Properties specific to the ArcGISStreamLayer layer type.


Property Details
definitionEditor Stores interactive filters.
disablePopup Indicates whether to ignore popups defined by the service item.
id A string containing the item ID of the service if it's registered on ArcGIS Online or your organization's portal.
layerDefinition An object that defines the attribute schema and drawing information for a layer drawn using client-side graphics.
See layerDefinition properties table.
layerType String indicating the layer type.
Value of this property must be ArcGISStreamLayer
opacity The degree of transparency applied to the layer on the client side, where 0 is full transparency and 1 is no transparency.
popupInfo A popupInfo object defining the content of pop-up windows when you click or query a feature.
showLegend Boolean value indicating whether to display the layer in the legend.
title A user-friendly string title for the layer that can be used in a table of contents.
url URL to the ArcGIS Server Stream Service.
visibility Boolean property determining whether the layer is initially visible in the web map.

layerDefinition properties

Property Details
definitionExpression SQL-based definition expression string that narrows the data to be displayed in the layer.
drawingInfo Contains the drawing and labeling information.
maxScale Represents the maximum scale at which the layer definition will be applied.
minScale Represents the minimum scale at which the layer definition will be applied.


Live sample web map showing the ArcGISStreamLayer as an operationalLayer

  "operationalLayers": [
      "layerType": "ArcGISStreamLayer",
      "id": "stream_9240",
      "url": "",
      "title": "SeattleBus",
      "visibility": true,
      "opacity": 1

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