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Enums.FieldType enumeration

The FieldType can be one of:

Enums.FieldTypeUnknown (-1)Unknown field type.
Enums.FieldTypeInt16 (0)Small integer type.
Enums.FieldTypeInt32 (1)Integer type.
Enums.FieldTypeGUID (3)GUID type.
Enums.FieldTypeFloat32 (4)Float type.
Enums.FieldTypeFloat64 (5)Double type.
Enums.FieldTypeDate (6)DateTime type (in case of shapefiles: only date, not time).
Enums.FieldTypeText (7)Text type.
Enums.FieldTypeOID (8)ObjectID type.
Enums.FieldTypeGlobalID (9)GlobalID type.
Enums.FieldTypeBlob (10)Blob type.
Enums.FieldTypeGeometry (11)Geometry type.
Enums.FieldTypeRaster (12)Raster type.
Enums.FieldTypeXml (13)XML type.

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