In-panel and off-panel widgets

Two types of widgets are supported: an off-panel widget (such as Scalebar widget) and an in-panel widget (such as Query widget). Before you start coding, determine whether or not your widget needs a panel. The differences between the two panels are as follows:

  • As the names imply, an off-panel widget cannot open in a panel, while an in-panel widget must open in a panel.
  • Off-panel widgets have an additional property named closeable when configured as an on-screen widget . If closeable is set to true, the app container creates an icon to open and close the widget; if false, the app container loads and opens the widget by default.
  • Off-panel widgets cannot be put into a group.

Each widget has an initial state to indicate whether the openAtStart property is set to true or false.

You can set the inPanel property in the widget’s manifest.json file. For details, see Widget manifest.

For more information on panels, see Create a theme.