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What's new in version 2.16

ArcGIS Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 2.16 update includes improvements to several widgets.


  • The Data Aggregation widget is out of beta and has added support for multiple target layers and the capability to customize the home screen message.
  • The list of materials for the Emergency Response Guide widget has been increased from 679 to 3,127.
  • Infographic has a new configuration option to set the display range for applicable chart templates to show all results by default.
  • The Parcel Drafter widget now supports international foot as a measurement unit. The widget configuration includes a new option to set the default line type and shows field alias names when selecting fields to store parcel attributes.
  • With the Public Notification widget, you can allow users to add and remove selected parcels on a specific addressee layer.
  • When querying a feature in the Share widget, attribute values are now sorted in ascending order and users can type in a search box to select from a reduced list of relevant values.
  • When configuring attribute actions for the Smart Editor widget, you can choose to populate a field based on MGRS coordinates.


The new getFilterExp method gets the filter expressions that have been applied to a layer from all widgets unless excluded.

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