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Enums.FieldType enumeration

The FieldType can be one of:

Enums.FieldTypeUnknown (-1)Unknown field type.
Enums.FieldTypeInt16 (0)Small integer type.
Enums.FieldTypeInt32 (1)Integer type.
Enums.FieldTypeGUID (3)GUID type.
Enums.FieldTypeFloat32 (4)Float type.
Enums.FieldTypeFloat64 (5)Double type.
Enums.FieldTypeDate (6)DateTime type.
Enums.FieldTypeText (7)Text type.
Enums.FieldTypeOID (8)ObjectID type.
Enums.FieldTypeGlobalID (9)GlobalID type.
Enums.FieldTypeBlob (10)Blob type.
Enums.FieldTypeGeometry (11)Geometry type.
Enums.FieldTypeRaster (12)Raster type.
Enums.FieldTypeXml (13)XML type.

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