​VERSION_​NOEXIST -2147215997 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​STREAM_​TYPE -2147215995 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​SPATIAL_​MASKS -2147215993 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​IOMGR_​NOT_​FOUND -2147215992 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SYSTEM_​IS_​CLIENT_​ONLY -2147215991 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​MULTIPLE_​SPATIAL_​COLS -2147215990 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​SHAPE_​OBJECT -2147215989 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​PARTNUM -2147215988 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​PART_​OFFSET -2147215986 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​COORD_​OUT_​OF_​BOUNDS -2147215984 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LAYER_​CACHE_​FULL -2147215983 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​COORDSYS_​ID -2147215981 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​COORDSYS_​DESC -2147215980 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​ROW_​ID_​LAYER -2147215979 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​PROJECTION_​ERROR -2147215978 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​ARRAY_​BYTES_​EXCEEDED -2147215977 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​POLY_​SHELLS_​OVERLAP -2147215976 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TOO_​FEW_​POINTS -2147215975 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​OUTER_​SHELL -2147215972 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​ZERO_​AREA_​POLYGON -2147215971 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​OUTER_​SHELLS_​OVERLAP -2147215969 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SELF_​INTERSECTING -2147215968 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​EXPORT_​FILE -2147215967 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​READ_​ONLY_​SHAPE -2147215966 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​DATA_​SOURCE -2147215965 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​STREAM_​SPEC -2147215964 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​SPATIAL_​COL_​NAME -2147215962 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​DATABASE -2147215961 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NORM_​DIM_​INFO_​NOT_​FOUND -2147215959 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NORM_​DIM_​TAB_​VALUE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147215958 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​READ_​ONLY -2147215955 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​SDE_​ROWID_​COLUMN -2147215954 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​READ_​ONLY_​COLUMN -2147215953 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​VERSION_​NAME -2147215952 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​STATE_​NOEXIST -2147215951 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​VERSION_​HAS_​MOVED -2147215949 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​STATE_​HAS_​CHILDREN -2147215948 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​PARENT_​NOT_​CLOSED -2147215947 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​VERSION_​EXISTS -2147215946 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​STATE_​USED_​BY_​VERSION -2147215944 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​STATE_​ID -2147215942 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SDETRACELOC_​NOT_​SET -2147215941 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​ERROR_​LOADING_​SSA -2147215940 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TOO_​MANY_​STATES -2147215939 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​STATES_​ARE_​SAME -2147215938 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​ROWID_​COLUMN -2147215937 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​STATE_​SET -2147215936 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SSA_​FUNCTION_​ERROR -2147215935 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​COMMON_​LINEAGE -2147215933 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​STATE_​INUSE -2147215932 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​STATE_​TREE_​INUSE -2147215931 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​RASTER_​COLUMN -2147215930 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​MVTABLE_​INDEX -2147215928 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​STORAGE_​TYPE -2147215927 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​AMBIGUOUS_​NIL_​SHAPE -2147215926 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​BYTE_​ORDER -2147215925 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​GEOMETRY_​TYPE -2147215924 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​NUM_​MEASURES -2147215923 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​NUM_​PARTS -2147215922 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​BINARY_​TOO_​SMALL -2147215921 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SHAPE_​TEXT_​TOO_​LONG -2147215920 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SHAPE_​TEXT_​ERROR -2147215919 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TOO_​MANY_​PARTS -2147215918 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TYPE_​MISMATCH -2147215917 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NIL_​SHAPE_​NOT_​ALLOWED -2147215915 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​QUERY_​TYPE -2147215910 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​TRACE_​LIBRARY -2147215909 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TRACE_​ON -2147215908 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TRACE_​OFF -2147215907 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SCL_​SYNTAX_​ERROR -2147215906 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TABLE_​REGISTERED -2147215905 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TABLE_​NOREGISTERED -2147215903 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​DELETE_​NOT_​ALLOWED -2147215901 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​RASTERCOLUMN_​INUSE -2147215898 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​RASTER_​NUMBER -2147215894 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​REQUEST_​STATUS -2147215893 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​REQUEST_​RESULTS -2147215892 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​RASTERBAND_​EXISTS -2147215891 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​RASTERBAND_​NOEXIST -2147215890 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​RASTER_​EXISTS -2147215889 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​RASTER_​NOEXIST -2147215888 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TOO_​MANY_​RASTERBANDS -2147215887 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TOO_​MANY_​RASTERS -2147215886 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​VIEW_​EXISTS -2147215885 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​VIEW_​NOEXIST -2147215884 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LOCK_​EXISTS -2147215883 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​ROWLOCK_​MASK_​CONFLICT -2147215882 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NOT_​IN_​RASTER -2147215881 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​MULTIPLE_​RASTER_​COLS -2147215876 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TABLE_​SCHEMA_​IS_​LOCKED -2147215875 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SQL_​TOO_​LONG -2147215873 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​UNSUPPORTED_​ON_​VIEW -2147215872 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LOG_​EXISTS -2147215871 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SDE_​WARNING -2147215870 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​ETYPE_​CHANGED -2147215869 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​ROWS_​DELETED -2147215868 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​TOO_​MANY_​DISTINCTS -2147215867 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NULL_​VALUE -2147215866 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​ROWS_​UPDATED -2147215865 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​CPGCVT -2147215864 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​CPGHOME -2147215863 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​DBMS_​DOES_​NOT_​SUPPORT -2147215862 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​ROWLOCKING_​ENABLED -2147215861 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​LOG_​IS_​OPEN -2147215859 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SPATIALREF_​EXISTS -2147215858 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SPATIALREF_​NOEXIST -2147215857 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​SPATIALREF_​IN_​USE -2147215856 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​INVALID_​FUNCTION_​ID -2147215854 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​MOSAIC_​NOT_​ALLOWED -2147215853 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​PASSWORD_​EXPIRED -2147215852 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​NO_​ARCSDE_​LICENSE -2147215851 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​LOCK_​REQUEST_​TIMED_​OUT -2147215848 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​SE_​UPGRADE_​NOT_​ALLOWED -2147215847 SDE Error.
FDO_​E_​DEFAULT_​VALUE_​NOT_​NULLABLE -2147215359 The default value is not nullable.
FDO_​E_​DEFAULT_​VALUE_​INVALID -2147215358 The default value is not valid in the domain.
FDO_​E_​OBJECT_​IN_​ANOTHER_​FEATUREDATASET -2147215279 An object being transfered is in another Feature Dataset.
FDO_​E_​ONLY_​SIMPLE_​FEATURES_​SUPPORTED -2147215278 Only simple features are supported in the simple data converter.
FDO_​E_​XML_​PARSE_​ERROR -2147215103 The XML being loaded could not be parsed.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​ILLEGAL_​RESHAPE -2147215023 Can only reshape one edge at a time.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147215022 The topology with the specified name already exists.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​NOT_​FOUND -2147215021 The topology was not found.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​CANNOT_​RENAME -2147215020 The topology cannot be renamed.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​FEATURE_​TYPE_​FOR_​TOPOLOGY -2147215019 The feature class in not simple.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​GEOMETRY_​TYPE_​FOR_​TOPOLOGY -2147215018 The feature class has an invalid geometry type.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TOPOLOGY_​RULE -2147215017 The topology rule in invalid or malformed.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​WORKSPACE_​EXTENSION_​NOT_​FOUND -2147215016 The topology workspace extension was not found.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​RESET_​CLUSTER_​TOLERANCE -2147215015 The topology cluster tolerance cannot be reset.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGIES_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147215014 Topologies not supported in this release of the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​INVALID_​WEIGHT -2147215013 Feature class weight is invalid.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​MODIFY_​TOPOLOGY_​ERROR_​FEATURE -2147215012 Topology errors cannot be directly modified.
FDO_​E_​TOPOCLASSES_​SYSTEM_​TABLE_​INCONSISTENCY -2147215011 Geodatabase TopoClasses system table inconsistent.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CLUSTER_​TOLERANCE -2147215010 The specified cluster tolerance is invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​GEOMETRY_​TYPE_​FOR_​TOPOLOGY_​RULE -2147215009 The feature class has an invalid geometry type for the topology rule.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​ON_​TOPOLOGY_​ERROR_​FEATURE -2147215008 This operation is not supported on topology errors.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​MODIFY_​SYSTEM_​MANAGED_​TABLES -2147215007 System tables cannot be modified.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​EDGE_​NOT_​SELECTABLE -2147215006 Topology edge is not selectable.
FDO_​E_​CLASS_​ALREADY_​MEMBER_​OF_​TOPOLOGY -2147215005 The class is already a member of the topology.
FDO_​E_​EMPTY_​ENVELOPE_​FOR_​CLEAN -2147215004 An empty envelope was specified for the clean.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TOPOLOGY_​ID -2147215003 Invalid Topology ID.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​ENGINE_​FAILURE -2147215002 A failure was detected in the topology engine.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​ENGINE_​OVERPROC_​FAILURE -2147215001 A failure was detected in the topology engine overlay processor.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TOPOLOGY_​RULE_​TYPE -2147215000 Invalid topology rule type.
FDO_​E_​NO_​PARTIAL_​REBUILD -2147214999 Cannot currently partially rebuild the topology graph.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​ADD_​REGISTERED_​CLASS_​TO_​TOPOLOGY -2147214998 Cannot add a registered as versioned class to the topology.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​ERROR_​OVERFLOW -2147214997 The number of errors generated during the topology analysis exceeds the specified threshold.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​CANNOT_​RENAME -2147214996 Cannot rename a network.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​INVALID_​TYPE -2147214995 Invalid network type.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147214994 Network already exists.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​INVALID_​GEOMETRY_​TYPE -2147214993 Network geometry invalid.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​NOT_​FOUND -2147214992 Network not found.
FDO_​E_​VERSIONING_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147214991 Versioning not supported.
FDO_​E_​CLASS_​NOT_​IN_​TOPOLOGIES_​FEATURE_​DATASET -2147214990 The class must be in the same feature dataset as the topology.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​HAS_​NO_​CLASSES -2147214989 The topology does not contain any associated classes.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​INVALID_​RANK -2147214988 Feature class rank is invalid.
FDO_​E_​OUT_​OF_​PHYSICAL_​MEMORY -2147214987 All available physical memory has been consumed.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​OPERATION_​CANCELLED -2147214986 The topology operation was cancelled by the user.
FDO_​E_​CLASS_​NOT_​IN_​TOPOLOGY -2147214985 The method is only supported on classes participating in a topology.
FDO_​E_​MODIFY_​EDGE_​ENDPOINT -2147214984 The endpoint of an edge cannot be modified if it is shared by other topology elements.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​ADD_​STANDALONE_​CLASS_​TO_​TOPOLOGY -2147214983 Cannot add a class that is not contained in a feature dataset to a topology.
FDO_​E_​CLASS_​IN_​TOPOLOGY_​REQUIRES_​EDIT_​SESSION -2147214982 Updates to feature classes in a topology require an edit session.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​ADD_​RULE_​TO_​VERSIONED_​TOPOLOGY -2147214981 A topology rule cannot be added to a versioned topology.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​SCHEMA_​LOCK_​CONFLICT -2147214980 Cannot acquire a schema lock because of an existing lock; needed when validating outside edit session.
FDO_​E_​DIRTY_​AREA_​OUTSIDE_​SPATIAL_​DOMAIN -2147214979 Cannot create a dirty area outside the topology's spatial domain.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​INVALID_​NAME -2147214978 The topology name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​ENGINE_​TEMP_​SPACE_​EXHAUSTED -2147214977 The temporary file system space employed by the topology engine is full.
FDO_​E_​INCONSISTENT_​TOPOLOGY_​RULE -2147214976 The topology rule is inconsistent with other topology rules.
FDO_​E_​UNSUPPORTED_​TOPOLOGY_​RULE -2147214975 Unsupported topology rule type.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TOPOLOGY_​RULE_​CLASS_​ASSIGNMENT -2147214974 Invalid topology rule type.
FDO_​E_​OPERATION_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​EDIT_​SESSION -2147214973 The operation is not supported inside an edit session.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​EMPTY_​GEOMETRY -2147214972 A topology graph edit operation caused a feature geometry to become empty.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​EXTENT_​TOO_​LARGE -2147214971 The topology graph cannot be constructed on the specified extent because the requested precision is too high.
FDO_​E_​Z_​CLUSTER_​TOLERANCE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147214970 Z cluster tolerances are not supported in this release of the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​OPERATION_​REQUIRES_​EDIT_​SESSION -2147214969 The operation requires an edit session.
FDO_​E_​OPERATION_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​EDIT_​OPERATION -2147214968 The operation is not supported inside an edit session.
FDO_​E_​TOPOGRAPH_​NOT_​BUILT -2147214967 The operation cannot be applied because the topology graph has not been defined.
FDO_​E_​TOPOGRAPH_​CORRUPT -2147214966 The topo graph may be corrupt. Please rebuild it.
FDO_​E_​CANT_​MERGE_​VERTICALEDGES -2147214965 Nodes representing vertical edges cannot be removed during a merge operation.
FDO_​E_​INCONSISTANT_​MERGE_​PARENTS -2147214964 The selected edges do not all belong to the same set of features.
FDO_​E_​EDGE_​SET_​NOT_​CONNECTED -2147214963 The selected set of edges does not form a connected path.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGY_​RULE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147214962 The topology rule is not supported in this release of the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​CANT_​MERGE_​BRANCHINGEDGES -2147214961 Can't merge branching selected edges.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​PSEUDONODE -2147214960 Can't merge edge for self-overlapping polyline feature.
FDO_​E_​CLASS_​IN_​NETWORK_​REQUIRES_​EDIT_​SESSION -2147214959 A class in the network dataset necessitates edits being run within an edit session.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​ADD_​VERSIONED_​CLASS_​TO_​NON_​VERSIONED_​TOPOLOGY -2147214958 Cannot add a class that is registered as versioned to a topology that is not registered as versioned.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​ADD_​NON_​VERSIONED_​CLASS_​TO_​VERSIONED_​TOPOLOGY -2147214957 Cannot add a class that is not registered as versioned to a topology that is registered as versioned.
FDO_​E_​TOPOLOGIES_​SCHEMA_​CHANGES_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147214956 Schema edits to a versioned topology are not supported in this release of the geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​TERRAIN_​NOT_​FOUND -2147214955 The terrain was not found.
