ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET offers an open source toolkit with controls and utilities to help simplify your .NET development work. Available components include:

  • BasemapGallery: Shows basemaps, either from a Portal or a custom collection; applies the selected basemap to the connected GeoModel.

  • Bookmarks: Shows bookmarks, from a map, scene, or a list; navigates the associated MapView/SceneView when a bookmark is selected.

  • Compass: Shows a compass direction when the map is rotated. Auto-hides when the map points north up.

  • FeatureDataField: Displays and optionally allows editing of a single field attribute of a feature.

  • FeatureFormView: Adds attribute editing capabilities to your apps. A form definition stored in feature layer json metadata defines the UI for editing feature attributes.

  • FloorFilter: Shows sites and facilities, and enables toggling the visibility of levels on floor-aware maps and scenes.

  • GeoViewController: Provides a helper to enable easy adoption of Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) patterns in ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET applications. This helper class allows you to perform view operations on the MapView from your ViewModel, through an attached proxy-object that ensures you keep ViewModel and View separated.

  • Legend: Displays a legend for a single layer in your map (and optionally for its sub layers).

  • MeasureToolbar: Allows measurement of distances and areas on the map view.

  • OverviewMap: Displays an interactive inset map for a map or scene.

  • PopupViewer: Displays a popup for an individual GeoElement. This includes showing the element's title, attributes, custom description, media, charts, attachments, etc.

  • ScaleLine: Displays current scale reference.

  • SearchView: Enables searching using one or more locators, with support for suggestions, automatic zooming, and custom search sources.

  • SymbolDisplay: Renders a symbol in a control.

  • TimeSlider: Allows interactively defining a temporal range (i.e. time extent) and animating time moving forward or backward. Can be used to manipulate the time extent in a MapView or SceneView. (UWP, WinUI, and WPF only)

  • Utility Network Trace Tool: Enables a utility network trace experience for maps authored with a trace configuration.

For a full list of controls with screenshots, see

Install from NuGet

The fastest way to get the toolkit into your app is to install the toolkit for your target platform from NuGet:

Build from source

You can also build the toolkit from source, which allows you to customize it. For details, see Build from source.


Access ArcGIS location services

The default constructors for the BasemapGallery and the SearchView components take advantage of geographically load-balanced ArcGIS location services. You can monitor service usage with API keys or access tokens from user authentication. To use these components with default constructors, you must set an API key or authenticate an ArcGIS user. For more information about accessing services and content with an API key, see Get an access token.


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