RotationInfo Visual Variable

The rotation visual variable defines how features rendered with marker symbols are rotated. The rotation value is determined by a value in a field or an Arcade expression calculating a value. Use either the field property or valueExpression when specifying rotation values.

Referenced by: visualVariable


Property Details
field Attribute field used for setting the rotation of a symbol if no valueExpression is provided.
legendOptions Options available for the legend.
rotationType Defines the origin and direction of rotation depending on how the angle of rotation was measured. Possible values are geographic which rotates the symbol from the north in a clockwise direction and arithmetic which rotates the symbol from the east in a counter-clockwise direction.
Valid values:
  • arithmetic
  • geographic
type A string value indicating the type of visual variable used for the renderer.
Valid value of this property rotationInfo
valueExpression An Arcade expression evaluating to a number.
valueExpressionTitle The title identifying and describing the associated [Arcade expression] ( as defined in the valueExpression property.


Live sample web maps showing use of the rotationInfo visual variable.

  "type": "rotationInfo",
  "rotationType": "geographic",
  "field": "WIND_DIRECT"

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