License and deployment

As you develop and test your application, you can access all of the capabilities of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET.

Before your application is deployed to production, you must license it. You do this by applying a production license, and optional extension licenses. There are four production license levels to choose from which determine the capabilities of the SDK that your application can use: Lite, Basic, Standard, and Advanced.

The topics in this section will help you determine which license level is appropriate for your application, how to obtain a license, and how to use that license in your application.

1. Develop and test

You can download and install this SDK using the downloads page, and do not need a production license to make full use of the SDK for development and testing.

Until you apply a production license:

  • Any map view or scene view will be watermarked with the words Licensed For Developer Use Only.
  • A message will be written to the console or log that states that the app is Licensed For Developer Use Only.
  • Your application will be able to use all the capabilities of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET.
  • When Local Server starts a message box will be displayed stating that This application is licensed for developer use only.

2. License your app

You are required to license your app before it can be used in a production environment. The following topics discuss licensing in more detail:

  • License levels and capabilities describes the four available production license levels (Lite, Basic, Standard, and Advanced) and the SDK capabilities enabled at each level. It also describes extension licenses that bring additional functionality into your app.
  • Use a license in your app describes how to apply a production license to your app using either a license string or user authentication.
  • Get a license describes how production licenses are obtained.
  • Licensing considerations reviews unique licensing scenarios that may affect your app.

Although you do not need to apply a production license during development and testing, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the capabilities of each license level to determine which license you will need for production use.

With a production license applied:

  • The Licensed for Developer Use Only watermark no longer appears in your app.
  • A Licensed For Developer Use Only message is no longer written to the console or log.
  • SDK capabilities are limited to the license level that you have applied (see License levels and capabilities).

3. Deploy your app

Deploying your app can vary according to the target platform. You will also need to attribute Esri in your app, if you use certain services. See the deployment topic in this guide for more information.

Other costs may also be incurred when deploying your app, such as transactions used with ArcGIS Location Services. Refer to the FAQ in the Mapping and location services guide and our FAQ for more information about the terms and conditions.

Pay attention to the attribution and usage requirements for any additional data sources you may use in your app.

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