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ArcGIS Developer

Edit and launch an app

Apps can only be edited by their authors.

Edit the app

On the home page, click the edit button Edit on the app. If the app was created from scratch, the builder opens for editing. If the app was created from a template, the template-based configuration opens for editing. When you're finished editing, save the app.

Launch the app

On the home page, click the view button View on the app to view it in the browser. If you're in editing mode, click the Launch button in the left pane.

If the App State check box on the Attributes tab is checked, when you close your browser, the app state—including map extent and layer visibility—is automatically saved. As a result, you'll see the same app state the next time you open the app in the same browser.


The app state is not applied when one of the following URL parameters is used:

  • extent
  • center
  • marker
  • find
  • query
  • scale
  • level