FDO_​E_​NAME_​STRING_​SYNTAX -2147213231 The Name String syntax of is incorrect.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​IMPORT_​XML -2147213055 The input XML is invalid for import into the specified object.
FDO_​E_​REQUIRED_​XML_​ELEMENT_​NOT_​FOUND -2147213054 The required XML element was not found.
FDO_​E_​XML_​EXPORT_​DATASET_​NOT_​FOUND -2147213053 No dataset found to export.
FDO_​E_​CLASS_​NOT_​REPLICABLE -2147212975 The object is not in Replicable format (please configure).
FDO_​E_​SYNCHRONIZATION_​CONFLICTS -2147212974 Conflicts were detected during synchronization between replica pairs.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​SYNCHRONIZE -2147212973 Cannot synchronize because the replica version has not be reconciled against the sync version.
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​NOT_​FOUND -2147212972 Replica data was not found.
FDO_​E_​RECONCILE_​FAILED -2147212971 Error during reconcile.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​REPLICA -2147212970 Invalid Replica.
FDO_​E_​GENERATION_​OUT_​OF_​ORDER -2147212969 Generation numbers out of order
FDO_​E_​SYNCHRONIZATION_​HAS_​CONFLICTS -2147212968 Previous synchronization had conflicts
FDO_​E_​REPLICATION_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147212967 Replication not supported in this release
FDO_​E_​REPLICATION_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212966 Replication not supported in this release
FDO_​E_​MISSING_​ACKNOWLEDGEMENT -2147212965 Transmission does not contains changes previously sent
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​SEND_​TRANSMISSION -2147212964 Transmission cannot be sent until acknowledgement of previously sent changes
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​LOCKED -2147212963 Another synchronization in progess has locked the replica
FDO_​E_​RELATED_​DATASET_​IS_​REFERENCED_​BY_​REPLICA -2147212962 An operation in a replica dataset is invalid since a related replica dataset is referenced by the replica.
FDO_​E_​READONLY_​REPLICA -2147212961 Operation not supported on a read-only replica
FDO_​E_​OLD_​MESSAGE -2147212960 Old messages
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​IN_​SENDING_​DATA_​STATE -2147212959 Replica in a SendingData state
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​CAN_​ONLY_​IMPORT_​ACKNOWLEDGMENT -2147212958 Can only import acknowledgement messages
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​NO_​UNACKNOWLEDGED_​GENERATIONS -2147212957 Replica does not have any unacknowledged generations
FDO_​E_​MULTIGEN_​REPLICAS_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​WORKSPACE -2147212956 Multi generations replicas are not supported in workspace
FDO_​E_​CHECKOUTS_​CANNOT_​REEXPORT_​CHANGES -2147212955 Cannot reexport changes from checkouts
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​RECEIVER_​CANNOT_​REEXPORT_​CHANGES -2147212954 Cannot reexport changes from data receiver replica
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​RECEIVER_​CANNOT_​EXPORT_​CHANGES -2147212953 Cannot export changes from data receiver replica
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​CHECKOUT_​HIGH_​PREC_​DATA_​IN_​LOW_​PREC_​DATASET -2147212952 Cannot checkout a high precision data to a low precision dataset
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​REPLICATE_​LOW_​PRECISION_​DATA -2147212951 Cannot replicate low precision data
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​INVALID_​OUTPUT_​XML_​FILE -2147212950 Invalid output xml file
FDO_​NO_​MATCH_​DATASETS_​FOUND_​FOR_​REGISTER_​REPLICAS -2147212949 Cannot register replicas for existing datasets.
FDO_​E_​NON_​SIMPLE_​DATASET_​CANNOT_​BE_​REGISTERED_​BY_​REPLICA -2147212948 Cannot register non simple dataset in a replica.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​REPLICA_​NAME -2147212947 Replica name contains invalid chars.
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​OLD_​ACK -2147212946 Messages have already been acknowledged.
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​SCHEMA_​CHANGES_​WRONG_​DIRECTION -2147212945 Cannot import schema changes from a replica to itself.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​CREATE_​EMPTY_​REPLICA -2147212944 Cannot create empty replica.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​DATA_​FOR_​THIS_​OPERATION -2147212943 Invalid data for this operation.
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​SYNC_​VERSION_​NOT_​YET_​POSTED -2147212942 Sync version of a replica not yet reconciled and posted.
FDO_​E_​CHILD_​REPLICA_​CANNOT_​BE_​CREATED_​IN_​PARENTDB -2147212941 Child replica cannot be created in the same database as the source data.
FDO_​E_​GLOBALID_​FIELD_​REFERENCED_​BY_​REPLICA_​CANNOT_​BE_​DELETED -2147212940 GlobalID column cannot be deleted if it is referenced by a replica.
FDO_​E_​MUST_​BE_​REPLICA_​OWNER -2147212939 Must be Replica owner to perform this operation.
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​NAME_​ALEARDY_​EXISTS -2147212938 Replica with the same name already exists.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​REGISTER_​EMPTY_​REPLICA -2147212937 Cannot register empty replica.
FDO_​UNREGISTER_​GLOBALID_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212936 Cannot unregister globalID.
FDO_​REGISTER_​NULLABLE_​GLOBALID_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212935 Cannot register nullable globalID.
FDO_​REGISTER_​VERSIONED_​GLOBALID_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212934 Cannot register GlobalID on a versioned table.
FDO_​ONEWAY_​REPLICA_​USING_​ARCHIVING_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​NAMED_​VERSIONS -2147212933 Cannot create a replica using archiving to a named version.
FDO_​ONEWAY_​REPLICA_​PARENT_​READONLY_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​LOCAL_​CHILD_​WORKSPACES -2147212932 Cannot create oneway replica parent readonly on local workspaces.
FDO_​E_​MUST_​BE_​VERSION_​OWNER_​TO_​SYNC -2147212931 Cannot synchronize a protected version by anyone other than the owner/dba of the version.
FDO_​DATA_​CANNOT_​BE_​REGISTERED_​AS_​REPLICAS_​IN_​TRANSPORT_​FGDB -2147212930 Cannot register data as replicas in a transport FileGDB. Only xml transport file is supported.
FDO_​E_​CHILD_​PARENT_​REPLICA_​CANNOT_​EXIST_​IN_​SAME_​GEODATABASE -2147212929 Operation is not supported. Child and parent replica cannot exist in the same geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​FAILED_​TO_​SET_​TARGET_​NAME -2147212928 Failed to set the target name.
FDO_​E_​PERSONAL_​GEODATABASE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​ON_​SERVER -2147212927 Microsoft Access based Personal Geodatabases are not supported on server.
FDO_​E_​FAILED_​TO_​CREATE_​DELTA_​WORKSPACE -2147212926 Failed to create delta workspace.
FDO_​E_​SYNC_​GN_​REBUILD_​CONNECTIVITY_​FAILED -2147212925 Rebuild Connectivity failed for the Geometric Network.
FDO_​E_​SYNC_​INVALID_​GENERATION_​NUMBER -2147212924 Invalid Generation Number.
FDO_​GRAPH_​CONTIAINS_​CYCLES -2147212923 The datasets in the replica have relationship cycle(s).
FDO_​E_​REFERENCE_​REPLICA_​HAS_​BEEN_​SYNCED -2147212922 The reference replica has been synced.
FDO_​SWITCHING_​TO_​RECEIVER_​WITHOUT_​EXPORTING_​CHANGES_​IS_​PREVENTED -2147212921 Switching to Receiver without exporting changes is prevented.
FDO_​ARCHIVE_​MISSING_​NEEDED_​HISTORY -2147212920 Archive is missing the history needed for the operation.
FDO_​E_​TABLE_​REFERENCED_​BY_​REPLICA -2147212919 Table is referenced by a replica.
FDO_​E_​NO_​DEFAULT_​TURN_​EVALUATOR -2147212719 There is no associated default turn evaluator.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​DATASET_​CONTAINERS_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212718 Feature dataset network dataset containers are not supported.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​DATASET_​INVALID_​NAME -2147212717 The network dataset name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE_​NAME -2147212716 The network attribute name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​FOR_​EVALUATOR -2147212715 The network source is invalid for the evaluator.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​EXPRESSION_​FOR_​EVALUATOR -2147212714 The expression is invalid for the evaluator.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CONSTANT_​FOR_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE -2147212713 Invalid constant for attribute data type.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPES_​REQUIRED -2147212712 Subtype specification is required (UsesSubtypes is True).
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​DATASET_​SCHEMA -2147212711 Invalid network dataset schema.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​OBJECT_​EVALUATOR_​ERROR -2147212710 Network object evaluator error.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​BAD_​EDGE_​ORIENTATION -2147212709 Bad network edge orientation.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​DATASET_​INVALID_​ACCESS -2147212708 The network dataset has an invalid access mode.
FDO_​E_​NO_​DEFAULT_​JUNCTION_​EVALUATOR -2147212707 There is no associated default junction evaluator.
FDO_​E_​NO_​DEFAULT_​EDGE_​EVALUATOR -2147212706 There is no associated default edge evaluator.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​DATASET_​NOTURNS -2147212705 The network dataset does not support turns.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​ELEMENT_​EVALUATOR_​ERROR -2147212704 Network element evaluator error.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​DATASET_​NOT_​FOUND -2147212703 The dataset for the network source was not found.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​SOURCE -2147212702 The source is not valid for the network.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE -2147212701 The attribute is not valid for the network.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CONNECTIVITY_​GROUP_​NAME -2147212700 The connectivity group name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPES_​NOT_​IN_​USE -2147212699 Subtype specification is not valid.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​DATASETS_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147212698 Network datasets are not supported in this release of the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​DATASET_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147212697 The network dataset with the specified name already exists.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPES_​UNSPECIFIED_​CONN_​GROUP -2147212696 A connectivity group was not specified for one or more subtypes.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPES_​UNSPECIFIED_​CONN_​POLICY -2147212695 A connectivity policy was not specified for one or more subtypes.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​GEOMETRY_​TYPE -2147212694 The geometry type for the feature class is not valid for the network source.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​FEATURE_​TYPE -2147212693 The feature type of the feature class is not valid for the network source.
FDO_​E_​FSTAR_​INVALID_​FROM_​EDGE -2147212692 The fromEdge is not connected to the AtJunction.
FDO_​E_​EVALUATOR_​CREATE -2147212691 The evaluator object could not be created.
FDO_​E_​EVALUATOR_​INITIALIZE_​DATA -2147212690 The evaluator failed to initialize data.
FDO_​E_​EVALUATOR_​INITIALIZE_​QUERY -2147212689 The evaluator failed to initialize for queries.
FDO_​E_​EVALUATOR_​QUERY -2147212688 The evaluator failed to return a value.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​ELEMENT_​ID -2147212687 The network element id is invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​EDGE_​DIRECTION -2147212686 The network edge direction is invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​TURN_​TYPE -2147212685 The network turn type is invalid.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​NOT_​PRESENT -2147212684 There is no turn present at this adjacency index.
FDO_​E_​BUILD_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212683 Build is not supported on this network.
FDO_​E_​OPERATION_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​ON_​BUILDABLE_​NETWORK -2147212682 The operation is not supported on a buildable network.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​INVALID_​NAME -2147212681 The source name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​INVALID_​ELEMENT_​TYPE -2147212680 The element type for the network source is not valid.
FDO_​E_​NO_​SYSTEM_​JUNCTION_​SOURCE -2147212679 There is no system junction source.
FDO_​E_​BAD_​SYSTEM_​JUNCTION_​SOURCE -2147212678 The system junction source is bad.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​ELEMENT_​NOT_​INITIALIZED -2147212677 The network element has not been initialized.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTES_​WITHOUT_​SOURCES -2147212676 Attributes cannot be added to network datasets with no sources.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​HIERARCHY_​RANGES -2147212675 The hierarchy max range values are invalid.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTES -2147212674 Network attributes cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​SOURCE_​DIRECTIONS_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212673 Network source directions not supported on this network source type.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147212672 The network source with the specified name already exists.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​NAME_​DOESNT_​EXIST -2147212671 The network source with the specified name does not exist.
FDO_​E_​EVALUATOR_​CANNOT_​BE_​DEFAULT_​EVALUATOR -2147212670 The network evaluator cannot be used as a default evaluator.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE_​FOR_​EVALUATOR -2147212669 The network attribute is invalid for the evaluator.
FDO_​E_​EVALUATOR_​NOT_​VALIDATED -2147212668 The network evaluator has not been validated.
FDO_​E_​EVALUATOR_​NOT_​VALID -2147212667 The network evaluator is not valid.
FDO_​E_​EVALUATOR_​NOT_​INITIALIZED -2147212666 The network evaluator has not been initialized.
FDO_​E_​EVALUATOR_​SYNTAX_​ERROR -2147212665 The network evaluator has a syntax error.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​EVALUATOR_​FIELD_​NOT_​FOUND -2147212664 The network field evaluator is associated with a field than cannot be found.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE_​ID -2147212663 The attribute id value is invalid.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​INVALID_​FULLNAME -2147212662 The network source fullname property is invalid.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​CONSTANT_​EVALUATOR -2147212661 The evaluator in use is not a constant evaluator.
FDO_​E_​DIRECTIONAL_​EVALUATOR_​WITH_​JUNCTION_​SOURCE -2147212660 Cannot assign a directional evaluator to a junction source.
