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SyncGeodatabaseParameters QML Type

The parameters to sync data of a sync-enabled geodatabase. More...

Import Statement: import Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.8
Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.0




Detailed Description

SyncGeodatabaseParameters are used with GeodatabaseSyncTask::syncGeodatabase to sync the data of sync-enabled geodatabases with their supporting ArcGIS Feature services.

Note: Rather than constructing one of these directly, consider using the convenience method GeodatabaseSyncTask::createDefaultSyncGeodatabaseParameters. It will create a GenerateGeodatabaseParameters object initialized with appropriate parameters based on the capabilities supported by the ArcGIS Feature service and how the geodatabase was configured when it was generated.

This QML type supports the following default properties. A default property may be declared inside another declared object without being assigned explicitly to a property.

TypeDefault Property
SyncLayerOptionlayerOptions (appends to list)

Property Documentation

geodatabaseSyncDirection : Enums.SyncDirection

The direction in which the entire geodatabase must sync changes with the service.

This property only applies if the geodatabase uses a sync model of Enums.SyncModelGeodatabase. Otherwise, use the layerOptions property.

See also Enums.SyncDirection.

[default] layerOptions : list<SyncLayerOption>

The options specifying the direction in which individual layers in the geodatabase must sync changes with the service.

Not all layers need to be included in the sync operation. Some of them can be excluded by leaving them out of this list. This property only applies if the geodatabase uses a sync model of Enums.SyncModelLayer. Otherwise, use the geodatabaseSyncDirection property.

rollbackOnFailure : bool

Whether all edits are rolled back if a failure occurs while importing edits from the geodatabase onto the server.

If this property is false, then failed edits are skipped. Other edits are still applied.

Note: This property only applies to edits uploaded by the client to the server. It does not apply to edits imported by client from the server.

Signal Documentation


Emitted when the geodatabaseSyncDirection property of this SyncGeodatabaseParameters changes.


Emitted when the layerOptions property of this SyncGeodatabaseParameters changes.


Emitted when the rollbackOnFailure property of this SyncGeodatabaseParameters changes.

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