Defines the rules for how to aggregate small categories to a generic "others" category for categorical chart renderers, such as pie charts.

Referenced by: Pie Chart Renderer


Property Details
color Defines the color used to represent all categories smaller than the percentage defined by threshold. This is typically used to represent a generic "others" category where categories would otherwise be too small to read.
label The label used to describe the "others" category in the legend. When not specified, the legend will display a localized version of "Others".
threshold Represents the minimum size of individual categories as a percentage of all categories combined. All categories that make up a smaller percentage than the threshold will automatically be aggregated to an "others" category represented by the color specified in color. For example, if the threshold is 0.05, then all categories that make up less than 5% of all categories will be represented with color.

Others threshold color info for pie chart Example

  "color": [
  "threshold": 0.4,
  "label": "All other values"

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