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What you can do

With ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS, you can:

  • Display web maps that have been authored with ArcGIS Online or your own on-premise ArcGIS portal
  • Mash up map services from ArcGIS Online and/or your own on-premise ArcGIS server to create unique maps. Display maps in any projection
  • Search for features in a map using SQL queries or spatial criteria
  • Display map details through informational pop-ups on features.
  • Collect locations by sketching on the map or using the GPS sensor of the device
  • Perform spatial analysis through geoprocessing tasks and services
  • Match addresses to locations (geocode) and locations to addresses (reverse-geocode)
  • Calculate drive-times and multi-stop routes with driving directions
  • Perform geometric operations and compute spatial relationships between features
  • Use your map data offline
    • View offline basemaps
    • Edit data offline
    • Sync local edits with the server
    • Perform blazing fast searches for addresses and routes