FDO_​E_​INCORRECT_​DATA_​ELEMENT_​TYPE -2147212659 The data element type is incorrect for the operation.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​SOURCES_​FOR_​SHAPEFILE_​NETWORK_​DATASET -2147212658 The number or type of sources are invalid for shapefile-based network datasets.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​INCONSISTENT_​ELEVATION_​SPECIFICATION -2147212657 The network source has an inconsistent elevation field specification.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​NO_​NETWORK -2147212656 The turn feature class does not participate in a network dataset.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​GEOM_​TOO_​MANY_​VERTICES -2147212655 The geometry references too many edges for the turn feature class.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​NOT_​VALID -2147212654 The current edge sequence is not valid.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​GEOM_​NOT_​POLYLINE -2147212653 The geometry must have polyline geometry type.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​GEOM_​NOT_​ENOUGH_​VERTICES -2147212652 A turn must include at least two edges.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​GEOM_​MULTIPART -2147212651 The geometry cannot be a multipart line.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​GEOM_​NO_​FIRST_​FEATURE -2147212650 The first vertex could not be snapped to a network edge.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​GEOM_​NO_​LAST_​FEATURE -2147212649 The last vertex could not be snapped to a network edge.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​GEOM_​NO_​FEATURES -2147212648 The turn references a line feature that does not have network edge elements.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​GEOM_​DISCONNECTED_​FEATURES -2147212647 The edges are not adjacent in the network dataset.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​GEOM_​INVALID_​SEQUENCE -2147212646 The edges are not adjacent in the network dataset in this sequence.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​NOT_​ENOUGH_​PARTS -2147212645 A turn must include at least two edges.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​NDS_​INTERIOR_​EXTERIOR_​CONFLICT -2147212644 A network edge element used in the middle of the turn sequence cannot also be used at the start or end of the sequence.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​NDS_​EXTERIOR_​LOOP -2147212643 A turn cannot have any self-looping edge elements.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​NO_​EDGE_​SOURCES -2147212642 No edge feature sources have been added to the current map.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​INVALID_​EDGE1END -2147212641 The value for the Edge1End field in the turn feature class is invalid.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​GEOM_​AMBIGUOUS_​FEATURES -2147212640 The direction of the turn cannot be determined.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​MISSING_​SOURCE -2147212639 The network dataset cannot be opened as one of its network sources is missing.
FDO_​E_​DIRECTIONAL_​EVALUATOR_​WITH_​TURN_​SOURCE -2147212638 Cannot assign a directional evaluator to a turn source.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​MISSING_​FEATURE_​CLASS -2147212637 Cannot find the feature class associated with the network source.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​NOT_​SIMPLE_​FEATURE_​CLASS -2147212636 The network source must correspond to a simple feature class.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​IN_​MULTIPLE_​NETWORKS -2147212635 The network source participates in multiple network datasets.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​EVALUATOR_​CREATE_​FAILED -2147212634 Unable to instantiate the network evaluator component.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​EVALUATOR_​AS_​DEFAULT_​EVALUATOR -2147212633 Cannot assign a field evaluator as a default evalautor.
FDO_​E_​NODIRECTIONAL_​EVALUATOR_​WITH_​EDGE_​SOURCE -2147212632 Cannot assign a non-directional evaluator with an edge feature source.
FDO_​E_​MISSING_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​FOR_​EVALUATOR -2147212631 The network source is missing for the evaluator.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​ILLEGAL_​START_​END_​POS -2147212630 The geometry for a turn cannot start or end at a junction.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​SYSTEM_​JUNCTION_​SOURCE -2147212629 System junction sources cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​INVALID_​EDGE_​DESCRIPTOR -2147212628 The value for one of the edge descriptors is invalid.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​CANNOT_​CHANGE_​SUPPORT -2147212627 Turn support cannot be changed on an existing network dataset.
FDO_​E_​ID_​OVERFLOW -2147212626 The id value cannot be represented in 32 bits.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​INVALID_​MAX_​EDGES -2147212625 The value for maximum edges per turn is invalid.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​INVALID_​CUR_​MAX_​EDGES -2147212624 The value for maximum edges per turn cannot be less than the existing value.
FDO_​E_​NO_​SCRIPT_​CONTROL -2147212623 The script control is unavailable.
FDO_​E_​TURN_​MISSING_​EDGE -2147212622 The vertices of the turn geometry must intersect each edge in the turn.
FDO_​E_​MISSING_​SYSTEM_​JUNCTION_​CLASS_​ELEV_​FIELD -2147212621 The system junction class does not have the elevation field.
FDO_​E_​BAD_​TYPE_​SYSTEM_​JUNCTION_​CLASS_​ELEV_​FIELD -2147212620 The system junction class elevation field does not have long integer type.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​SCHEMA_​UPDATE -2147212619 The schema update is invalid.
FDO_​E_​USE_​BY_​DEFAULT_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212618 The UseByDefault property on a network attribute is not supported in this Geodatabase release.
FDO_​E_​SIGNPOSTS_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212617 Signposts on network directions are not supported in this Geodatabase release.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147212616 The network attribute with the specified name already exists.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​DIRECTIONS_​LENGTH_​UNIT -2147212615 The network directions output length unit is invalid.
FDO_​E_​OVERLAPPING_​NETWORK_​GLOBAL_​TURN_​DELAY_​CATEGORIES -2147212614 The global turn delay categories are overlapping.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE_​NOT_​COST_​USAGE -2147212613 The network attribute does not have cost usage.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE_​NOT_​TIME_​UNITS -2147212612 The network attribute does not have time units.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE_​REFERENCES_​SELF -2147212611 The network attribute evaluator is self referential.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​FUNCTION_​EVALUATOR_​OPERATOR_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212610 The operator used by the network function operator is not supported for this attribute data type.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​FUNCTION_​EVALUATOR_​ARGUMENT1_​INVALID -2147212609 The first argument to the network function evaluator is invalid.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​FUNCTION_​EVALUATOR_​ARGUMENT2_​INVALID -2147212608 The second argument to the network function evaluator is invalid.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​FUNCTION_​EVALUATOR_​PARAMETER_​MISSING -2147212607 The parameter used by this network function evaluator does not exist.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​FUNCTION_​EVALUATOR_​PARAMETER_​NOT_​NUMERIC -2147212606 The parameter used by this network function evaluator is not numeric.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​FUNCTION_​EVALUATOR_​OVERFLOW -2147212605 The function evaluator value calculation results in a numeric overflow.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​FUNCTION_​EVALUATOR_​MISSING_​REFERENCED_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE -2147212604 The attribute referenced by the network function evaluator does not exist.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​FUNCTION_​EVALUATOR_​REFERENCED_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE_​NOT_​NUMERIC -2147212603 The attribute referenced by the network function evalutor is not numeric.
FDO_​E_​EVALUATOR_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212602 The network evaluator is not supported.
FDO_​E_​FORWARDSTAR_​ADD_​CACHED_​ATTRIBUTE_​DEPRECATED -2147212601 INetworkForwardStarSetup.AddCachedAttribute has been deprecated and should not be called.
FDO_​E_​FORWARDSTAR_​REMOVE_​CACHED_​ATTRIBUTES_​DEPRECATED -2147212600 INetworkForwardStarSetup.RemoveAllCachedAttributes has been deprecated and should not be called.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE_​USAGE_​TYPE -2147212599 The network attribute usage type is invalid for this operation.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​EDGE_​ATTRIBUTE_​ADJUSTMENT -2147212598 The network attribute adjustment type is invalid for the given range along this edge.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE_​ADJUSTMENT_​VALUE -2147212597 The provided network attribute adjustment value is invalid for this operation on this network attribute.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​POSITION_​RANGE -2147212596 The range of positions is invalid for this operation.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​ELEVATION_​MODEL_​CANNOT_​CHANGE -2147212595 Network elevation model cannot be changed in the existing network dataset.
FDO_​E_​ZCOORDINATES_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147212594 Connectivity by Z coordinates is not supported in this geodatabase release.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​INVALID_​ELAVATION_​MODEL -2147212593 Network source cannot be added to the 3D network dataset since it is not Z-aware.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​COVERING_​HYPEREDGE_​DOES_​NOT_​EXIST -2147212592 The network edge does not have a covering hyperedge.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​EVALUATOR_​FOR_​SHAPEFILE_​NETWORK_​DATASET -2147212591 The evaluator is invalid for shapefile-based network datasets.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​USAGE_​OR_​UNIT_​TYPE_​FOR_​EVALUATOR -2147212590 The usage type or unit type of the evaluator is invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TRAFFIC_​DATA -2147212589 The traffic data is invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TIME_​SLICE_​FIELD_​NAME -2147212588 The time slice field name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​HISTORICAL_​TRAFFIC_​DATA_​CANNOT_​CHANGE -2147212587 Historical traffic data cannot be added to or deleted from the existing network dataset.
FDO_​E_​TRAFFIC_​DATA_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212586 The traffic data is not supported.
FDO_​E_​TRAFFIC_​DATA_​ATTRIBUTE_​MISSING -2147212585 Traffic data fallback or time neutral attribute is missing.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​DATASET_​NO_​TIME_​ZONE -2147212584 The network dataset does not have a time zone attribute.
FDO_​E_​SIGNPOST_​TABLE_​NOT_​REGISTERED -2147212583 The network dataset signpost table is not registered in the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​BUILD_​INSIDE_​EDIT_​SESSION -2147212582 The network dataset build should be done outside of an edit session.
FDO_​E_​BUILDNETWORK_​ALREADYBUILD -2147212581 The network dataset has already been built.
FDO_​E_​FSTAR_​INVALID_​FROM_​EDGE_​FORWARD -2147212580 For forward traversal, the AtJunction must be the FromEdge's ToJunction.
FDO_​E_​FSTAR_​INVALID_​FROM_​EDGE_​BACKWARD -2147212579 For backward traversal, the AtJunction must be the FromEdge's FromJunction.
FDO_​E_​NO_​ATTRIBUTE_​RECORD -2147212578 No matching attribute record found.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​DATASET_​NEEDS_​UPGRADE -2147212577 The network dataset needs to be upgraded.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​DATASET_​ALREADY_​UPGRADED -2147212576 The network dataset has already been upgraded.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TIME_​VALUE -2147212575 The input time value is before January 1, 1970.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​TIME_​USAGE_​TYPE -2147212574 The time usage type is invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TIME_​ZONE_​OBJECTID -2147212573 Invalid time zone ObjectID.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TIME_​ZONE_​NAME -2147212572 Invalid time zone name.
FDO_​E_​TRAFFIC_​DATA_​LENGTH_​ATTRIBUTE_​MISSING -2147212571 The length attribute used by the traffic data is missing.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TIME_​SLICE_​ARRAY -2147212570 The number of input array values must equal the number of time slices specified in the last call to StartEditing.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SCHEMA_​CHANGES_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212569 Schema edits to a versioned network dataset are not supported.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​LANDMARK_​SOURCE -2147212568 The landmark source is not valid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​LANDMARK_​SOURCE_​GEOMETRY_​TYPE -2147212567 The geometry type for the feature class is not valid for the network landmark source.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​LANDMARK_​SOURCE_​FIELD -2147212566 Invalid or missing network landmark source field.
FDO_​E_​TIME_​ZONE_​ATTRIBUTE_​IS_​REQUIRED -2147212565 A time zone network attribute is required for network datasets that use live traffic feeds.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CONTAINER_​DESCRIPTOR -2147212564 The value for one of the container descriptors is invalid.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​BAD_​CLASS -2147212563 The input array contains an element that is not a travel mode instance.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​NO_​NAME -2147212562 The input array contains a travel mode instance with no name.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​DUPLICATE_​NAME -2147212561 The input array contains travel mode instances with the same name.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​NO_​IMPEDANCE_​ATTRIBUTE -2147212560 The travel mode has an empty impedance attribute name.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​IMPEDANCE_​ATTRIBUTE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147212559 The travel mode refers to an impedance attribute that does not exist.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​INVALID_​IMPEDANCE_​ATTRIBUTE -2147212558 The travel mode refers to an impedance attribute that is not a cost attribute.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​TIME_​ATTRIBUTE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147212557 The travel mode refers to a time attribute that does not exist.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​INVALID_​TIME_​ATTRIBUTE -2147212556 The travel mode refers to a time attribute that is not a cost attribute or is not time-based.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​DISTANCE_​ATTRIBUTE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147212555 The travel mode refers to a distance attribute that does not exist.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​INVALID_​DISTANCE_​ATTRIBUTE -2147212554 The travel mode refers to a distance attribute that is not a cost attribute or is not distance-based.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​NO_​RESTRICTION_​ATTRIBUTE -2147212553 The travel mode has a restriction attribute array with empty names.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​RESTRICTION_​ATTRIBUTE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147212552 The travel mode has a restriction attribute array that refers to a non-existent network attribute.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​INVALID_​RESTRICTION_​ATTRIBUTE -2147212551 The travel mode has a restriction attribute array that refers to a network attribute which is not a restriction.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​PARAMETER_​VALUE_​BAD_​CLASS -2147212550 The travel mode has an attribute-parameter values array that contains an element which is not a parameter value instance.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​PARAMETER_​VALUE_​NO_​ATTRIBUTE_​NAME -2147212549 The travel mode has an attribute-parameter value with an empty attribute name.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​PARAMETER_​VALUE_​ATTRIBUTE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147212548 The travel mode has an attribute-parameter value with an attribute that does not exist.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​PARAMETER_​VALUE_​NO_​PARAMETER_​NAME -2147212547 The travel mode has an attribute-parameter value with an empty parameter name.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​PARAMETER_​VALUE_​PARAMETER_​NOT_​FOUND -2147212546 The travel mode has an attribute-parameter value with a parameter that does not exist.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​INVALID_​JSON -2147212545 The JSON value is not a valid representation of a travel mode.
FDO_​E_​SERVICE_​AREA_​SOLVER_​INDEX_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212544 The service area solver index is not supported by this network dataset.
FDO_​E_​ROADSPLITS_​TABLE_​NOT_​REGISTERED -2147212543 The network dataset road-splits table is not registered in the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​LANDMARK_​TABLE_​NOT_​REGISTERED -2147212542 The network dataset landmark table is not registered in the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​MISSING_​TIME_​ATTRIBUTE -2147212541 The travel mode does not have a time attribute name even though the network dataset has time cost attributes.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​MISSING_​DISTANCE_​ATTRIBUTE -2147212540 The travel mode does not have a time attribute name even though the network dataset has time cost attributes.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​MULTIPLE_​TIME_​ATTRIBUTES -2147212539 The travel mode has a time-based impedance attribute that is different from the time attribute.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​MULTIPLE_​DISTANCE_​ATTRIBUTES -2147212538 The travel mode has a distance-based impedance attribute that is different from the distance attribute.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODE_​DEFAULT_​NOT_​FOUND -2147212537 The default travel mode name is not found in the input array of travel modes.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​FUNCTION_​EVALUATOR_​ADDITION_​SUBTRACTION_​OPERATOR_​FOR_​DESCRIPTOR_​ATTRIBUTES_​ONLY -2147212536 The addition or subtraction operator used in the network function evaluator is supported only on descriptor attributes.
FDO_​E_​MISSING_​SOURCE_​ELEV_​FIELD -2147212535 The network source does not have the elevation field.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​TRAVEL_​MODES_​CORRUPT -2147212534 The network dataset data element contains corrupted travel modes information.
