Navigate a map view

The area of the map that is visible to a user is specified by the map's initial viewpoint (initialViewpoint). The user can explore different areas of the map by panning, zooming, or rotating, using a range of gestures that are built-in to the map view.

User gestures

Below are the map view's gestures that are provided for every iOS device. Each of these gestures will change the map view's viewpoint. You can use MapView.onViewpointChanged(kind:perform:) closure to perform an action when the viewpoint has changed.

NavigationUser Action
Zoom inTwo finger pinch open
Single finger double-tap
Zoom outTwo finger pinch close
Two finger single-tap
Continuous zoom in / out                                         Single finger double-tap, ending in a vertical up/down drag                                         
Move/PanSingle finger drag or flick
Rotate the sceneTwo finger rotate

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