What's new in version 2.10

ArcGIS Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 2.10 includes the following features.


A Pocket theme has been added for apps embedded in websites, story maps, or other locations with surrounding context, where only one widget is supported in a panel positioned on the left or the right.


The following widgets have been improved in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder:

  • Search allows you to directly type coordinates with UTM or specified by a WKID in the search box to locate a place on the map. It also now has an option to pan to the search result without zooming.
  • With Layer List, you can find layers by typing a keyword, and include basemap layers in the list with a new option.
  • Print allows you to define the output spatial reference on the Advanced tab for the printout.
  • Geoprocessing allows you to select a table from the map as an input of GPRecordSet and to check the option to hide the Others symbol from the legend as an output.
  • Edit now has an option to honor the editable layer setting defined in the web map.
  • Infographic allows you to set dynamic maximum and minimum values, which are dependent on statistic data configured in Extra Data source, for the gauge templates.
  • With Query, you can hide or customize filter labels of query criteria and spatial filters, type a value and press Enter to apply the query, and at run time, have options to rename the resultant layer and keep the spatial filter shape drawn on the map after execution.
  • Measurement allows you to snap to the measured features for accuracy.
  • You can change the font size and font color to display the measurements with Draw.
  • With Filter, you can add a blank value to the predefined values list, and uncheck all the selections at once in the multiple-value list.
  • With Coordinate, you can change the display label for a configured coordinate system and set a default coordinate system.
  • Directions allows you to save the route as a hosted layer in My Content.
  • With Daylight (3D), you can choose a specific date to reflect the sun’s position at different times.


The new CoordinateControl class allows coordinates to be consumed and parsed in multiple formats and notation styles.

When using Analysis widget in ArcGIS Enterprise, you may check this new matrix to understand tools that require a standard or advanced GIS Server license.

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