FDO_​E_​DELETE_​TRANSPORTATION_​NETWORK_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212533 The deleting of transportation networks is not supported.
FDO_​E_​DELETE_​SHAPEFILE_​NETWORK_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147212532 The deleting of shapefile networks is not supported.
FDO_​E_​ABBREVIATIONS_​TABLE_​NOT_​REGISTERED -2147212531 The network dataset abbreviations table is not registered in the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​COPY_​NETWORK_​UNSUPPORTED_​EVALUATORS -2147212530 The network dataset contains unsupported evaluators and cannot be copied.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE_​INVALID_​NAME -2147212529 The attribute name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​SCRIPT_​CONTROL_​INITIALIZATION_​ERROR -2147212528 An error occured initializing the script control
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​HAS_​64_​BIT_​OID -2147212527 The source cannot have 64 bit OIDs.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​DATASET_​LICENSE_​ERROR -2147212526 The network dataset is not licensed.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​INVALID_​NAME -2147212287 The cadastral fabric name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRICS_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147212286 Cadastral fabrics are not supported in this release of the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147212285 A cadastral fabric with the specified name already exists.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​JOB_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147212284 A job with the specified name already exists for the cadastral fabric.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​JOB_​INVALID_​STATUS -2147212283 The status of the job is invalid for this procedure.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​SCHEMA_​CORRUPTION -2147212282 Schema error. Required fields are missing.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​JOB_​LOCK_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147212281 Lock already exists for cadastral feature.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​MISSING_​SYSTEM_​TABLE -2147212280 System table is missing.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​DATA_​CORRUPTION -2147212279 Data is corrupted.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​JOB_​ALREADY_​COMMITTED -2147212278 Job has already been committed.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​JOB_​NOT_​FOUND -2147212277 The cadastral job was not found.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​PACKET_​LOAD_​FAILED -2147212276 XML Packet failed to load.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​PACKET_​MISSING_​DATA -2147212275 XML Packet is missing required data.
FDO_​E_​JOB_​DOES_​NOT_​BELONG_​TO_​FABRIC -2147212274 The specified cadastral job does not belong to the current fabric.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​PACKET_​POST_​REQUIRES_​EDIT_​SESSION -2147212273 Edits to the fabric require an edit session.
FDO_​E_​JOB_​UNJOINED_​PARCEL_​PRESENT -2147212272 Cannot commit a cadastral job that contains unjoined parcels.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​XML_​PARSER_​NOT_​FOUND -2147212271 The version of XML cannot be loaded.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​OBJECT_​ALREADY_​MODIFIED -2147212270 Cadastral feature already updated in default version.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​JOB_​CURRENTLY_​EDITED -2147212269 Cadastral feature is part of a job that is currently been edited.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​DATUM_​MISMATCH -2147212268 Source Datum does not match Cadastral Fabric Datum.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​ILLEGAL_​RECONCILE -2147212267 Cannot reconcile grandchild versions with fabric edits against default.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​COMMIT_​NO_​NAME -2147212266 Cannot commit the given job - no name supplied.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​COMMIT_​NOT_​DEFAULT -2147212265 Cannot commit the given job - not in default.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​COMMIT_​JOB_​LOCKED -2147212264 Cannot commit the given job - the job is currently locked.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​JOB_​NOT_​COMMITTED -2147212263 Cannot delete the given job - the job is not committed.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​COPY_​WITH_​TOPOLOGY_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147212262 Copy paste of a topology with a cadastral fabric dataset is not supported in this release.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​OPERATION_​CANCELLED -2147212261 The cadastral fabric operation was cancelled.
FDO_​E_​CADASTRAL_​FABRIC_​ALREADY_​UPGRADED -2147212260 The parcel fabric dataset has already being upgraded.
FDO_​E_​PERSONAL_​SDE_​ONE_​EDITOR -2147212031 Personal SDE can only have one editor.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​CONNECT_​TO_​SERVER -2147212030 Failed to connect to Database Server.
FDO_​E_​ITEM_​NOT_​FOUND -2147211775 The item was not found.
FDO_​E_​ITEM_​WITH_​PATH_​EXISTS -2147211774 The item with path already exists.
FDO_​E_​ITEM_​DOES_​NOT_​HAVE_​DEFINITION -2147211773 The item does not have a definition.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CATALOG_​PATH -2147211772 The catalog path is invalid.
FDO_​E_​ITEM_​RELATIONSHIP_​EXISTS -2147211771 A relationship already exists between these items.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​CHANGE_​ITEM_​VISIBILITY -2147211770 Cannot change the visibility of an existing item.
FDO_​E_​RELATIONSHIP_​VISIBILITY_​INVALID -2147211769 Item relationship visibility must match the visibility of the related items.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​CHANGE_​ITEM_​PROPERTY -2147211768 UpdateDataset cannot change this property.
FDO_​E_​RELATIONSHIP_​ATTRIBUTES_​INVALID -2147211767 Item relationship attributes are invalid.
FDO_​E_​OTHER_​ACTIVE_​CONNECTIONS -2147211766 Cannot upgrade because there are other active connections.
FDO_​E_​USER_​DOES_​NOT_​HAVE_​UPGRADE_​PRIVILIGES -2147211765 User does not have required priviliges to upgrade.
FDO_​E_​INSTANCE_​IS_​NOT_​UPGRADABLE -2147211764 Instance is not upgradable.
FDO_​E_​INSTANCE_​DOES_​NOT_​SUPPORT_​XML_​TYPE -2147211763 Instance does not support XML type.
FDO_​E_​ITEM_​RELATIONSHIP_​NOT_​FOUND -2147211762 The item relationship was not found.
FDO_​E_​ITEM_​RELATIONSHIP_​ITEM_​NOT_​FOUND -2147211761 The item associated with an item relationship was not found.
FDO_​E_​DEFINITION_​MISSING_​CONTROLLER_​MEMBERSHIP -2147211760 The dataset definition is missing an expected controller membership.
FDO_​E_​UNKNOWN_​CATALOG_​TYPE -2147211759 The catalog item corresponds to an unknown type.
FDO_​E_​DEPENDENT_​OBJECTS_​EXIST -2147211758 The geodatabase contains registered data.
FDO_​E_​INSTANCE_​HAS_​CONNECTIONS -2147211757 The geodatabase instance has other active connections.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​ST_​RASTER_​LIB -2147211756 The ST_​Raster type library not found or invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​ST_​RASTER_​RELEASE -2147211755 Invalid st_​raster type release.
FDO_​E_​DUPLICATE_​ITEM_​FOUND -2147211754 Duplicate Item Found.
FDO_​E_​DOES_​NOT_​SUPPORT_​UNMANAGED_​RASTER_​CATALOG -2147211519 The geodatabase doesn't support unmanaged raster catalogs.
FDO_​E_​QUERYDESCRIPTION_​NOSPATIALCOLUMN -2147211263 No spatial column present
FDO_​E_​QUERYDESCRIPTION_​INVALIDFIELDTYPE -2147211259 Invalid field type.
FDO_​E_​QUERYTABLE_​OIDMAPPEDCOLUMNHASNULL -2147211258 Oid mapped column has null value.
FDO_​E_​QUERYDESCRIPTION_​OUTOFSYNC -2147211257 Query description out of sync.
FDO_​E_​QUERYDESCRIPTION_​OIDFIELDSMISSING -2147211256 Fields used for OID mapping missing.
FDO_​E_​QUERYDESCRIPTION_​INVALIDGEOMETRYTYPE -2147211255 Geometry type not supported.
FDO_​E_​QUERYCLASS_​INVALIDWHERE -2147211254 Failed to parse the where clause.
FDO_​E_​QUERYCLASS_​OIDUNKNOWN -2147211253 Oid value is unknown.
FDO_​E_​QUERYTABLE_​QUERYMISSING -2147211252 Query missing.
FDO_​E_​QUERYTABLE_​WORKSPACEMISSING -2147211251 Workspace missing.
FDO_​E_​QUERYTABLE_​OIDCOLUMNHASNULL -2147211250 Oid column has null value.
FDO_​E_​QUERYCLASS_​NULLGEOMETRYTYPE -2147211249 Geometry type is null geometry.
FDO_​E_​QUERYCLASS_​INVALIDSRID -2147211248 Srid is invalid.
FDO_​E_​QUERYCLASS_​INVALIDSPATIALREFERENCE -2147211247 Spatial reference is invalid.
FDO_​E_​QUERYCLASS_​INVALIDNAME -2147211246 Class name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​RELCLASS_​COULD_​NOT_​GET_​ORIG_​PRIM_​KEY -2147211183 Unable to obtain origin primary key value.
FDO_​E_​RELCLASS_​COULD_​NOT_​GET_​ORIG_​FOR_​KEY -2147211182 Unable to obtain origin foreign key value.
FDO_​E_​RELCLASS_​COULD_​NOT_​GET_​DEST_​PRIM_​KEY -2147211181 Unable to obtain destination primary key value.
FDO_​E_​RELCLASS_​COULD_​NOT_​GET_​DEST_​FOR_​KEY -2147211180 Unable to obtain destination foreign key value.
FDO_​E_​RELCLASS_​INCOMPATIBLE_​WITH_​EXISTING_​RELCLASS -2147211179 The relationship class is incompatible with an existing relationship class.
FDO_​E_​RELCLASS_​CANNOT_​RESET_​FKEYS -2147211178 Cannot reset foreign keys for an existing relationship row.
FDO_​E_​RELCLASS_​INVALID_​FKEY -2147211177 Invalid foreign key value.
FDO_​E_​RELCLASS_​INVALID_​CURSOR -2147211176 QueryDef-based search returned an invalid cursor.
FDO_​E_​RELATIONSHIPCLASS_​NOT_​FOUND -2147211175 The relationship class was not found.
FDO_​E_​RELATIONSHIPCLASS_​INVALID_​NAME -2147211174 Invalid relationship class name.
FDO_​E_​RELATIONSHIPCLASS_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147211173 The relationship class already exists.
FDO_​E_​RELATIONSHIPCLASS_​INVALID_​SPEC -2147211172 Invalid relationship class specification.
FDO_​E_​RELATIONSHIPCLASS_​ORIGIN_​DEST_​NOT_​FOUND -2147211171 Cannot open origin or destination class of this relationship class.
FDO_​E_​MISSING_​ORIGIN_​OR_​DESTINATION_​OBJECT -2147211170 The replace command cannot be completed because the attributed relationship row's origin and/or destination class object does not exist. Ensure that both of the related objects are present before attempting to execute the replace with command.
FDO_​E_​ORIGIN_​AND_​DESTINATION_​HAVE_​CUSTOM_​SPLIT_​POLICY -2147211169 Both origin class and destination class have custom split policy.
FDO_​E_​ORIGIN_​HAS_​CUSTOM_​SPLIT_​POLICY -2147211168 The origin class has custom split policy.
FDO_​E_​ORIGIN_​AND_​DESTINATION_​ARE_​NOT_​POLYLINE_​OR_​POLYGON -2147211167 Neither origin class nor destination classes is polyline or polygon feature class.
FDO_​E_​ORIGIN_​IS_​NOT_​POLYLINE_​OR_​POLYGON -2147211166 The origin class is not a polyline or polygon feature class.
FDO_​E_​ORIGIN_​PRIMARY_​KEY_​IS_​NOT_​GLOBALID -2147211165 The origin primary key of the relationship class is not a GlobalID.
FDO_​E_​DESTINATION_​CLASS_​IS_​FEATURE_​CLASS -2147211164 The destination class of the relationship class is a feature class.
FDO_​E_​REL_​CLASS_​OBJECT_​ID_​SIZE_​MUST_​MATCH -2147211162 OID-based relationships must use same width of object ID.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CONNECTIVITY_​RULE -2147211007 The connectivity rule is invalid/malformed.
FDO_​E_​VALIDATION_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147211006 Validation not supported on non-SQL datasets.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CARDINALITY -2147211005 The cardinality specified for the connectivity rule is invalid.
FDO_​E_​DEFAULT_​JUNCTIONS_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147211004 Default junctions not supported in this release of the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​ALTERING_​RULE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147211003 Altering this type of validation rule not supported.
FDO_​E_​CONNECTIVITY_​RULES_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147211002 Connectivity rules are not supported on simple features.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​ALTER_​NON_​EXISTANT_​RULE -2147211001 Cannot alter a non-existant rule.
FDO_​E_​RULE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147211000 Validation rule not found.
FDO_​E_​RULE_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147210999 The rule already exists.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CONNECTIVITY_​ASSOCIATION -2147210998 The connectivity association is invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CONTAINMENT_​ASSOCIATION -2147210997 The containment association is invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​ATTACHMENT_​ASSOCIATION -2147210996 The attachment association is invalid.
FDO_​E_​ZERO_​LENGTH_​POLYLINE -2147210927 Zero-length polylines not allowed.
FDO_​E_​CLOSED_​POLYLINE -2147210926 Closed polylines not allowed.
FDO_​E_​NO_​NETWORK_​ANCILLARY_​ROLE -2147210925 Junction feature does not have network ancillary role.
FDO_​E_​FLIPPED_​POLYLINE -2147210924 Flipping polylines not allowed.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​SPLIT_​JUNCTION -2147210923 Splitting junction features not allowed.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​ANCILLARY_​ROLE -2147210922 Invalid network ancillary role.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​ADD_​ORPHAN_​JUNCTION_​ON_​EXISTING_​JUNCTION -2147210921 Cannot add an orphan junction on top of an existing junction.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​JUNCTION_​INDEX -2147210920 The specified junction index is invalid.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​SET_​ENABLED_​FIELD -2147210919 Unable to set the enabled field associated with a network element.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​SET_​WEIGHT_​FIELD -2147210918 Unable to set the weight field associated with a network element.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​GEOMETRY_​TYPE_​FOR_​NETWORK_​FEATURE_​CLASS -2147210916 An invalid geometry type is associated with a network feature class.
FDO_​E_​NO_​ASSOCIATED_​NETWORK_​ELEMENT -2147210915 The network feature does not have an associated network element.
FDO_​E_​IDENTICAL_​FROM_​TO_​JUNCTIONS -2147210914 The edge feature has the same from and to junctions.
FDO_​E_​EDGE_​MISSING_​ENDPOINT_​JUNCTION -2147210913 The edge feature is missing either a from or to junction.
