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GeocodeParameters QML Type

Parameters for geocoding using a LocatorTask. More...

Import Statement: import Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.8
Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.0




Detailed Description

Use GeocodeParameters when geocoding to set the maximum results returned, limit the search extent to a given area, or to set the output language. GeocodeParameters are not required to geocode with the LocatorTask, but they give you more control over geocoding task preferences.

This QML type supports the following default properties. A default property may be declared inside another declared object without being assigned explicitly to a property.

Property Documentation

categories : list<string>

The list of categories used for geocoding.

The category parameter limits the types of places for which the service searches, thus eliminating false positive matches and potentially speeding up the search process. You can specify categories by different levels of detail. For example, if you were searching for somewhere to eat, you could specify the category as "Korean Food" for something specific, "Food" for something more generic, or even "POI" for something very generic.

Note: Categories are currently not supported with local locators. However, a gazateer-style locator could be used instead to get a similar output.

See also Category filtering.

countryCode : string

The country code used for geocoding.

The country code applies to online locators that cover multiple countries, such as the World Geocoding Service. Providing a country code will force the locator to perform the search only within the given country. This could benefit performance when searching ambiguous addresses.

Examples of country codes include CN for China, IS for Iceland, and US for The United States.

See also Geocoding Country Codes.

forStorage : bool

Whether the geocoding results will be stored locally.

If you plan to persist geocoding results in a database or other data store, you must set this parameter to true.

The default value is false, indicating that results of the operation will be used only temporarily, such as for for displaying the results on a map.

maxResults : int

The maximum number of results that the geocoding operation should return.

minScore : double

The minimum match score of a candidate in a geocoding operation.

Geocoding produces a list of items in the reference data that match the search criteria. Each item compared to the search criteria receives a match score from 0 to 100, where 100 is a perfect match. Any item with a score of at least the minimum score is regarded as a match.

A match score between 85 and 99 is often considered a good match. To find such matches, set minScore to 85. If your app wants the geocoding results to include items with lower match scores, set minScore to a lower value.

Note: minScore only applies for local locators.

outputLanguageCode : string

The two-character output language code.

For example, ZH for Simplified Chinese, IS for Icelandic, and EN for English.

See also Geocoding Language Codes.

[default] outputSpatialReference : SpatialReference

The output spatial reference of the GeocodeResult.

[default] preferredSearchLocation : Point

The preferred search location of a geocoding operation.

The geocoding operation can sort result items by their proximity to a preferred search location, such as the user's current location. The priority of the items within 50,000 meters of this location are boosted relative to items that are farther away.

For example, when searching by name for a business with many locations in the area, there will be many matched items even when a search area is specified. The user would have to look through the items to find the closest store. When the preferred search location is set to the user's current location, the locator can prioritize the items based on proximity to the user.

By default, no preferred search location is set.

resultAttributeNames : list<string>

The list of attribute names returned in the GeocodeResult.

Check the LocatorInfo::ResultAttributes for a list of available attributes.

[default] searchArea : Geometry

The search area of a geocoding operation.

Matches return only for items within the search area, such as the map view's currently visible geographic extent.

Signal Documentation


Emitted when the categories property of this GeocodeParameters changes.


Emitted when the countryCode property of this GeocodeParameters changes.


Emitted when the forStorage property of this GeocodeParameters changes.


Emitted when the maxResults property of this GeocodeParameters changes.


Emitted when the minScore property of this GeocodeParameters changes.


Emitted when the outputLanguageCode property of this GeocodeParameters changes.


Emitted when the outputSpatialReference property of this GeocodeParameters changes.


Emitted when the preferredSearchLocation property of this GeocodeParameters changes.


Emitted when the resultAttributeNames property of this GeocodeParameters changes.


Emitted when the searchArea property of this GeocodeParameters changes.

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