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California wildfires 2017 - Thomas Fire analysis

The Thomas Fire was a massive wildfire that started in early December 2017 in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties and grew into California's largest fire ever.

In [1]:
import arcgis
from arcgis import *
from arcgis.mapping import MapImageLayer
In [2]:
gis = GIS('', 'arcgis_python', 'amazing_arcgis_123')

Visualize the extent of damage

In [3]:
from ipywidgets import *

postfire = MapImageLayer('')

def side_by_side(address):
    location = geocode(address)[0]

    satmap1 =
    satmap1.basemap = 'satellite'

    satmap2 =

    satmap1.layout=Layout(flex='1 1', padding='6px', height='450px')
    satmap2.layout=Layout(flex='1 1', padding='6px', height='450px')

    box = HBox([satmap1, satmap2])
    return box

Nob Hill, Ventura, CA

In [ ]:
side_by_side('Montclair Dr, Ventura, CA')

Vista Del Mar Hospital, Ventura, CA

In [ ]:
side_by_side('801 Seneca St, Ventura, CA 93001')