Simple Line Symbol (esriSLS)

Simple line symbols can be used to symbolize polyline geometries or outlines for polygon fills.

Referenced by: Dot Density Renderer, GeoRSS Layer (GeoRSS), Picture Fill Symbols (esriPFS), Pie Chart Renderer, Simple Fill Symbol (esriSFS), Simple Marker Symbol (esriSMS), symbol


Property Details
color Color is represented as a four-element array. The four elements represent values for red, green, blue, and alpha in that order. Values range from 0 through 255. If color is undefined for a symbol, the color value is null.
marker Represents markers placed along the line.
style String value representing the simple line symbol type.
Valid values: esriSLSDash, esriSLSDashDot, esriSLSDashDotDot, esriSLSDot, esriSLSLongDash, esriSLSLongDashDot, esriSLSNull, esriSLSShortDash, esriSLSShortDashDot, esriSLSShortDashDotDot, esriSLSShortDot, esriSLSSolid
type Specifies the type of symbol used.
Valid value of this property esriSLS
width Numeric value indicating the width of the line in points.

Simple Line Symbol Example

  "type": "esriSLS",
  "style": "esriSLSDot",
  "color": [
  "width": 1

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