Programming patterns

The following programming patterns are discussed in this chapter:

  • Manage GeoView state — You can manage and preserve the state of your maps, scenes, and any associated data using a model. This preserves your program state and seperates your application data and business logic from your user interface.

  • Configure a GeoView — You can customize a map or scene view's appearance and behavior using special methods called view modifiers.

  • Perform GeoView operations — You execute an operation on a map or scene view by wrapping the view in a MapViewReader.

For a description of offline patterns, see Offline maps, scenes, and data in the Offline maps, scenes, and data chapter. Which offline pattern you choose determines whether or not your users can define their own map area, and, if they are editing, how multiple editors will sync their edits back to a web map or back to a branch version.

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