esriWorkspaceTablePropertyType Constants

Workspace table properties.

Constant Value Description
esriTablePropRowCountIsCalculated 1 The row count is calculated - could be expensive (VT_​BOOL).
esriTablePropCanAddField 2 Can add a field to a table (VT_​BOOL).
esriTablePropCanDeleteField 3 Can delete a field from a table (VT_​BOOL).
esriTablePropCanAddIndex 4 Can add an index to a table (VT_​BOOL).
esriTablePropCanDeleteIndex 5 Can delete an index from a table (VT_​BOOL).
esriTablePropOIDIsRecordNumber 6 The OID is the record number -- implies that id's are continuous (VT_​BOOL).
esriTablePropMaxFieldNameLength 7 The maximum length of field names.
esriTablePropBindCursor 8 Support for bind cursors (VT_​BOOL).
esriTablePropSupportsMultiColumnIndexes 9 Support for multi-column indexes (VT_​BOOL).
esriTablePropCanAddAttributeRule 10 Can add an attribute rule to a table (VT_​BOOL).

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