Deploy Local Server

You can deploy Local Server for apps developed using either .NET Framework or .NET 8 for Windows. Local Server is not supported for apps developed using UWP or .NET for iOS, Android, and Mac Catalyst.

Build a Local Server deployment

For your application to use Local Server functionality you must create a Local Server deployment to include along with your application. The ArcGIS Maps SDK for Local Server installation includes all the components of Local Server. From the SDK installation you will create a deployment that includes only the components your application requires, reducing the footprint of your application.

The first time you build an application project that references the Esri.ArcGISRuntime.LocalServices NuGet package, a deployment manifest file is created on disk in your project directory. This file is named ArcGISLocalServer_200.x.AGSDeployment where x represents the minor version of Esri.ArcGISRuntime.LocalServices NuGet package.

The deployment manifest file is an XML-formatted text file that defines the components (listed as Package elements) of Local Server to deploy for your application. The top-level Package element in the file provides the ability to read geoprocessing and map packages created with ArcGIS Pro. Under the parent element are ChildPackage elements that are required to enable specific functionality such as geoprocessing, Python scripting support, and additional data formats. By default, only the core ArcGIS Pro Local Server component is enabled which is sufficient to support local map and feature services that reference ArcGIS file data sources, such as File Geodatabase. To include additional capabilities, you can edit the file in Visual Studio or a text editor and enable features by changing enabled="false" to enabled="true". Only packages with an enabled value of true are included in the deployment.

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<!--This local server has support for ArcGIS Pro gpkx and mpkx packages. It is 64 bit only-->
<Package id="Pro" name="ArcGIS Pro Compatible Server" enabled="true">

When you build your project, the components you have enabled in ArcGISLocalServer_200.x.AGSDeployment will be copied to your project output folder under a folder named LocalServer200.x (where x represents the minor version of Local Server). This folder must be deployed along with your application.

Local Server components

Deployment ComponentDescription
ArcGIS Pro Compatible Server (Pro)This is required if your application uses any local services.
Microsoft C and C++ Runtime Libraries (ProCRuntime)Including Microsoft VC++ libraries in the runtime deployment following the app-local pattern allows for XCopy style deployments. Only include these if your setup is not installing the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages.
Geoprocessing (ProGeoprocessing)
Available sub-packages:
  • 3D Analyst extension (Pro3DAnalyst): Required for any geoprocessing packages that make use of 3D Analyst tools.
  • Geocoding (ProGeocoding): Provides the ability to use ArcGIS Locators.
  • Map packaging (ProMapPackaging): Adds data consolidation, map packaging and create runtime content tools.
  • Map Server Results (ProMapServerResults): Required to add geoprocessing results as map services.
  • Network Analyst (ProNetworkAnalyst): Required for any geoprocessing packages that make use of Network Analyst tools.
  • Spatial Analyst (ProSpatialAnalyst): Required for any geoprocessing packages that make use of Spatial Analyst tools.
Provides the ability to perform geoprocessing tasks via geoprocessing packages. For a list of supported tools, refer to the Supported geoprocessing tools topic.
Python Scripting (ProPythonScripting)Provides the ability to use Python scripts in geoprocessing or labeling.
Additional Data Formats (ProAdditionalDataFormats)
Available sub-packages:
  • Raster (ProRaster): Provides additional raster file data format support. For a list of supported rasters, refer to the ArcGIS Pro documentation topic Raster file formats.
  • ECW Rasters (ProECWRasters)
  • Mosaic Rasters (ProMosaicRasters)
  • Vector (ProVector): Provides additional vector file data format support such as the ability to use shapefiles.
  • SDE (ProSDE): Adds support to allow you to connect directly to enterprise geodatabases. This option must be selected in conjunction with at least one of the following RDBMS: Dameng, IBM Db2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, SQLite, or Teradata. The drivers for the specified database must be present on the target machine.
Provides additional vector file data format and raster file data format support. Enable the appropriate packages for the formats your application needs to support.
Additional Projection Engine Transformations (ProAdditionalProjectionEngineTransformations)Adds additional projections and geotransformations. For more information on coordinate systems, refer to the Spatial references topic.
Debug (ProDebug)
Available sub-packages:
  • Logging (ProLogging): Supports writing log messages from your running app.
Supports debugging of your deployed app. Should be used for testing only, and not included in your final app deployment.

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