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WebTiledLayer QML Type

A class that represents a layer that requests images from a tiled image server based on a URL template. More...

Import Statement: import Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.8
Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.1


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Detailed Description

The template URL usually follows a pattern similar to http://{subDomain}{level}/{col}/{row}.png, where "subDomain" is one of the available strings in the subDomains list, "level" corresponds to a zoom level, "col" represents the tile column, and "row" represets the tile row. The subDomains list must have at least 1 string value to use the "subDomain" key in the template URL. The URL should be arranged to reflect how the tiles are arranged in the cache or on the server, and can point to a web server (http://) or to a local file cache (C:/dataPath/...)

This QML type supports the following default properties. A default property may be declared inside another declared object without being assigned explicitly to a property.

TypeDefault Property

See also Cancelable, LayerContent, and Loadable.

Property Documentation

subDomains : list<string>

A list of strings listing available sub-domains.

templateUrl : string

The templateUrl format to be used for the layer

Here is an example of how a templateUrl is formatted: http://{subDomain}{level}/{col}/{row}.png.

See the class description for more details.

Note: This layer requires a string as opposed to a URL, which is the required data format for most other layers. Use "http://" to reference an online layer and use the file path to a local tile cache when working with an offline layer (do not add the "file:///" prefix). For example, use "C:/dataPath/{level}/{column}/{row}.png" and not "file:///C:/dataPath/{level}/{column}/{row}.png"

Signal Documentation


Emitted when the subDomains property changes.


Emitted when the templateUrl property changes.

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