FDO_​E_​CONNECTED_​EDGE_​INVALID_​CONNECTIVITY -2147210912 The connected edge feature has invalid connectivity.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CONNECTIVITY_​CANNOT_​BE_​CORRECTED -2147210911 A connected feature has inconsistent connectivity and cannot be corrected.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​FEATURE_​CLASS -2147210910 Invalid network feature class.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​FEATURE_​CLASS_​USAGE_​TYPE -2147210909 Invalid network feature class usage type.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​NOT_​FOUND -2147209215 The domain was not found.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​USED_​BY_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE -2147209214 The domain is used by an attribute rule.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​USED_​AS_​DEFAULT_​DOMAIN -2147209213 The domain is used as a default domain.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​NAME_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147209212 Domain name already in use.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​VALUE_​EXCEEDS_​FIELD_​LENGTH -2147209211 The value of the domain exceeds the length of the field.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​OWNER_​DOESNT_​MATCH -2147209210 The existing domain owner does not match that of the updated domain.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​FIELD_​TYPE_​DOESNT_​MATCH -2147209209 The existing domain field type does not match that of the updated domain.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​TYPE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147209208 The domain type is not supported.
FDO_​E_​CODED_​VALUE_​DOMAIN_​VALUE_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147209207 The value being added to the coded value domain already exists.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​LOCK_​COCREATED_​DOMAIN -2147209206 Client cocreated domains may not be locked.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​USED_​BY_​OTHER_​WORKSPACE -2147209205 The domain is already used by another workspace.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​FIELD_​TYPE_​MISMATCH -2147209204 The domain field type does not match that of the field it is being assigned to.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​LOCK_​DOMAIN_​AS_​NOT_​OWNER -2147209203 Domain may not be locked as the user is not the owner.
FDO_​E_​DEFAULT_​DOMAIN_​NOT_​FOUND -2147209202 The specified default domain was not found.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​RECORD_​NOT_​FOUND -2147209201 The domain record was not found.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​TYPE_​DOESNT_​MATCH -2147209200 The existing domain type does not match that of the updated domain.
FDO_​E_​CODED_​VALUE_​DOMAIN_​NAME_​EMPTY -2147209199 The name of an entry in the coded value domain is empty.
FDO_​E_​CODED_​VALUE_​DOMAIN_​VALUE_​NOT_​COMPATIBLE -2147209198 The value is not compatible with the field types associated with the coded value domain.
FDO_​E_​CODED_​VALUE_​DOMAIN_​VALUE_​INCONSISTENT -2147209197 The value type is inconsistent with other associated value types in the coded value domain.
FDO_​E_​CODED_​VALUE_​DOMAIN_​FIELD_​TYPE_​NOT_​COMPATIBLE -2147209196 The field type is not compatible with the associated value types in the coded value domain.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​DOMAIN -2147209195 The domain cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​INVALID_​NAME -2147209194 The domain name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​DOES_​NOT_​MATCH_​WORKSPACE -2147209193 The domain definition is different from the domain of the same name in the workspace.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​INCOMPATIBLE_​WITH_​DEFAULT_​VALUE -2147209192 The domain is incompatible with the existing default value.
FDO_​E_​TRAFFIC_​DOWNLOAD_​TIMEOUT -2147209191 The process has timed out while waiting for traffic update downloads.
FDO_​E_​REFRESH_​DYNAMIC_​TRAFFIC_​ERROR -2147209190 An error was encountered connecting to the dynamic traffic data. Verify that the network dataset's Traffic Feed property is correctly set and that you have access to this location.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​RENAME_​DOMAIN -2147209189 The domain cannot be renamed.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NAME_​OBJECT -2147209135 Invalid name object.
FDO_​E_​VALUE_​CANNOT_​BE_​EMPTY -2147209134 Value cannot be empty.
FDO_​E_​VALUE_​MUST_​BE_​INTEGER -2147209133 Value must be an integer.
FDO_​E_​VALUE_​CANNOT_​BE_​NEGATIVE -2147209132 Value cannot be negative.
FDO_​E_​SORT_​PARAMETERS_​INCOMPATIBLE_​WITH_​PAGINATION -2147209131 The specified sorting parameters are incompatible with the use of pagination.
FDO_​E_​PAGINATION_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147209130 Pagination is not supported.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​GROUP_​NOT_​FOUND -2147209129 Field Group not found.
FDO_​E_​CONTINGENT_​VALUE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147209128 Contingent Value not found.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​GROUP_​NAME_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147209127 Field group name already exists.
FDO_​E_​CONTINGENT_​FIELD_​VALUE_​TYPE_​MISMATCH -2147209126 Contingent Field Value type does not match.
FDO_​E_​CONTINGENT_​FIELD_​VALUE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147209125 Contingent Field Value not found.
FDO_​E_​CONTINGENT_​FIELD_​VALUE_​INVALID_​RANGE_​VALUE -2147209124 Invalid format for Contingent Field range value.
FDO_​E_​CONTINGENT_​FIELD_​VALUE_​MIN_​LIMIT -2147209123 Value must satisfy Contingent Field value's min value.
FDO_​E_​CONTINGENT_​FIELD_​VALUE_​MAX_​LIMIT -2147209122 Value must satisfy Contingent Field value's max value.
FDO_​E_​MISSING_​GLOBALID -2147209121 A GlobalID value is missing.
FDO_​E_​SEQUENCE_​INVALID_​NAME -2147209120 The sequence name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​SEQUENCE_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147209119 Sequence already exists.
FDO_​E_​SEQUENCE_​DOES_​NOT_​EXIST -2147209118 Sequence does not exist.
FDO_​E_​MS_​PROVIDER_​NOT_​REGISTERED -2147209117 MS Provider is not registered.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​FILE_​TYPE -2147209116 Invalid file type.
FDO_​E_​PORTAL_​USER_​NO_​LICENSE_​EXTENSION -2147209115 Portal user does not have proper license extension.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​REST_​PARAMETER_​VALUE -2147209114 Invalid REST parameter value.
FDO_​E_​EXCEL_​READING_​TIMEOUT -2147209113 Reading Excel file has timed out.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​LAYER_​NOT_​FOUND -2147205097 Feature layer is not found.
FDO_​E_​LOADING_​EXCELTOSQLITE -2147205096 Failed to load ExcelToSQLite.exe.
FDO_​E_​OBJECT_​ID_​SIZE_​MUST_​MATCH -2147205095 The width of object ID must match.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​BY_​DBMS_​VERSION -2147208959 Utility network is not supported by the version of the DBMS.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​BY_​DBMS -2147208958 Utility network is not supported by the DBMS.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TERMINAL_​CONFIGURATION -2147208957 Invalid definition of terminal configuration.
FDO_​E_​INCOMPATIBLE_​NETWORK_​SCHEMA_​OR_​INDEX -2147208956 Invalid network schema or topology.
FDO_​E_​EDIT_​OUTSIDE_​NETWORK_​EXTENT -2147208955 Edits are not allowed outside the extent of the utility network.
FDO_​E_​DISABLED_​NETWORK_​ELEMENT -2147208954 Disabled network element
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​INDEX_​NOT_​FOUND -2147208953 The network topology has not been enabled.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​WEIGHT -2147208952 Invalid network weight.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRY_​IS_​NULL -2147208951 Null geometries not allowed.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRY_​IS_​EMPTY -2147208950 Empty geometries not allowed.
FDO_​E_​EDGE_​ELEMENT_​MISSING_​FROM_​TO_​JUNCTION_​ELEMENTS -2147208949 Edge element is missing the from and/or to junction elements.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​REHYDRATE_​NETWORK_​INDEX -2147208948 Cannot rehydrate the network topology.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​OBTAIN_​ELEMENT_​COUNT -2147208947 Cannot obtain the network element count.
FDO_​E_​TRUNCATION_​NOT_​ALLOWED_​WHILE_​EDITING -2147208946 Truncation not allowed while editing.
FDO_​E_​TRUNCATE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147208945 Truncate not supported.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​ASSOCIATION_​PARAMETERS -2147208944 Invalid association parameters.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​MISSING_​REQUIRED_​CONNECTIVITY_​POLICY -2147208943 The subtype is missing a required connectivity policy.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​NOT_​CONFIGURED_​WITH_​NETWORK_​PROPERTIES -2147208942 The subtype is not yet configured with network properties.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​BUILD_​EXTENT_​DO_​NOT_​INTERSECT -2147208941 A network is not present within or intersecting the input extent for the validate network topology request. Validating the network topology did not occur.
FDO_​E_​DIRTY_​AREA_​BUILD_​EXTENT_​DO_​NOT_​INTERSECT -2147208940 A dirty area is not present within the validate network topology input extent. A validate network topology process did not occur.
FDO_​E_​UTILITY_​NETWORK_​CREATION_​FAILED -2147208939 The creation of the utility network failed.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​VALUE_​FOR_​DOMAIN -2147208938 The field value is invalid given the assigned domain.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​IS_​ALREADY_​ASSIGNED_​AS_​NETWORK_​CONTAINER -2147208937 The subtype is already a container and cannot also be a structure.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​IS_​ALREADY_​ASSIGNED_​AS_​NETWORK_​STRUCTURE -2147208936 The subtype is already a structure and cannot also be a container.
FDO_​E_​NO_​VALID_​SUBNETWORK_​CONTROLLERS_​FOUND -2147208935 No valid subnetwork controllers found.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CONTAINER_​FEATURE_​ID -2147208934 The feature ID is not in the current container selection set or it is not a valid container type.
FDO_​E_​NO_​ACTIVE_​CONTAINER_​FEATURE -2147208933 There is no active container feature.
FDO_​E_​SOURCE_​NOT_​IN_​CONTAINER_​SET -2147208932 The object class is not a source in this container set.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​SOURCE_​ID -2147208931 The source ID did not match a network source.
FDO_​E_​SDE_​DBMS_​ADMIN_​CANNOT_​CREATE_​UTILITY_​NETWORK -2147208930 SDE or DBMS admin user cannot create a utility network or trace network.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​WITHOUT_​ISOLATION -2147208929 Utility network requires both Snapshot and Read Committed isolation settings to be enabled in SQL Server, please contact your database administrator.
FDO_​E_​ONE_​STARTING_​LOCATION_​ALLOWED -2147208926 Only one starting location is allowed.
FDO_​E_​NO_​CONTENT -2147208925 The feature must be set as content before it can be made visible.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CONTENT_​FEATURE_​ID -2147208924 The feature is not valid content type
FDO_​E_​UTILITY_​NETWORK_​ALPHA_​TIMEOUT -2147208923 The alpha release of the utility network has timed out.
FDO_​E_​MUST_​BE_​DEFAULT_​VERSION -2147208922 Must be on DEFAULT version to do this operation.
FDO_​E_​OS_​AUTH_​CANNOT_​CREATE_​UTILITY_​NETWORK -2147208921 OS authenticated user cannot create utility network.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​DIRTY_​SOURCE -2147208919 A dirty source cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​HAS_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​NAME -2147208918 Network attribute has invalid network source name.
FDO_​E_​CONTAINER_​HAS_​CONTENT -2147208916 The operation is only allowed on containers without content.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​INDEX_​MUST_​BE_​DISABLED -2147208915 Network topology must be disabled.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​INDEX_​STATE -2147208914 Invalid build index state.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​SYSTEM_​REQUIRED_​ITEM -2147208912 This dataset is required by system and cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​SERVICE_​TERRITORY_​NAME_​COLLISION -2147208911 Service territory feature class cannot be named ServiceTerritory.
FDO_​E_​DATA_​MODEL_​DEFINITION_​ERROR -2147208910 Data model definition error.
FDO_​E_​SQL_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147208703 Sql expression is not supported.
FDO_​E_​SQL_​SYNTAX_​ERROR -2147208702 Sql expression syntax error.
FDO_​E_​SQL_​SEMANTIC_​ERROR -2147208701 Sql expression semantic error.
FDO_​E_​SQL_​INVALID_​TABLE_​NAME -2147208700 Invalid table name.
FDO_​E_​SQL_​INVALID_​FIELD_​NAME -2147208699 Invalid field name.
FDO_​E_​SQL_​UNSAFE_​EXPRESSION -2147208698 Unsafe sql expression.
FDO_​E_​NO_​LOOPS -2147208623 No loops were discovered.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​PHASE -2147208622 Invalid phase.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​LIFE_​CYCLE_​STATUS -2147208621 Invalid life cycle status.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​REQUIRED_​BY_​UTILITY_​NETWORK -2147208620 The subtype is required by utility network.
FDO_​E_​JUNCTION_​IS_​ALREADY_​CONTAINER_​CONTENT -2147208619 Junction features can only be contained in one container.
FDO_​E_​CONTENT_​IS_​NOT_​PART_​OF_​ACTIVE_​CONTAINER -2147208618 The selected content is not part of the active container.
FDO_​E_​DELETE_​RESTRICTED_​BY_​UTILITY_​NETWORK_​ASSOCS -2147208617 This feature is a Utility Network source feature which may not be deleted. Existing feature associations restrict delete.
FDO_​E_​MULTIPLE_​CONTROLLERS_​DIFFERENT_​SUBNETWORK_​NAMES -2147208616 Invalid subnetwork connectivity, multiple subnetwork controllers with different subnetwork names found.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​ASSOCIATION_​RULE -2147208615 Cannot delete the associatoin rule because of the existing association.
FDO_​E_​NO_​STARTING_​POINTS_​FOUND -2147208614 No starting points found.
FDO_​E_​SERVICE_​TERRITORY_​MUST_​HAVE_​Z_​AND_​M -2147208613 Service territory feature class must have Z and M values.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​IS_​ALREADY_​STRUCTURE_​ATTACHMENT -2147208612 The feature is already attached to another structure.
FDO_​E_​DUPLICATE_​ASSOCIATION -2147208611 The utility network association already exists.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​PURGE_​SUBNETWORK_​CONTROLLER_​BEFORE_​DISABLED -2147208610 A subnetwork controller cannot be purged before disabled.
FDO_​E_​TIER_​NAME_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147208609 The tier name already exists.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​CAPABILITY_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147208608 The network capability already exists.
FDO_​E_​NO_​TIERS_​FOUND_​IN_​DOMAIN_​NETWORK -2147208607 No tiers were found in the feature's domain network.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​INVALID_​LAYERID -2147208606 A network source was not found with the specified layer id.
