esriSQLInfo Constants

SQL Syntax Information.

Constant Value Description
esriSQL_​CurrentDateRequiresParentheses 0 SQL CurrentDate Function Requires Parentheses.
esriSQL_​ExtractRequiresCommas 1 SQL Extract Function Requires Commas.
esriSQL_​PositionRequiresCommas 2 SQL Position Function Requires Commas.
esriSQL_​SubstringRequiresCommas 3 SQL Substring Function Requires Commas.
esriSQL_​CorrelationNameAllowsASKeyword 4 Correlation Name Allows AS Keyword.
esriSQL_​NationalStringPrefix 5 The National String Prefix.
esriSQL_​CastAVGParameterToDouble 6 Cast the AVG function parameter to double.
esriSQL_​SupportsInterval 7 Supports INTERVAL
esriSQL_​NeedsDateTimeCast 8 Needs CAST on DATETIME value expression
esriSQL_​NeedsOverForPercentile 9 Needs OVER keyword for PERCENTILE Function
esriSQL_​NeedsWithinGroupForPercentile 10 Needs WITHIN GROUP clause for PERCENTILE Function

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