You will learn: how to create a 3D web scene that you can use in your own apps.

With ArcGIS Online and the Scene Viewer you can create, edit and save three dimensional web scenes in the cloud. Just as the Map Viewer does for 2D web maps, the Scene Viewer allows developers to create and style layers interactively and then consume the entire scene in custom applications, greatly reducing the amount of code necessary. Like web maps, web scenes are composed of basemaps and layers, a camera perspective and optional slides. When you update a web scene, the changes are reflected in apps automatically making it possible to push fixes and updates without touching your code.

In this lab, you will use the Scene Viewer to find and add layers from the Los Angeles GeoHub to create a basic three-dimensional web scene of trails and trailheads in Los Angeles county. In later labs, this web scene will be consumed by applications.


  1. Go to ArcGIS Online and sign in.

  2. In the top nav, click Scene to launch the Scene Viewer.

  3. In the upper right hand corner of the scene, click the Basemap icon. Select Imagery, and close the Basemap dialogue.

  4. In Contents, click + Add Layers > Enter Layer URL. Add the following urls to display Trails and Trailheads in the scene.

  5. To zoom the map, click on the Trail Lines layer > Zoom To.

  6. To tilt and zoom the view, click Rotate, then click and drag on the map.

  7. Set the following properties for each layer by clicking the {Layer name} > Configure Layer. Click Done after updating each layer.

    Layer Name Elevation Mode Offset (meters) Symbols Type Shape Size Color
    Trails Relative to ground 50 Change Symbols 3D Path - 60 choose any
    Trailheads Relative to ground 0 Change Symbols 3D Object cylinder 100 choose any
  8. Save your scene.

Congratulations, you're done!

With the default styles, your web map should look something like this.


Explore the Configure Layer menu

Experiment with changing the scale, color, transparency, and other styles on each layer.