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Release notes for 10.2.5

This release focuses mainly on quality improvements and contains critical bug fixes and frequently requested enhancements.

  • Fixes a crash when downloading sync-enabled geodatabases from hosted and on-premises Feature services.
  • Fixes a crash occasionally seen on iOS 8 simulator.
  • Improves performance and robustness of making network requests.
  • Provides ability to filter the features displayed from a runtime geodatabase using definitionExpression on AGSFeatureTableLayer.
  • Supports generating sync-enabled geodatabases from Feature services using versioned data from enterprise geodatabases.
  • Supports editor tracking and ownership-based access control with sync-enabled geodatabases even when the device has no network connectivity.
  • Fixes blocking the main thread when synchronizing large changes from a sync-enabled geodatabase.
  • Fixes a number of issues with oAuth Enterprise Login using Shibboleth identity providers.
  • Fixes an issue of not being able add attachments to popups on iOS 8

iOS 6 is no longer supported as a deployment target. Devices must be running iOS 7 or iOS 8

Migrating existing applications

XCode project changes

None required.

API changes

None required.

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