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​CONTROLLER_​NAME_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147208605 The subnetwork controller name already exists.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​ALREADY_​ASSIGNED_​TO_​ASSET_​GROUP -2147208604 The asset type domain is already assigned to another class or asset group.
FDO_​E_​DEFAULT_​GEODATABASE_​FOR_​TRACE_​LOCATIONS_​REQUIRED -2147208603 A default geodatabase for storing trace locations is required.
FDO_​E_​MULTIPLE_​SOURCES_​FROM_​DIFFERENT_​TIERS_​FOUND -2147208602 Invalid subnetwork connectivity, multiple controllers from different tiers found.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​ASSET_​GROUP -2147208601 Invalid asset group.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​ASSET_​TYPE -2147208600 Invalid asset type.
FDO_​E_​EDIT_​SESSION_​IN_​PROGRESS -2147208598 Edit session in progress.
FDO_​E_​JSON_​REQUIRED_​PARAMETER_​MISSING -2147208597 A required parameter is missing from the JSON.
FDO_​E_​ONE_​STARTING_​POINT_​ALLOWED_​FOR_​SUBTRACT -2147208596 Only one starting point is allowed with the subtract function.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TRACE_​TYPE_​FOR_​SUBTRACT -2147208595 Invalid trace type for the subtract function.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TRACE_​TYPE_​FOR_​FUNCTION_​BARRIERS -2147208594 Invalid trace type for function barriers.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CATEGORY -2147208593 Invalid category. An asset type's category is not part of the Utility Network categories.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TRACE_​TYPE_​FOR_​PROPAGATORS -2147208592 Invalid trace type for propagators.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​SUBNETWORK_​CONTROLLER_​TYPE -2147208591 Invalid subnetwork controller type.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​LINE_​FEATURE_​DISCOVERED -2147208590 Invalid line feature discovered.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​HAS_​NO_​ASSOCIATION_​ROLE -2147208589 The feature does not have a supporting association role.
FDO_​E_​DIRTY_​AREA_​DISCOVERED_​IN_​SUBNETWORK -2147208588 Dirty area discovered in the subnetwork being updated
FDO_​E_​STARTING_​POINTS_​OUTSIDE_​TIER -2147208587 One or more starting points are outside the specified tier.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​REQUIRED_​BY_​UTILITY_​NETWORK -2147208586 The domain is required by utility network and cannot be deleted or replaced.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​IS_​USED_​BY_​SUBTYPE -2147208585 The domain is used by a subtype and cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​MUST_​BE_​VERSIONED -2147208584 The dataset must be versioned.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​CODE_​EXCEEDED -2147208583 Subtype code cannot exceed 127 if the subtype is used in Utility Network.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​VALUE_​EXCEEDED -2147208582 Domain value cannot exceed 127 if the domain is used in Utility Network.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​IN_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE_​CANNOT_​BE_​DELETED -2147208581 A field that is assigned to a network attribute in Utility Network cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TERMINAL_​NAME -2147208580 The terminal name is invalid. The length of the terminal name should not exceed 32 characters.
FDO_​E_​UPSTREAM_​TERMINAL_​ERROR_​FOR_​DIRECTIONAL_​MODEL -2147208579 A directional terminal configuration must contain at least one upstream terminal and cannot contain only upstream terminals.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TERMINAL_​CONFIGURATION_​NAME -2147208578 The terminal configuration name is invalid. The length of the terminal configuration name should not exceed 32 characters.
FDO_​E_​MAX_​TERMINALS -2147208577 The max number of terminals has been exceeded.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​NOT_​CONFIGURED_​WITH_​TERMINAL_​CONFIGURATIONS -2147208576 The asset group and type have not yet been configured with terminal configurations.
FDO_​E_​ONE_​STARTING_​POINT_​ALLOWED_​FOR_​OVERLAPS -2147208575 Only one starting point is allowed for detecting overlaps.
FDO_​E_​MIN_​TERMINALS -2147208573 The minimum number of terminals required for a terminal configuration has not been met.
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​INVALID_​CHARACTER -2147208572 The name field contains invalid character.
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​RELATED_​INVALID_​NAME -2147208571 The name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​DUPLICATE_​CONFIGURATION_​NAME_​FOUND -2147208569 A duplicate configuration name was found.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​SUBNETWORK_​CONTROLLER_​FOR_​DOMAIN_​NETWORK_​TIERS -2147208568 The selected device is not a valid subnetwork controller in any of the domain network's tiers.
FDO_​E_​TIER_​DOES_​NOT_​EXIST -2147208566 The input tier does not exist within the domain network.
FDO_​E_​MUST_​SELECT_​LINE_​FEATURE -2147208564 No valid line feature has been selected.
FDO_​E_​DEVICE_​MUST_​BE_​CONNECTED_​TO_​LINE -2147208563 Device must be connected to the line.
FDO_​E_​DIFFERENT_​TIER_​TOPOLOGY_​TYPES_​IN_​A_​SUBNETWORK -2147208562 Different tier topology type discovered in a subnetwork.
FDO_​E_​INCONSISTENT_​SUBNETWORK_​NAME -2147208561 Update Subnetwork encountered subnetwork controllers that don't have a consistent Subnetwork Name.
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​NAME_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147208560 The subnetwork name already exists.
FDO_​E_​DISJOINT_​SUBNETWORK_​DISCOVERED -2147208559 Disjoint subnetwork was discovered.
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​TAP_​IS_​MIDSPAN_​TO_​MULTIPLE_​LINES -2147208558 Subnetwork tap is midspan to multiple lines.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​DEVICE_​FEATURE_​DISCOVERED -2147208557 Invalid device feature discovered.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​PARENT_​SUBNETWORK -2147208556 Invalid parent subnetwork, the adjacent subnetwork is not within the same tier nor the next hierarchical tier.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TERMINAL_​ID -2147208555 The terminal ID is invalid.
FDO_​E_​UPSTREAM_​TERMINAL_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147208554 Check the terminal direction. Upstream terminals cannot be controllers in a source based network.
FDO_​E_​DOWNSTREAM_​TERMINAL_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147208553 Check the terminal direction. Downstream terminals cannot be controllers in a sink based network.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TRACE_​TYPE_​FOR_​KNN -2147208552 Invalid trace type for finding nearest.
FDO_​E_​ONE_​STARTING_​POINT_​ALLOWED_​FOR_​KNN -2147208551 Only one starting point is allowed for finding nearest.
FDO_​E_​STARTING_​POINTS_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​ON_​LINES_​FOR_​KNN -2147208550 Starting points are not supported on lines for finding nearest.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TRACE_​TYPE_​FOR_​SUBNETWORK_​NAME -2147208549 Invalid trace type for specifying subnetwork name.
FDO_​E_​SUMMARY_​ATTRIBUTE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147208548 The summary attribute was not found.
FDO_​E_​SUMMARY_​ATTRIBUTE_​USED_​FOR_​MULTIPLE_​SUMMARIES -2147208547 Multiple summaries cannot be assigned to the same summary attribute.
FDO_​E_​UNSUPPORTED_​FUNCTION_​FOR_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE -2147208546 Unsupported function for the selected network attribute.
FDO_​E_​NO_​SUMMARY_​ATTRIBUTE_​FOUND_​FOR_​SELECTED_​TYPE -2147208545 No summary attributes were found matching input network attribute type.
FDO_​E_​JSON_​REQUIRED_​RESPONSE_​PAYLOAD_​MISSING -2147208544 A required member of the JSON response payload is missing.
FDO_​E_​INCONSISTENT_​PARENT_​SUBNETWORK_​NAME -2147208543 Update Subnetwork encountered multiple parent subnetwork controllers that don't have a consistent Subnetwork Name.
FDO_​E_​PORTAL_​CONNECTION_​SIGN_​IN_​ERROR -2147208542 Must be connected and signed into the portal.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​DOES_​NOT_​HAVE_​RULE -2147208541 The feature does not have a supporting rule.
FDO_​E_​PROPAGATED_​ATTRIBUTE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147208540 The propagated attribute was not found.
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​DEFINITION_​CANNOT_​HAVE_​MORE_​THAN_​ONE_​PROPAGATOR -2147208539 A subnetwork definition cannot have more than one propagator.
FDO_​E_​PARENT_​TIER_​DOES_​NOT_​CONTAIN_​ASSETGROUP_​ASSETTYPE -2147208538 Direct parent tier does not contain the assetgroup/assetype.
FDO_​E_​DEVICE_​MUST_​HAVE_​MORE_​THAN_​ONE_​TERMINAL -2147208537 Device must have more than one terminal.
FDO_​E_​ONE_​STARTING_​POINT_​FOR_​LOCAL_​FUNCTION_​BARRIERS -2147208536 One starting point allowed for function barriers using local values.
FDO_​E_​SHORTEST_​PATH_​STARTING_​POINTS -2147208535 Shortest path requires two starting points.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​ALLOWED_​AS_​SUBNETWORK_​NAME -2147208534 The provided name is not allowed to be used as subnetwork name.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​ASSOCIATION_​TYPE -2147208532 Structures cannot be containers or attachments or in a connectivity assocations. Containers and attachments cannot be structures.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​EXPORT_​SUBNETWORK_​WITH_​DISABLED_​SUBNETWORK_​CONTROLLER -2147208531 Subnetwork cannot be exported because the subnetwork controller has been disabled.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TERMINAL_​CONFIGURATION_​ID -2147208529 The terminal configuration ID is invalid.
FDO_​E_​PARTITIONED_​NETWORK_​SUBNETWORK_​CONTROLLER_​REQUIREMENTS -2147208528 The terminal configuration of the AssetGroup / AssetType must be directional in partitioned domain networks. The terminal configuration must have two or more terminals with at least one upstream terminal assigned to the Subnetwork controller category.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​DOMAIN_​NETWORK -2147208527 Invalid domain network.
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​CONTROLLERS_​ARE_​ONLY_​SUPPORTED_​FOR_​DEVICE_​AND_​JUNCTION_​OBJECT_​CLASSES -2147208526 Subnetwork Controller categories are only supported for device and junction object classes.
FDO_​E_​SUBTYPE_​DOES_​NOT_​SUPPORT_​SUBNETWORK_​CONTROLLER -2147208525 The selected device does not support being a subnetwork controller. Check the network category.
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​CONTROLLER_​FEATURES_​CANNOT_​BE_​DELETED -2147208524 Features that are utility network subnetwork controllers cannot be deleted. Disable subnetwork controllers before deleting.
FDO_​E_​ONE_​OR_​MORE_​SUBNETWORKS_​FAILED_​TO_​UPDATE -2147208523 One or more subnetworks failed to update.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​COMBINATION_​OF_​ARGUMENTS -2147208522 Invalid combination of arguments.
FDO_​E_​NO_​SUBNETWORK_​NAME -2147208521 A subnetwork name was not specified.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​PROPAGATOR_​FUNCTION_​FOR_​SUBSTITUTION -2147208520 Invalid propagator function for substitution. Substitution is only applicable for the propagator function PROPAGATED​BITWISE​AND.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​SUBSTITUTION_​FOR_​PROPAGATED_​ATTRIBUTE -2147208519 Invalid substitution for propagated network attribute.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​HAS_​MULTIPLE_​ASSIGNMENTS_​ON_​SAME_​CLASS -2147208518 Network attribute has multiple assignments on the same class.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​IS_​ASSIGNED_​TO_​MULTIPLE_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTES -2147208517 Field on this class is assigned to multiple network attributes.
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​FIELD_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147208516 Subnetwork field already exists.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​SUBNETWORK_​DIAGRAM_​TEMPLATE -2147208515 Invalid subnetwork diagram template.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TIER_​RANK -2147208514 Invalid tier rank.
FDO_​E_​TIERGROUP_​NAME_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147208513 The tier group name already exists.
FDO_​E_​INCONSISTENT_​CONTROLLER_​ASSETGROUP_​ASSETTYPE -2147208512 Subnetwork controller assetgroup or assettype values no longer match the feature's assetgroup or assettype values.
FDO_​E_​VALIDATE_​CONSISTENCY -2147208511 One or more dirty areas were discovered.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​NETWORK_​DOES_​NOT_​EXIST -2147208510 Domain network was not found.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​NETWORK_​NAME_​LENGTH_​LIMIT -2147208509 Domain network name cannot exceed 20 characters.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​NETWORK_​NAME_​INVALID_​CHAR -2147208508 Domain network name has invalid characters.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​NETWORK_​NAME_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147208507 Domain network name already exists.
FDO_​E_​OPERATION_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​UTILITY_​NETWORK -2147208506 Unsupported operation for utility network datasets.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CATEGORY_​FOUND -2147208505 An invalid category was found.
FDO_​E_​NO_​ASSOCIATION_​TYPE_​SPECIFIED -2147208504 At least one association type must be specified.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​TERMINAL_​IS_​ALREADY_​ASSOCIATED -2147208503 The feature and terminal specified already participate in a connectivity association.
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​MANAGEMENT_​SUBSYSTEM_​INCONSISTENCY -2147208502 Subnetwork management subsystem is in inconsistent state.
FDO_​E_​OPERATION_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​CLIENT_​SERVER -2147208501 This operation is not supported in client-server mode.
FDO_​E_​OPERATION_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​FEATURE_​SERVICE -2147208500 This operation is not supported against input datasets from a feature service.
FDO_​E_​GUID_​NOT_​FOUND -2147208499 The Global ID was not found.
FDO_​E_​NO_​RULES_​FOUND -2147208498 The utility network requires rules in order to enable network topology.
FDO_​E_​CONTAINER_​SPLIT_​POLICY_​ERROR -2147208497 The Split Content policy is applicable to only container for line feature class.
FDO_​E_​MAX_​TIERS -2147208496 The max number of tiers has been exceeded.
FDO_​E_​INCONSISTENT_​NEIGHBORING_​SUBNETWORKS -2147208495 One or more neighboring subnetworks are inconsistent.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​RULES_​EXIST -2147208494 One or more invalid rules exist.
FDO_​E_​NO_​NEW_​RULES_​ENTERED -2147208493 No new rules have entered the system.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​SUBNETWORK_​NAME -2147208492 Invalid subnetwork name.
FDO_​E_​FILTER_​BARRIER_​REQUIRED_​FOR_​ISOLATION_​TRACE -2147208491 A filter barrier is required for isolation trace.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TRACE_​TYPE -2147208490 Invalid trace type.
