esriNetworkErrors Constants

Logical network error codes.

Constant Value Description
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​FEATURE_​WORKSPACE -2147205119 Invalid underlying feature workspace.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​NAME -2147205118 Invalid network name.
NETWORK_​E_​UNKNOWN_​NETWORK_​TYPE -2147205117 Unknown network type.
NETWORK_​E_​CANNOT_​OPEN_​TABLE -2147205116 Unable to open a network table.
NETWORK_​E_​CANNOT_​CREATE_​TABLE -2147205115 Unable to create a network table.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​ELEMENT_​CLASSES -2147205114 Invalid network element classes.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​WEIGHT_​DEFINITIONS -2147205113 Invalid network weight definitions.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​WEIGHT_​ASSOCIATION -2147205112 Invalid network weight association.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK_​ACCESS -2147205111 Invalid network access.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​FORMAT_​NUMBER -2147205110 Invalid format number.
NETWORK_​E_​OLD_​WORKSPACE_​VERSION -2147205109 Old geodatabase version.
NETWORK_​E_​CANNOT_​CLOSE_​TABLE -2147205108 Cannot close a network table.
NETWORK_​E_​CANNOT_​DELETE_​TABLE -2147205107 Cannot delete a network table.
NETWORK_​E_​UNKNOWN_​ERROR -2147205106 Unknown network error.
NETWORK_​E_​REACHED_​MEMORY_​QUOTA -2147205105 The user-set logical network memory quota has been reached.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​ENGINE_​CONNECTION -2147205104 Invalid network engine.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​ENGINE -2147205103 Invalid network engine.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​ENGINE_​FSTAR -2147205102 Invalid engine forward star.
NETWORK_​E_​UNKNOWN_​ENGINE_​ERROR -2147205101 Unknown underlying engine error.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​NETWORK -2147205100 Invalid network.
NETWORK_​E_​NETWORK_​ALREADY_​EXISTS -2147205099 Network already exists.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​USER_​CLASS_​ID -2147205098 Invalid user class id.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​WEIGHT_​NAME -2147205097 Invalid weight name.
NETWORK_​E_​READ_​ONLY_​NETWORK -2147205096 Network is read only.
NETWORK_​E_​EDIT_​SESSION_​IN_​PROGRESS -2147205095 An edit session is in progress.
NETWORK_​E_​UPDATE_​SESSION_​IN_​PROGRESS -2147205094 An update session is in progress.
NETWORK_​E_​NO_​EDIT_​SESSION_​IN_​PROGRESS -2147205093 No edit session in progress.
NETWORK_​E_​NO_​UPDATE_​SESSION_​IN_​PROGRESS -2147205092 No update session in progress.
NETWORK_​E_​PROPERTY_​IS_​ALREADY_​SET -2147205091 The property has already been set.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​ELEMENT_​TYPE -2147205090 Invalid element type.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​WEIGHT_​TYPE -2147205089 Invalid weight type.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​ELEMENT_​ID -2147205088 Invalid network element id.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​USER_​ID -2147205087 Invalid user id.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​USER_​SUB_​ID -2147205086 Invalid user subid.
NETWORK_​E_​OVERFLOW_​USER_​CLASS_​ID -2147205085 Id values are too large.
NETWORK_​E_​OVERFLOW_​USER_​ID -2147205084 Id values are too large.
NETWORK_​E_​OVERFLOW_​USER_​SUB_​ID -2147205083 Id values are too large.
NETWORK_​E_​OVERFLOW_​ELEMENT_​ID -2147205082 Invalid element subid.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​WEIGHT_​ID -2147205081 Invalid weight id.
NETWORK_​E_​COPY_​OVERFLOW_​USER_​CLASS_​ID -2147205080 Cannot copy and paste a narrow network into a dataset requiring wide networks.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​WEIGHT_​VALUE -2147205079 Invalid value for given weight type.
NETWORK_​E_​NO_​EDIT_​OPERATION_​IN_​PROGRESS -2147205078 No edit operation is in progress.
NETWORK_​E_​EDIT_​OPERATION_​IN_​PROGRESS -2147205077 An edit operation is in progress.
NETWORK_​E_​LOOP_​EDGE_​CHAIN -2147205076 There is a loop among the edge elements for this feature.
NETWORK_​E_​CANNOT_​READ_​TABLE -2147205075 Unable to read from a network table.
NETWORK_​E_​CANNOT_​WRITE_​TABLE -2147205074 Unable to write to a network table.
NETWORK_​E_​CORRUPT_​DATA -2147205073 Corrupted network data.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​WEIGHT_​ELEMENT_​TYPES -2147205072 Invalid weight element type.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​BITGATE_​SIZE -2147205071 Bitgate weights sizes must be in the range from 1 to 31.
NETWORK_​E_​ELEMENT_​TYPE_​MISMATCH -2147205070 Mismatch between element type and weight.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​TABLE_​NAME -2147205069 The table name is invalid.
NETWORK_​E_​INVALID_​FIELD_​NAME -2147205068 The field name is invalid.
NETWORK_​E_​OLD_​NETWORK_​VERSION -2147205067 Old network version.
NETWORK_​E_​DUPLICATE_​TURN -2147205066 Turn element already exists.
NETWORK_​E_​BAD_​TURN_​INTERIOR_​EXTERIOR_​CONFLICT -2147205065 The edges of the turn element conflict with existing interior/exterior edges.
NETWORK_​E_​BAD_​TURN_​DUPLICATED_​FIRST_​LAST_​EDGES -2147205064 One of the interior edges of the turn element is the same as the first or last edge.
NETWORK_​E_​BAD_​TURN_​SELF_​LOOP -2147205063 One of the edges of the turn element is a self-loop.
NETWORK_​E_​BAD_​TURN_​UNCONNECTED_​ANCHOR -2147205062 The anchor junction of the turn element is not connected to the last edge.
NETWORK_​E_​BAD_​TURN_​UNCONNECTED_​EDGES -2147205061 The edges of the turn element are not connected to each other.
NETWORK_​E_​ADD_​WEIGHT_​HAS_​ELEMENTS -2147205060 Cannot add a weight to a network with elements.
NETWORK_​E_​DELETE_​WEIGHT_​HAS_​ASSOCIATIONS -2147205059 Cannot delete a weight that has weight associations.
NETWORK_​E_​DUPLICATE_​PROPERTY -2147205058 Network property already exists.
NETWORK_​E_​UNDEFINED_​PROPERTY -2147205057 Network property is not defined.
NETWORK_​E_​MISSING_​PROPERTY -2147205056 Network property is missing.
NETWORK_​E_​CANNOT_​OPEN_​LOGICAL_​NETWORK -2147205055 Cannot open a logical network.


Effective ArcGIS 9.3, the following error values were removed from the enumeration:


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