The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt includes an open-source toolkit (in a GitHub repo) that provides:

  • Ready-made UI components - Use these to simplify your work and enrich your mapping and GIS applications.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) tools - Use these for viewing and interacting with your 3D spatial data in AR.

The toolkit includes:

  • ArcGISArView - A scene view that integrates with ARKit/ARCore features for augmented reality on mobile devices.
  • AuthenticationView Dialog - A wrapper view that will automatically display the proper authentication view for any of the supported authentication types (OAuth, Token, HTTP Basic, HTTP Digest, SAML, PKI).
  • ClientCertificateView Dialog - A dialog for handling PKI authentication.
  • OAuth2View Dialog - A dialog for handling OAuth authentication.
  • SslHandshakeView Dialog - A dialog for allowing/blocking SSL Handshake related issues.
  • UserCredentialsView Dialog - A generic dialog for handling username/password authentication.
  • Callout Control - A view for displaying information at a geographic location on the map.
  • PopupView Control - A view for displaying attributes and attachments for features.
  • TimeSlider Control - A control for visualizing temporal data by changing the currently visible time extent.
  • Compass Control - A compass (aka north arrow) control for indicating which direction is north.
  • Coordinate Conversion Control - A tool for assisting in converting coordinates from one format to another.


The repository contains three toolkit projects, each intended for use based on the ArcGIS Runtime SDK and the Qt application you're creating:

  • toolkitqml (for use with QML only apps)
  • toolkitcpp (for use with C++ apps which use a QtQuick UI)
  • toolkitwidgets (for use with C++ apps which use a QWidgets UI)

Set up the toolkit

You need to clone this repository locally to incorporate it into your own project. Instructions for importing the toolkit vary based on the ArcGIS Runtime SDK and the Qt application you're creating. See the repository readme file for detailed information:



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