FDO_​E_​USER_​IDENTITY_​LONGER_​THAN_​MAX_​LENGTH -2147208489 User identity may not be longer than 255 characters.
FDO_​E_​RULE_​TYPE_​ROLE_​TYPE_​MISMATCH -2147208488 Rule type does not match role type.
FDO_​E_​NON_​VERSIONED_​FOR_​ONLY_​GENERATE_​ERRORS -2147208487 Datasets must be in a non-versioned state when using the only generate errors option.
FDO_​E_​ASSET_​TYPE_​MUST_​HAVE_​DOMAIN -2147208486 All network feature classes must have attribute domains assigned on the Asset type field for each subtype (Asset group).
FDO_​E_​RULE_​DOES_​NOT_​SATISFY_​RULE_​RESTRICTIONS -2147208485 Rule does not satisfy built-in rule restrictions.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​JUNCTION_​FEATURE_​DISCOVERED -2147208484 Invalid junction feature discovered.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​JUNCTION_​OBJECT_​DISCOVERED -2147208483 Invalid junction object discovered.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​EDGE_​OBJECT_​DISCOVERED -2147208482 Invalid edge object discovered.
FDO_​E_​TERMINAL_​CONFIGURATION_​HAS_​INVALID_​USAGE_​TYPE -2147208481 Terminal Configuration has invalid feature class usage type.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CONFIGURATION_​FOR_​CONTROLLER_​TRACE -2147208480 Invalid trace configuration for subnetwork controller trace. Filter barriers and filter function barriers are not allowed.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​PERCENT_​ALONG_​VALUE -2147208479 Invalid percent along value.
FDO_​E_​NOT_​SUPPORT_​MIDSPAN_​WITH_​TERMINAL -2147208478 Junction-edge midspan connectivity associations are not supported with junction objects with terminals.
FDO_​E_​COINCIDENT_​MIDSPAN_​ASSOCIATION_​FOUND -2147208477 A junction object already exists at the same location (percentAlong) midspan on the edge object.
FDO_​E_​SUPPORT_​MIDSPAN_​ONLY_​ON_​ANY_​VERTEX -2147208476 Junction-edge mid-span connectivity associations are not supported on edge objects with an edge connectivity policy of EndVertex.
FDO_​E_​COINCIDENT_​FROM_​TO_​ASSOCIATION_​FOUND -2147208475 A junction object already exists at the from/to location on the edge object.
FDO_​E_​NO_​PORTAL_​PRIVILEGE -2147208474 The account logged into portal is not licensed with the Utility Network Service user type extension
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​CONTROLLER_​FEATURES_​ASSETGROUP_​ASSETTYPE_​CANNOT_​BE_​EDITED -2147208473 Features that are utility network subnetwork controllers do not support edits to asset group or asset type attributes.
FDO_​E_​UNLOCATABLE_​OBJECTS_​DISCOVERED -2147208472 Unlocatable objects discovered.
FDO_​E_​VALID_​PATH_​INVALID_​FORMAT -2147208471 Valid path is in invalid format.
FDO_​E_​DUPLICATE_​PATHS_​FOUND -2147208470 Duplicate paths found.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​TERMINAL_​NAME_​LENGTH -2147208469 Invalid Terminal name length
FDO_​E_​DUPLICATE_​TERMINAL_​PAIR_​VALUE_​FOUND -2147208468 Duplicate terminal pair value found.
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​NOT_​DIRTY -2147208467 The subnetwork is not dirty.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​ATTRIBUTE_​ID -2147208466 The attribute ID did not match a network attribute.
FDO_​E_​VALIDATE_​ENGINE_​REQUIRES_​REEXECUTION -2147208465 The validate engine is requesting reexection.
FDO_​E_​TRACECONFIG_​INVALID_​CHARACTER -2147208464 The name field contains invalid character(s).
FDO_​E_​ASSOCIATION_​TYPE_​CANNOT_​HAVE_​TERMINALS -2147208463 Association type cannot have terminals.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​SOURCE_​CANNOT_​HAVE_​TERMINALS -2147208462 Network source type cannot have terminals.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​UPDATE_​PERCENTALONG -2147208461 Cannot update percent along for the association type.
FDO_​E_​SESSION_​APPLOCK_​IN_​PROGRESS -2147208460 User session application lock in progress - operation not allowed
FDO_​E_​TRANSACTION_​APPLOCK_​IN_​PROGRESS -2147208459 User transaction application lock in progress - operation not allowed
FDO_​E_​SUBNETWORK_​HAS_​BEEN_​DELETED -2147208458 Subnetwork has been deleted.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​EXPORT_​DIRTY_​SUBNETWORK -2147208457 Dirty subnetwork cannot be exported.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​EXPORT_​INVALID_​SUBNETWORK -2147208456 Invalid subnetwork cannot be exported.
FDO_​E_​64_​BIT_​SERVICE_​TERRITORY_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147208455 Service territory with 64-Bit ObjectIDs not supported by the version of the utility network.
FDO_​E_​PROPAGATED_​ATTRIBUTE_​USED_​FOR_​MULTIPLE_​PROPAGATORS -2147208454 Multiple propagators cannot be assigned to the same propagated attribute.
FDO_​E_​PBF_​REQUIRED_​PARAMETER_​MISSING -2147208453 A required parameter is missing from the PBF.
FDO_​E_​PBF_​CANNOT_​PARSE -2147208452 The PBF data could not be parsed.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​USED_​BY_​INLINE_​NETWORK_​ATTRIBUTE -2147208451 The domain is used by an inline network attribute and cannot be modified.
FDO_​E_​DOMAIN_​MAX_​VALUE_​EXCEEDS_​BIT_​SIZE -2147208450 The max value of the domain exceeds the bit size of the network attribute.
FDO_​E_​NAMED_​TRACE_​CONFIG_​USED_​BY_​DIAGRAM_​TEMPLATE -2147208449 The named trace configuration is used by a network diagram template.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​VERSION_​DOES_​NOT_​SUPPORT_​TRACE_​CONFIG -2147208448 The utility network version does not support this trace configuration.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​INVALID_​NAME -2147207935 The Parcel Fabric name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASETS_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147207934 Parcel Fabrics are not supported in this release of the Geodatabase.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147207933 A Parcel Fabric with the specified name already exists.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​SCHEMA_​CORRUPTION -2147207932 Schema error. Required fields are missing.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​MISSING_​SYSTEM_​TABLE -2147207931 System table is missing.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​DATA_​CORRUPTION -2147207930 Data is corrupted.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​XML_​PARSER_​NOT_​FOUND -2147207929 The version of XML cannot be loaded.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​DATUM_​MISMATCH -2147207928 Source Datum does not match Parcel Fabric Datum.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​OPERATION_​CANCELLED -2147207927 The Parcel Fabric operation was cancelled.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​ALREADY_​UPGRADED -2147207926 The parcel fabric dataset has already being upgraded.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​CREATING_​FEATURECLASSES -2147207925 The parcel fabric is unable to create parcel type polygon/line feature classes.
FDO_​E_​SDE_​DBMS_​ADMIN_​CANNOT_​CREATE_​PARCEL_​DATASET -2147207924 The parcel fabric is unable to create parcel type polygon/line feature classes.
FDO_​E_​OS_​AUTH_​CANNOT_​CREATE_​PARCEL_​DATASET -2147207923 The parcel fabric is unable to create parcel type polygon/line feature classes.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​CANNOT_​DELETE -2147207922 The parcel fabric can't be deleted.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​DATASET_​ALREADY_​CONTAINS_​PARCEL_​DATASET -2147207921 The feature dataset already contains parcel dataset.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​TOPOLOGY_​ALREADY_​ENABLED -2147207920 The parcel dataset already has its topology enabled.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​TOPOLOGY_​ALREADY_​DISABLED -2147207919 The parcel dataset already has its topology disabled.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​TOPOLOGY_​DISABLED -2147207918 The parcel dataset topology is disabled.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​RECORD_​NOT_​FOUND -2147207917 The parcel record is not found in the record feature class.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​TYPE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147207916 The parcel type was not found.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​FEATURES_​NOT_​FOUND -2147207915 No features where found.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​TOO_​MANY_​FEATURES -2147207914 Too many features were found.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​FEATURE_​CLASS_​ID_​NOT_​FOUND_​IN_​METADATA -2147207913 The feature class ID was not found in the parcel fabric metadata.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​READONLY_​RULE -2147207912 Modifications of rule is not allowed.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​TYPE_​CANNOT_​REMOVE_​FROM_​TOPOLOGY -2147207911 Modifications of rule is not allowed.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​SELECTED_​PARCELS_​ALREADY_​HISTORIC -2147207910 There are parcels selected that are already historic. Select only current parcels.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​SELECTED_​PARCELS_​ALREADY_​CURRENT -2147207909 There are parcels selected that are already current. Select only historic parcels.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​SELECTED_​SOURCE_​PARCEL_​FEATURES_​INVALID -2147207908 The selected features cannot be appended. Only parcel polygons can be selected and appended. If there is no selection in the map, the entire parcel fabric will be appended.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​TOPOLOGY_​DATASET_​CANNOT_​DELETE -2147207907 The parcel topology can't be deleted.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​TYPE_​NAME_​ALREADY_​USED -2147207906 The parcel type name is already used.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​BY_​DBMS_​VERSION -2147207905 Parcel dataset is not supported by the version of the DBMS.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​BY_​DBMS -2147207904 Parcel dataset is not supported by the DBMS.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​TYPE_​CANNOT_​ADD_​TO_​TOPOLOGY -2147207903 Adding parcel features classes to topology is not allowed.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​FIELD_​NOT_​MATCH_​REQUIREMENTS -2147207902 The field already exists but the design does not match the field requirements.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​DATASET_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​WITHOUT_​ISOLATION -2147207901 Parcel dataset requires both Snapshot and Read Committed isolation settings to be enabled in SQL Server, please contact your database administrator.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​POINT_​FEATURE_​HAS_​INVALID_​COORDINATE_​ATTRIBUTES -2147207900 Parcel fabric point feature has invalid coordinate attribute values that failed to project.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​LSA_​ENGINE_​FAILED -2147207899 The DynAdjust least-squares adjustment engine failed.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​LSA_​MAX_​ITERATIONS_​EXCEEDED -2147207898 Failed to converge after reaching the maximum number of iterations.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​LSA_​NO_​POINT_​INFO_​FOUND_​FOR_​INPUT_​FEATURES -2147207897 No point information found for the input features.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​LSA_​NO_​MEASUREMENT_​INFO_​FOUND_​FOR_​INPUT_​FEATURES -2147207896 No measurement information found for the input features.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​UNSUPPORTED_​SCHEMA_​VERSION -2147207895 Unsupported schema version for this operation.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​ONLY_​PARCELTYPE_​FEATURECLASSES_​ALLOWED -2147207894 Only parcel type feature classes allowed for this operation.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​REQUIRED_​DATASET_​CANNOT_​DELETE -2147207893 Required dataset and cannot be deleted.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​TOPOLOGY_​NOT_​ENABLED -2147207892 Parcel dataset topology is not enabled.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​FABRIC_​BEFORE_​VERSION5 -2147207891 Parcel fabric versions prior to version 5 are not supported.
FDO_​E_​PARCEL_​EDITOR_​TRACKING_​NOT_​ENABLED -2147207890 Editor tracking must be enabled for the parcel dataset.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE -2147207423 The definition of attritue rule is invalid.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​FIELD_​NOT_​FOUND -2147207422 The field name defined in attribute rule is not available in class.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​SUBTYPE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147207421 The subtype name defined in attribute rule is not available in class.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​TYPE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​BY_​ARCADE_​SCRIPT -2147207420 The field type is not supported by arcade script.
FDO_​E_​FAILED_​TO_​EVALUATE_​ARCADE_​EXPRESSION -2147207419 Failed to evaluate Arcade expression.
FDO_​E_​VIOLATED_​ATTRIBUTE_​CONSTRAINT_​RULE -2147207418 Violated attribute constraint rule.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​NOT_​FOUND -2147207417 Attribute rule not found.
FDO_​E_​DUPLICATE_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​NAME_​FOUND -2147207416 Duplicate attribute rule name was found.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​TYPE_​REQUIRES_​FIELD -2147207415 This attribute rule type requires field.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​TYPE_​CANNOT_​SUPPORT_​DELETE -2147207414 This attribute rule type cannot support delete triggering event.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​TYPE_​CANNOT_​HAVE_​FIELD -2147207413 This attribute rule type cannot support field association.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​TYPE_​CANNOT_​SUPPORT_​EVENT -2147207412 This attribute rule type cannot support any triggering event.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​TYPE_​CANNOT_​HAVE_​SUBTYPE -2147207411 This attribute rule type cannot support subtype association.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​TYPE -2147207410 Invalid attribute rule type.
FDO_​E_​FAILED_​TO_​EVALUATE_​VALIDATION -2147207409 Failed to evaluate attribute validation rules.
FDO_​E_​FAILED_​TO_​QUERY_​VALIDATION_​ERRORS -2147207408 Failed to query validation errors.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​REQUIRES_​ERROR_​NUMBER_​MESSAGE -2147207407 This attribute rule requires error number and message.
FDO_​E_​MUST_​SPECIFY_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​NAMES_​ERROR -2147207406 Must specify attribute rule names.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​RULE_​NAME_​ERROR -2147207405 Invalid rule name.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​SEVERITY_​VALUE -2147207404 The severity value should be 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​REQUIRES_​GLOBALID_​FIELD -2147207403 Attribute rule requires a Global ID attribute on the dataset.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​REQUIRES_​TRIGGERING_​EVENT -2147207402 Attribute rule requires triggering event(s).
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​REQUIRES_​SCRIPT -2147207401 Attribute rule requires Arcade script.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​HAS_​INVALID_​BATCH_​PROPERTY -2147207400 Attribute rule has invalid batch property.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​HAS_​INVALID_​USER_​EDITABLE_​PROPERTY -2147207399 Attribute rule has invalid user editable property.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​ALTER_​PROPERTY_​OF_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE -2147207398 Cannot alter the property of the attribute rule.
FDO_​E_​SYSTEM_​FIELD_​CANNOT_​BE_​ASSIGNED_​TO_​CALCULATION_​RULE -2147207397 The system maintained field cannot be assigned to a calculation rule.
