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What's new in version 1.2

ArcGIS Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 1.2 was released in August 2015. It includes the following features and enhancements:

  • Five new themes are available-Billboard, Box, Dart, Jewelry box, and Launchpad.
  • A new Search widget replaces the existing Geocoder widget with support for searching and suggestions on multiple sources.
  • A new Stream widget visualizes and controls real-time data feeds from streaming feature layers.
  • A new Summary widget dynamically summarizes numeric attributes for features based on the map extent.
  • A new Incident Analysis widget defines an area of interest and understands what's happening around the area, such as current weather, demographic info, and features close to the area.
  • A new GeoLookup widget (beta) enriches a list of latitude and longitude points from CSV file against polygon layers on the map.
  • A new Zoom Slider widget provides interactive zoom controls in the map display.
  • A new option is available to have widgets already opened when the web app starts up.
  • A new option is available to configure the loading page of the app.
  • A new capability allows you to crop the image when changing the thumbnail or widget's icon.
  • A new template workflow enables you to create an app from the template , export and manage templates from local server.
  • The off-panel widgets such as Search widget can be added to the controller.
  • The Geoprocessing widget has support for uploading data to use in geoprocessing services that have upload capability.
  • The Layer List widget has configurable context menus.
  • The Query widget has configurable sorting rules for query results.
  • The Attribute Table widget has a filter to limit features and can be expended automatically when the app starts.
  • The My Location widget adds an option to watch for location changes.
  • The Directions widget adds travel modes.
  • The Draw widget has an option to add drawing result as an operational layer.
  • The Analysis widget adds configurable options for each tool.
  • Imagery layers including visualization with scientific data are supported.
  • Splash widget adds an option to always show the splash screen .
  • The Foldable theme and Tab theme have better responsive designs.