esriTinNodeEditInfo Constants

Esri TIN node edit info.

Constant Value Description
esriTinNodeUnknown 1 Source unknown.
esriTinNodeSuperNode 2 Super node.
esriTinNodeOriginal 4 Original input.
esriTinNodeDensified 8 Densified node.
esriTinNodeLineEnforce 16 Densified node due to line enforcement.
esriTinNodeIntersection 32 Intersection of two or more enforced lines.
esriTinNodeLineTouch 64 Point lies on the interior of an enforced edge (exclude the two end nodes of the edge).
esriTinNodeCoincident 128 More than one points lie on the same location.
esriTinNodeSnap 256 Other node(s) of different coords has been snapped to this node (position).
esriTinNodeModified 512 Point's coords have been modified (snapping to an existing enforced edge, for example).

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