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What's new in version 1.3

ArcGIS Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 1.3 was released in December 2015. It includes the following features and enhancements:

  • The app state, including map extent and layer visibility, is now automatically saved when you close your browser.
  • Web-tier secure service from ArcGIS Server is fully supported.
  • Six new URL parameters enable you to find location or feature, supply login, query feature, add point, switch locale, and specify WKID to zoom or pan the map.
  • A new Batch Attribute Editor widget allows you to simultaneously edit multiple attributes.
  • A new Reviewer Dashboard widget displays data quality result statistics as infographics pie and bar charts to summarize data quality issues identified in your GIS data.
  • A new Feature Report widget enables you to collect and manage data quality feedback from users.
  • A new Image Measurement widget allows you to perform measurements on image services with mensuration capability.
  • The Search widget has options to add placeholder text for all search sources, search by current map extent, and show/hide popup for the feature or location that is found.
  • The Attribute Table widget updates layers or field names accordingly when they are changed in the map.
  • The Edit widget carries over the editable attributes configured in the map.
  • The Coordinate widget makes coordinates text more readable.
  • The Splash widget provides options to customize background color and always show the splash screen every time the app launches.
  • The Query widget has support for querying on related tables and displaying related features in the result.
  • The Geoprocessing widget has options to customize fields in table output and export results to CSV, Feature Collection and GeoJSON.
  • The Directions widget adds traffic layer url configuration.
  • The Print widget supports custom texts with custom layout metadata task and from upcoming ArcGIS Server 10.4 service.
  • The Choose Web Map window provides sorting on the maps based on the most recent, most viewed, highest rated, title and owner.