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California has been battling water shortages for years now. The primary intervention strategy for water agencies across the region in combating this problem is reducing water consumption and water waste. To aid in this effort, Esri partner CitySourced has created EveryDrop, a water conservation website and app that engages citizens by giving them an easy way to report water waste and educates them in ways to better conserve water.

EveryDrop App Screenshot
EveryDrop App Screenshot
EveryDrop App Screenshot

Key features

Georeferenced incident reports

Uses ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Kotlin and Swift to create new georeferenced incident reports of misuse of water resources.

Citizen engagement

Uses ArcGIS Enterprise as a system of record for water use data, and enables collaboration between citizens and water management authorities.


Integration with ArcGIS Dashboards to provide a single operating picture for citizens and knowledge workers.

App details

Water agencies have field crews to combat water waste, but they can only tackle issues they know about. Fortunately, public-facing reporting tools such as smartphone apps, have emerged. These tools greatly simplify the process of reporting water waste. Most important, these reports go straight to the water agencies that address these problems. By turning to the public and enabling citizens to report water waste, agencies can become aware of waste issues more quickly.

For the public, EveryDrop is available both as a website and a downloadable application for Android and iPhone. The app lets users:

  • Identify and report water waste directly
  • View incidents of water waste around them
  • Receive alerts to conserve when it's absolutely necessary
  • Educate themselves on conservation techniques
  • Engage with the water community through social media

To identify and report water waste, the user simply opens the app, snaps a photo of the problem, uses the GPS capabilities of the device to provide the location, and clicks a button in the app to submit the issue. Using location and various other factors, the report is automatically routed to the correct agency and department so users don't have to know who is responsible for responding to the issue.

EveryDrop also provides a web-based management console which gives water agencies full control over the water waste reports. Departments can be automatically notified based on configurable rules, conditions, and other user-submitted data such as location. Additionally, executive leadership can use the console to see what, where, and how frequently water waste is being reported.

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