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What's new in version 2.7

ArcGIS Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 2.7 was released in January 2018. It includes the following features and enhancements:


  • The new Public Notification widget enables you to identify a collection of properties and create mailing labels, or a structured text file, for owners and occupants.
  • The new Cost Analysis widget (Beta) allows you to sketch a proposed design and get an estimated cost of the project.
  • The Filter widget provides options to zoom to the features automatically when the filter is applied, to turn on filters when the widget is opened, and for end users to build their own filter expressions.
  • Filter expressions now support relative dates such as today and in the last week. When Ask for value is checked, the default value can be blank.
  • The Infographic widget adds eight new templates such as donuts and stacked bars and now supports custom colors per value field when applicable.
  • The Add Data widget supports uploading local KML files.
  • Info Summary becomes an in-panel widget for better display on devices and in the Dashboard theme.
  • The Bookmark widget supports layers’ visibility.
  • The Edit widget adds a new option to save all edits to attributes with one commit.
  • The Select widget adds new options to choose which layers to select and to make all layers selectable, de-selectable, or switch their select state.
  • The Swipe widget adds options to automatically zoom to the swipe layer and choose which layers to swipe.
  • The Geoprocessing widget supports using the current map extent as input and for turning off the visibility of the output layer on the map by default.
  • The Directions widget can be opened from the Open route button in the pop-up, where a route on the map is generated by the Plan Routes tool from the Analysis widget. Make sure the Include route layers box is checked when running the Plan Routes tool.
  • The output from the Print widget displays the local date and time of the user's location.
  • The Environment widget in 3D has been renamed the Daylight widget.


  • The hyperlinks added from the Attribute tab can be any protocol supported by the browser such as HTTP, HTTPS, MAILTO, and FTP.
  • The included Node.js has been upgraded to the latest LTS V8.9.3, and dependent modules are up to date.


The following documentation has been added:

  • About release versions— Web AppBuilder has three release formats: ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise, and Developer Edition. The table shows the relationship among these formats and associated ArcGIS API for JavaScript in terms of versions.
  • What's new archive—A list of What's new from previous releases of the Developer Edition.
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