esriNetworkAttributeUnits Constants

Units of a network dataset attribute.

Constant Value Description
esriNAUUnknown 0 Unknown.
esriNAUInches 1 Inches.
esriNAUFeet 3 Feet.
esriNAUYards 4 Yards.
esriNAUMiles 5 Miles.
esriNAUNauticalMiles 6 Nautical miles.
esriNAUMillimeters 7 Millimeters.
esriNAUCentimeters 8 Centimeters.
esriNAUMeters 9 Meters.
esriNAUKilometers 10 Kilometers.
esriNAUDecimalDegrees 11 Decimal degrees.
esriNAUDecimeters 12 Decimeters.
esriNAUSeconds 20 Seconds.
esriNAUMinutes 21 Minutes.
esriNAUHours 22 Hours.
esriNAUDays 23 Days.
esriNAUMilesPerHour 30 Miles per hour.
esriNAUKilometersPerHour 31 Kilometers per hour.

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