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Web Map Specification

Simple Line Symbol (esriSLS)

Simple line symbols can be used to symbolize polyline geometries or outlines for polygon fills.

Referenced by: Dot Density Renderer, Picture Fill Symbols (esriPFS), Simple Fill Symbol (esriSFS), Simple Marker Symbol (esriSMS), GeoRSS Layer (GeoRSS), symbol


Property Details
color Color is represented as a four-element array. The four elements represent values for red, green, blue, and alpha in that order. Values range from 0 through 255. If color is undefined for a symbol, the color value is null.
marker Represents markers placed along the line.
style String value representing the simple line symbol type.
If property is present, must be one of the following values: esriSLSDash, esriSLSDashDot, esriSLSDashDotDot, esriSLSDot, esriSLSLongDash, esriSLSLongDashDot, esriSLSNull, esriSLSShortDash, esriSLSShortDashDot, esriSLSShortDashDotDot, esriSLSShortDot, esriSLSSolid
type Specifies the type of symbol used.
If property is present, value of this property must be esriSLS
width Numeric value indicating the width of the line in points.


  "symbol": {
    "type": "esriSLS",
    "style": "esriSLSDot",
    "color": [
    "width": 1

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