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What's new in version 2.13

ArcGIS Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 2.13 update includes continued support for accessibility, a new widget, and improvements to several widgets.



  • The new Business Analyst widget provides a way to generate Business Analyst Infographics and Classic Reports.
  • You can now add stops in Directions by searching feature layers.
  • With Query and Filter, you can perform a query on a combination of date and time.
  • The My Location widget has new options to display compass orientation and location accuracy on a mobile device.
  • Near Me adds the option to choose selection color and modernizes the buffer slider.
  • Screening has support for rich text in the footnote editor, separates measurement units for length and area, and adds the option to draw a circle on the map.
  • You can choose to not display the thousand separator with Infographic.
  • Search provides different radius units in the local search.
  • Batch Attribute Editor has the option to choose the drawing tool for the Select by Area method and allows for custom text to display at the top of the widget.
  • The Network Trace configuration experience has been updated for the General Settings tab.
  • The Emergency Response Guide (ERG), Gridded Reference Graphic (GRG), and Threat Analysis widgets can now publish results to an existing feature layer on the map.
  • The Situation Awareness widget adds the option to choose selection color.
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