FDO_​E_​FAILED_​TO_​UPDATE_​ERRORS -2147207396 Failed to update errors.
FDO_​E_​EVALUATION_​ORDER_​OUT_​OF_​RANGE -2147207395 The evaluation order passed was not within the valid range.
FDO_​E_​CALCULATION_​RULE_​RETURNED_​UNDEFINED_​VALUE -2147207394 Evaluation of script expression returned not a number or infinity.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​VALIDATION_​TYPE -2147207393 Invalid validation type.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​RESET_​REQUIRED_​PROPERTY_​OF_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE -2147207392 Cannot reset required property of the attribute rule.
FDO_​E_​ERRORMESSAGE_​KEYWORD_​CANNOT_​BE_​USED_​WITH_​OTHER_​KEYWORDS -2147207391 The errorMessage keyword cannot be used with other keywords in the dictionary return script.
FDO_​E_​MUST_​RETURN_​TEXT_​VALUE -2147207390 The errorMessage keyword must return a text value.
FDO_​E_​ARCADE_​SCRIPT_​RAISED_​ERROR -2147207389 Arcade script raised an error.
FDO_​E_​KEYWORD_​CANNOT_​BE_​USED_​WITH_​RULE_​TYPE -2147207388 The keyword cannot be used with the rule type.
FDO_​E_​UNDEFINED_​KEYWORD_​USED_​IN_​DICTIONARY -2147207387 Undefined keyword is used in the dictionary return script.
FDO_​E_​REQUIRED_​KEYWORD_​NOT_​DEFINED_​IN_​DICTIONARY -2147207386 Required keyword is not defined in the dictionary return script.
FDO_​E_​CHANGES_​IN_​VERSION_​CANNOT_​BE_​EVALUATED_​AGAINST_​DEFAULT -2147207385 Changes in version cannot be evaluated against default version.
FDO_​E_​CHANGES_​IN_​VERSION_​CANNOT_​BE_​EVALUATED_​WITH_​GLOBALIDS -2147207384 Changes in version cannot be evaluated with global ID based selection.
FDO_​E_​MUST_​BE_​OBJECTIDS_​OR_​GLOBALIDS -2147207383 Selection must be either ObjectIDs or GlobalIDs.
FDO_​E_​SERVER_​ONLY_​FOR_​RESETTING_​VS_​BY_​DICTIONARY -2147207382 Attribute rules that reset the validation status with calculationRequired or validationRequired must only execute on the server.
FDO_​E_​SCRIPT_​EXCEEDS_​MAX_​LENGTH -2147207381 Arcade script cannot exceed 500,000 characters.
FDO_​E_​SEVERITY_​NOT_​APPLICABLE_​TO_​RULE_​TYPE -2147207380 Severity value is not applicable to the current attribute rule type.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​DATASETTYPE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147207379 The dataset does not support attribute rules.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​TYPE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​WORKSPACE_​TYPE -2147207378 The attribute rule type is not supported in the input workspace type.
FDO_​E_​NO_​OPERATION_​LICENSE_​FOR_​DATA_​REVIEWER_​SERVER -2147207377 Operation failed to execute due to license not available. Authorize and enable the Data Reviewer for ArcGIS Server extension to access this functionality.
FDO_​E_​INPUT_​JSON_​IS_​INVALID -2147207376 The input JSON is invalid.
FDO_​E_​EXCLUDE_​FROM_​APP_​EVALUATION_​MUST_​BE_​ENABLED -2147207375 Exclude from application evaluation must be enabled
FDO_​E_​SCRIPT_​ORIGINAL_​FEATURE_​NOT_​ALLOWED -2147207374 The attribute rule expression contains $originalfeature which is only valid with the update trigger for constraint and immediate calculation rules.
FDO_​E_​BATCH_​CALCULATION_​AND_​VALIDATION_​ARE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​ON_​MULTIPOINT -2147207373 Batch Calculation and Validation rules are not supported on multi-point feature classes.
FDO_​E_​BATCH_​CALCULATION_​AND_​VALIDATION_​ARE_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​ON_​MULTIPATCH -2147207372 Batch Calculation and Validation rules are not supported on multi-patch feature classes.
FDO_​E_​EVALUATION_​IS_​CYCLIC_​OR_​EXCEEDS_​MAX_​CASCADING_​LEVEL -2147207371 The evaluation of attribute rules is cyclic or exceeds maximum cascading level.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​UNEXPECTED_​FORMAT -2147207370 Unexpected format found.
FDO_​E_​NO_​OPERATION_​LICENSE_​FOR_​DATA_​REVIEWER_​DESKTOP -2147207369 Operation failed to execute due to license not available. Authorize and enable the Data Reviewer for ArcGIS Pro extension to access this functionality.
FDO_​E_​FIELD_​NOT_​SPECIFIED_​BY_​ARCADE_​SCRIPT -2147207368 Attribute rule returned a value but no field was specified in the rule.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULES_​DML_​INVALID_​VALUE_​ASSIGNED_​TO_​KEYWORD -2147207367 Invalid value assigned to DML keyword.
FDO_​E_​NO_​OPERATION_​MISSING_​DATA -2147207366 Operation failed to execute due to data not available. Please check logs for additional information on what data is not available.
FDO_​E_​INCORRECT_​NUMBER_​OF_​COLUMNS_​IN_​CSV -2147207365 Operation failed to execute due to data not available. Please check logs for additional information on what data is not available.
FDO_​E_​MUST_​SPECIFY_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​TYPE_​ERROR -2147207364 Must specify attribute rule type.
FDO_​E_​REVIEWERATTRIBUTERULE_​IMPORT_​ERROR -2147207363 Error importing data reviewer rule.
FDO_​E_​IMPORT_​ATTRIBUTERULE_​REVIEWERWARNING -2147207362 Reviewer rule import warning.
FDO_​E_​WRONG_​HEADER_​IN_​CSV -2147207361 CSV contains incorrect header.
FDO_​E_​CSV_​PATH_​IS_​EMPTY -2147207360 The provided CSV file path is empty.
FDO_​E_​FAILED_​TO_​DECODE_​RECORD -2147207359 Error ocurs when decoding record number.
FDO_​E_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​VIEW_​IMPORT_​FAILED -2147207358 Import Attribute Rules from Attribute Rules View has failed.
FDO_​E_​REVIEWER_​ATTRIBUTE_​RULE_​INVALID_​ISEXCEPTION_​FIELD_​UPDATE_​FROM_​ACCEPTABLE_​STATUS -2147207357 Invalid update. Cannot update the IsException field for an error with an Acceptable status.
FDO_​E_​RETURN_​TYPE_​NOT_​COMPATIBLE_​WITH_​FIELD_​TYPE -2147207356 Return type is not compatible with the field type.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​GENERIC_​FEATURE_​UPDATE_​ERROR -2147207167 Location Referencing: Feature update failed.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​UNAVAILABLE_​LOCKS -2147207166 The following feature has associated routes or lines which are already locked by other users or in other versions: [FC | OID] =
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​MISSING_​LOCKS -2147207165 The following feature has associated routes or lines which need to be locked before performing an edit: [FC | OID] =
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​CURVES_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147207164 Bezier curves and circular arcs are not supported in an LRS centerline layer.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​CENTERLINE_​WILL_​CAUSE_​NON_​MONOTONIC_​ROUTE -2147207163 The modified centerline geometry will result in an uncalibrated or non-monotonic route.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​RUN_​AEB_​BEFORE_​POST -2147207162 LRS route edits have been made on the edit version. Please run the Apply Event Behaviors tool before posting your changes.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​RUN_​AEB_​BEFORE_​RECONCILE -2147207161 LRS route edits have been made on the default version. Please run the Apply Event Behaviors tool before reconciling.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​CENTERLINE_​HAS_​ASSOCIATED_​ROUTES -2147207160 The following LRS centerline cannot be deleted because it has routes associated with it: OID =
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​GAPCALIBRATION_​FSRULE_​ERROR -2147207159 Invalid LRS gap calibration rule. Euclidean Distance, Adding Increment with nonzero offset, and Stepping Increment with nonzero offset are only allowed on branch versioned feature service LRS networks.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​SIMPLIFY_​WILL_​AFFECT_​ROUTE_​LENGTH -2147207158 The chosen centerlines will result in a decrease in geometric length when they are used to build the resulting route. This may be caused if the centerlines have overlapping sections or the geometries have degenerate segments. Make sure the chosen centerlines d
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​TOOLS_​TO_​EDIT -2147207157 Only Location Referencing tools can be used to edit this feature/field.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​PARTIAL_​POST_​NOT_​ALLOWED -2147207156 Partial post is not allowed for Location Referencing datasets.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​NON_​MONOTONIC_​ROUTE -2147207155 Invalid edit because the resultant route will be a non-monotonic route.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​CP_​MOVED_​OFF_​ROUTE -2147207154 The calibration point has been moved outside of the tolerance of the route.
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​SYNC_​MISSING_​FIELDS -2147207153 The From measure or To measure is missing from the event with route ID:
FDO_​E_​LOCATION_​REFERENCING_​SYNC_​FAILED -2147207152 Failed to apply event behaviors for the event with route ID:
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​LEVEL_​OF_​DETAIL -2147206911 Invalid level of detail provided.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​BIN_​TYPE -2147206910 Bin type is not valid or not supported.
FDO_​E_​GEOHASH_​INVALID_​COORD_​SYS -2147206909 GeoHash only supports EPSG: 4326 (GCS WGS 1984).
FDO_​E_​ALREADY_​LOD_​ENABLED -2147206908 Feature class is already feature binning enabled.
FDO_​E_​LOD_​INCOMPATIBLE_​COORDREF -2147206907 Base feature class coordinate system cannot be transformed to bin coordinate system. Choose different coordinate system.
FDO_​E_​LOD_​INVALID_​POSTGIS_​COORDSYS_​ID -2147206906 Unable to generate a valid coordinate system. Verify a valid definition exists in the PostGIS spatial​ref​sys table.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CELL_​ID -2147206905 The cell Id is invalid of malformed.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CELL_​HASH -2147206904 The cell hash value exceeds the legal bounds.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​COVERING -2147206903 The cell covering is invalid or incomplete.
FDO_​E_​NO_​VALID_​ANCESTOR -2147206902 No valid ancestor cell exists.
FDO_​E_​NO_​COMMON_​ANCESTOR -2147206901 No common ancestor exists.
FDO_​E_​NO_​VALID_​NEIGHBOR -2147206900 No valid neighbor exists.
FDO_​E_​LOD_​NOT_​ENABLED -2147206899 The feature class is not feature binning enabled.
FDO_​E_​INSTANCE_​DOES_​NOT_​SUPPORT_​LOD -2147206898 The instance does not support feature binning.
FDO_​E_​EMPTY_​PORTAL_​USERNAME -2147206831 Portal username does not exist.
FDO_​E_​ASYNC_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147206830 Asynchronous execution not supported.
FDO_​E_​PBF_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147206829 ProtoBuf response not supported.
FDO_​E_​TRACE_​NETWORK_​CREATION_​FAILED -2147205119 The creation of the trace network failed.
FDO_​E_​TRACE_​NETWORK_​VERSION_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147205118 Trace network version is not supported for this operation.
FDO_​E_​TRACE_​NETWORK_​NO_​PORTAL_​PRIVILEGE -2147205117 The account logged into portal is not licensed with the Trace Network Service user type extension
FDO_​E_​REPLICA_​TRACKING_​NOT_​SUPPORTED -2147204863 The dataset does not support replica tracking.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRICNETWORK_​NOT_​FOUND -2147204783 The geometric network was not found.
FDO_​E_​ADD_​FEATURE_​TO_​NETWORK -2147204782 Error adding a feature to a network.
FDO_​E_​CREATE_​LOGICAL_​NETWORK -2147204781 Error creating a logical network.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRICNETWORK_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147204780 The geometric network already exists.
FDO_​E_​ZERO_​LENGTH_​EDGE_​ELEMENT -2147204779 Geometry corresponding to edge element may not be zero length.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRICNETWORK_​CANNOT_​RENAME -2147204778 Cannot rename a geometric network.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRICNETWORK_​ELEMENT_​INCONSISTENCY -2147204777 Inconsistent elements in the geometric network.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​FEATURES_​HAVE_​HOMOGENEOUS_​Z_​SUPPORT -2147204776 Feature classes in a geometric network must have homogeneous support for Zs on geometry.
FDO_​E_​NO_​ASSOCIATED_​ERROR_​TABLE -2147204775 There is no error table associated with the geometric network.
FDO_​E_​FEATURE_​ELEMENT_​MISSING_​POINT_​GEOMETRY -2147204774 There is no point geometry associated with the feature element.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​FEATURES_​HAVE_​HOMOGENEOUS_​M_​SUPPORT -2147204773 Feature classes in a geometric network must have homogeneous support for Ms on geometry.
FDO_​E_​CLASS_​EXISTS_​WITH_​ORPHAN_​JUNCTION_​CLASS_​NAME -2147204772 An existing class has the same name as the orphan junction feature class.
FDO_​E_​GEOMETRICNETWORK_​INVALID_​NAME -2147204771 The geometric network name is invalid.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​FIELD_​FOR_​WEIGHT_​ASSOCIATION -2147204770 The specified field cannot be part of a weight association.
FDO_​E_​INVALID_​CLASS_​FOR_​WEIGHT_​ASSOCIATION -2147204769 The specified class cannot be part of a weight association.
FDO_​E_​CONNECTED_​FEATURE_​DOES_​NOT_​EXIST -2147204768 The connected feature does not exist.
FDO_​E_​OPEN_​LOGICAL_​NETWORK -2147204767 Error opening a logical network.
FDO_​E_​NETWORK_​ELEMENT_​ID_​BEYOND_​MAX -2147204766 A network feature has a network element whose id is larger than the maximum eid value in the PROPS table.
FDO_​E_​EDGE_​ENDPOINT_​NOT_​COINCIDENT -2147204765 Edge endpoint is not coincident with junction.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​POPULATED_​FEATURE_​CLASS -2147204764 Cannot delete populated feature class from a geometric network.
FDO_​E_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​ORPHAN_​JUNCTION_​CLASS -2147204763 Cannot delete the orphan junction class from a geometric network.
FDO_​E_​EMPTY_​GEOMETRICNETWORK_​IS_​NOT_​ALLOWED -2147204762 Empty geometric network is not allowed.

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