The image service uses a mosaic rule to mosaick multiple rasters on the fly. The mosaic rule parameter is used by many image service operations, for example, export image and identify operations.

Referenced by: Image Service Layer (ArcGISImageServiceLayer), Image Service Vector Layer (ArcGISImageServiceVectorLayer)


Property Details
ascending Indicate whether to use ascending or descending order.
fids[] A list that defines a subset of rasters used in the mosaic, be aware that the rasters may not be visible at all scales.
itemRenderingRule The rendering rule applies on items before mosaicking.
lockRasterIds[] Lock a few rasters in the image service. Used together with esriMosaicLockRaster.
mosaicMethod A string value that determines how the selected rasters are ordered.
Valid values: esriMosaicAttribute, esriMosaicCenter, esriMosaicLockRaster, esriMosaicNadir, esriMosaicNone, esriMosaicNorthwest, esriMosaicSeamline, esriMosaicViewpoint
mosaicOperation Use the mosaic operation to resolve overlap pixel values: from first or last raster, use the min, max or mean of the pixel values, or blend them.
multidimensionalDefinition[] An array of objects representing a slice from multidimensional data or multiple slices that are dynamically mosaicked and processed by the server. The dimensional definitions in this array are used to filter display data based on slices in one or more dimensions.
sortField The field name used together with esriMosaicAttribute method.
sortValue The base sort value used together with esriMosaicAttribute method and sortField parameter.
viewpoint Use a view point along with esriMosaicViewpoint.
where Deprecated. Use layerDefinition.definitionExpression instead.

Additional information

Mosaic rule in ArcGIS REST API.

mosaicRule Example

  "id": "Terrain_2295",
  "layerType": "ArcGISImageServiceLayer",
  "url": "",
  "visibility": true,
  "bandIds": [],
  "format": "jpgpng",
  "compressionQuality": 75,
  "opacity": 1,
  "title": "Terrain",
  "itemId": "58a541efc59545e6b7137f961d7de883",
  "renderingRule": {
    "rasterFunction": "Aspect"
  "mosaicRule": {
    "mosaicMethod": "esriMosaicSeamline",
    "mosaicOperation": "MT_FIRST"

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