esriLocatorWorkspaceType Constants

Types for locator workspace.

Constant Value Description
esriLocalSystemLocatorWorkspace 0 Default local locator workspace.
esriFileSystemLocatorWorkspace 1 Local file system locator workspace.
esriRemoteDatabaseLocatorWorkspace 2 ArcSDE locator workspace.
esriExtensionLocatorWorkspace 3 Extension locator workspace.
esriArcGISServerLocatorWorkspace 4 ArcGISServer locator workspace.
esriLocalDatabaseLocatorWorkspace 5 Local database locator workspace.


The esriLocatorWorkspaceType enumeration contains values that represent different types of locator workspaces. The ILocatorWorkspaceName::Type property uses the esriLocatorWorkspaceType enumeration to indicate the type of locator workspace represented by a LocatorWorkspaceName object.

The members of this enumeration are represented as follows:

  • esriLocalSystemLocatorWorkspace - The default local locator workspace. The default local locator workspace is stored in the current user's profile directory.
  • esriFileSystemLocatorWorkspace - A locator workspace on the local file system, or on a shared network drive that is not the default local locator workspace.
  • esriRemoteDatabaseLocatorWorkspace - An ArcSDE locator workspace.
  • esriExtensionLocatorWorkspace - A locator workspace type used by third party data and locator developers.
  • esriArcGISServerLocatorWorkspace - An ArcGIS Server locator workspace.

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