Defines how one or more attachments can participate in the form. When present in the form, the user has the ability to upload an attachment specific to the form element.

Referenced by: formGroupElement, formInfo


Property Details
attachmentKeyword A string to identify the attachment(s). When a file is attached using the form, this property is used to set the value of the keywords field for the attachment. When a form is displaying existing attachments, this property is used to query attachments using an exact match on the keywords field.
description A string that describes the element in detail.
editable Indicates whether the attachments can be edited. If not present, the default is true.
inputType The input user interface to use for the attachment.
Must be one of the following values:
label A string value indicating what the element represents.
type String value indicating which type of element to use.
Valid value of this property attachment
visibilityExpression A reference to an Arcade expression that returns a boolean value. When this expression evaluates to true, the element is displayed. When the expression evaluates to false the element is not displayed. If no expression is provided, the default behavior is that the element is displayed.


  "attachmentKeyword": "front-of-house",
  "description": "Take a photo of the front of the house.",
  "editable": true,
  "inputType": {
    "type": "image"
  "label": "Photo of house",
  "type": "attachment",
  "visibilityExpression": "expr0"

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