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Web Map Specification


The default time-related export options for a layer.

Referenced by: layerTimeInfo


Property Details
timeDataCumulative If true, draw all the features from the beginning of time for that data.
timeOffset Time offset value for this layer so that it can be overlaid on the top of a previous or future time period.
timeOffsetUnits Temporal unit in which the time offset is measured.
If property is present, must be one of the following values: esriTimeUnitsCenturies, esriTimeUnitsDays, esriTimeUnitsDecades, esriTimeUnitsHours, esriTimeUnitsMilliseconds, esriTimeUnitsMinutes, esriTimeUnitsMonths, esriTimeUnitsSeconds, esriTimeUnitsUnknown, esriTimeUnitsWeeks, esriTimeUnitsYears
useTime If true, use the time extent specified by the time parameter.

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