Add help for your widget

Your custom widget can link to the help file in Web AppBuilder in the same way as out-of-the-box widgets. Prepare your help .html file appropriately.

  1. Copy your widget folder and paste it in the widgets repository.

    By default, the widgets repository is located under ~\client\stemapp\widgets folder.

  2. Copy and paste your help .html file, for example, myWidget.html, in the ~\docs folder.
  3. Open the widgetHelp.json file under ~\client\builder, and add a new key/value pair to widget2d or widget3d under the dev property.

    In this case, key is the lower case of your widget name, and value is the name of your html help.

    Add key/value pair

  4. Start the node server, type http://[your hostname:3344]/webappbuilder/help/[your help file].html in the browser, and determine if you can access the help document for your widget.
  5. In Web AppBuilder, create an app and add your widget. Open the widget setting page, and click Learn more about the widget link.

    Your help file displays.