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Required files

At a minimum, a ArcGIS Web AppBuilder widget requires two files, a JavaScript file that defines it and a manifest file that describes it. However, for a more full-featured widget, there are multiple files that define it, including the HTML template, i18n support, styles, and so on.

To store your widget files, create a folder named Demo in the ~/client/stemapp/widgets folder for 2D widgets or in the stemapp3d/widgets folder for 3D widgets. Create the following set of folders and files in the folder:

  • The JavaScript file that defines the widget (Widget.js)
  • The template file that defines the widget’s UI (Widget.html)
  • The widget’s configuration file (config.json)
  • The widget's manifest file (manifest.json)
  • The widget’s i18n strings file (nls/strings.js)
  • The widget’s style file (css/style.css)

Create files