The following is a list of properties found on the attributeColorInfo object. This object defines colors used to represent numeric fields in a dotDensity renderer or a pieChart renderer.

Referenced by: Dot Density Renderer, Pie Chart Renderer


Property Details
color The color used to represent the field or valueExpression when rendering dots in a dotDensity renderer or slices in a pieChart renderer. Color is represented as a four-element array. The four elements represent values for red, green, blue, and alpha in that order. Values range from 0 through 255. If color is undefined for a symbol, the color value is null.
field The name of a numeric attribute field.
label The label used to describe the field or attribute in the legend.
valueExpression An Arcade expression that computes a numeric value in lieu of a value provided by an attribute field.
valueExpressionTitle The title identifying and describing the associated Arcade expression as defined in the valueExpression property.

attributeColorInfo Example

  "color": [
  "field": "B03002_003E",
  "label": "White (non-Hispanic)"

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